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Today in History

Posted by Esteban

You already know the story. We scampered into our dens, hiding from the ashen skies. I shared mine with a little dicynodont. I saw you across the plain, scared and twitching.

Now everything is killing us. That cat litter’s on sale. It’s the 5th already and I haven’t paid rent. Don’t forget to water the plants. At least it’s inventory day tomorrow — I won’t have to talk to customers. I move through the labyrinth. I look for sunlight. I sniff the air and listen. I try that new whitening toothpaste.

You see, we all thought that when the next apocalypse came, we’d be ready. You had those extra cans of refried beans and a shotgun. I welded spikes on the front of my Escort. But the apocalypse snuck up on us, you know. It’s been happening for a while. We missed the signs. There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

It’s not too late. We need to find each other. Remember how it was? The hawk faltered in its dive for prey. I’m not trying to be nostalgic, but I felt alive then. Every second I felt alive.

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Once More unto the Breach

Posted by Esteban

All things come back to me: dry lightning on the prairie; how they threw Hun Hunahpú’s head into a calabash tree because he played soccer too loudly; how you made me feel that first time. I let that homeless guy stay at my place and the couch never smelled right again.

Do you hear me? I don’t know why the Americans are here. My brother was killed by a bomb. I held my sister back so she wouldn’t see the body; she screamed and her fingernails clawed my face.

My father’s own father was hardly a good man. You could say he loved his family in a certain way, but he was a gambler and had a temperament not suited for domestic responsibilities. One night my grandmother met him in the doorway with a boning knife. She had packed his dufflebag with neatly folded shirts.

Why do I tell you these things? It’s because you felt hurt. I just remembered that you’re human and that these things matter to you. All the fighting. It can’t be easy. Tell me how the Tapirapé paint their bodies. Tell me how the airplanes came, dropping whiskey, and guns, and crisp dollar bills. I will listen and everything will be all right.

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What Ever Happened to Esteban Moody?

Posted by Esteban

Dear You,

It seems like a long time. It seems like a very long time. Well, for you, at least. The truth is that for me it’s been a few days, tops.

I was sent on a mission. It’s a secret. It’s a space mission, and I travel faster than the speed of light. For me, a second ticks by like clockwork, but months pass for you. I’m sorry I didn’t say good bye, but I needed to get to the future–fast. I’ll be back on October 13, 4772. The falcon told me. My mother’s mother fed me the blood-caked corn, but I am grown now. Oh, it’s not a secret, really: I just need to save the world again.

As always, I need your help. The GPS went out on this thing, and I need to find my way back. Put a candle in your window, will you? I’m millions of miles away by now, and all the little specks look the same. Is that Earth or A1689-zD1? The light won’t help—I’m moving too fast for that—but love travels faster than anything.



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Well, hey there!

Posted by myg

I thought some of you who once subscribed to this blog might possibly be interested in reading something I wrote. It’s a Twilight fanfic. Don’t laugh! Okay, well, you can laugh.

But seriously.

Imagine if Twilight had been written for grown ups, by me? You might like it then, right? Maybe? Perhaps?

I think you should find out for yourself!

You can check this out as a blog post over at Twitarded. Or you can visit the story as it unfolds at its own subdomain here.

And if you are a big fan of Twilight and the rest of the series, and are over the age of 18? You may really like it quite a bit. And if you are over the age of 25? You might like it even more. And if you’re older than that but are Twilight obsessed? This fic’s for you.

And if you do stop by to read at those other places? Please, please say hello and let me know you came from SL.

hearts and puffy things to you,



Here and not here.

Posted by myg

I know, I know. You may think Mygdala March is no more, given my lack of logins since the kids were born in January. And I can understand that. But I want to assure you, Myg is still very much alive. It’s just that I’ve morphed my online personality to fit a bit more with my first life, or real life, or whatever you want to call it, and I may choose, “Holy shit I have twin boys and I’m getting no sleep but life is awesome” life.

I read this short but thought provoking piece, “Good as Dead”  by Tateru Nino about a month ago about what happens when someone disappears from their virtual world, and I felt so bad I almost posted. Almost. The reason I didn’t was really a matter of how much time and energy I’ve got these days, which is next to none, and what little of it there is, is spent with them: 

Five months

Can you blame me?

Then most of my spare time, of which there is, actually, none, I am asleep. Because folks, it’s been over 5 months now and the babies still aren’t getting through the night without getting up at least once. Between two kids, that makes for one spotty night of slumber.  Which, ironically, reminds me of the first several months of Mygdala March’s entrance into Second Life.

Funny the parallels there. Back in November 2006 I gave birth to my online self, Myg. The nurturing of that self took a tremendous amount of time and energy, and was also a labor of love. It was a time of play and exploration and creation and possibility, which is what drove me to spend hours upon hours in world, and no, I don’t regret a minute of it. I love Second Life. I love Topgol and the places we’ve created there. I love and miss you, my digital companions. I dare say I will be back, but I can’t say when. When I learn to better manage my time, I suppose. When the kids sleep through the night and take regular naps, perhaps.

Some of you have an interest in my life outside of Second Life, and I’ve been able to keep in touch. If you are at all interested in the whole Myg, you’re invited to follow me at Wisermom.org, where I blog mostly about the “holy shit” experience of being a new mom. You can also connect with me on Plurk or on Twitter, which I’ve re-embraced along with Oprah. No, I haven’t literally embraced Oprah, nor her talk show.

Some of you aren’t interested in my life outside of Second Life, and hey, that’s alright too. I totally understand that. This started out as a Second Life blog, and I do intend to keep it that way. But unlike real life, or first life, or whatever you like to call it, my Second Life can wait a little while.

But those adorable little monkeys in diapers and onesies in that photo up there? They don’t do “wait.”

I can’t imagine where they got that quality from, either.

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Who are parents?

Posted by myg

We are parents! These are our offspring!

Myg and Alex's offspring - 9 days old

Graham is on the left, and Liam is on the right. They are 9 day sold here. They were born on 1/22/09. Mom and babies are home and doing swell.

Now, let’s all take a nap.

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Tendonitis, folks

Posted by myg

Sorry for the lack of posting and internetting in general. I have painful tendonitis in both wrists. It royally sucks to be on strict bedrest and then not be able to be online! But I did manage to bang out a holidy greeting:

Xmas Card 2008

Hope whatever you do, you have a happy.

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YOU are invited!

Posted by myg

Well, the embarrassing thing is that my Rezz Day is actually Monday, not Tuesday. Who knew? I whipped together an invite thinking all along, ah, nvmd. The party is ON for Monday and we are hoping you’ll join us.

2nd Rezz Day Party

Super special top secret shenanigans are anticipated for this event. Two clues: it involves a shotgun and a memory about something that happened last Christmas Eve at Clockwork.

Music by Esteban Moody, Romana Wei, DJ keTchUp and maybe more.

Party starts at 5pm SLT and goes until whenever. We’re convening at our loft in Topgol (bring your lag-proof suits, please.)

Hope you can make it!

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