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We’re gonna fix it

We looked into the possibility of checking Torvalpac into the Bakuwood Rehab as part of our efforts to get him reinstated to Baku. After what I heard of last night’s debacle with him on the streets of Little Philly, it seems we need to step up our efforts considerably. Candidate Wei and I took a quick trip to check the place out.

We're gonna fix it

When we arrived, the conditions were deplorable. No brain liquefying meds, no origami supplies, no bad television. Where were the doctors? “Um, there are no doctors…” one anxious staffer told us. I looked at the pathetic conditions and saw misfortune, but Romana Wei? She saw opportunity. Read more


Young Republicans

I blame it on the suits.


But I guess Romana has her own damned good reasons for switching to the Republican ticket in the SL primary. Read more


Burn out the day, burn out the night

It started out as one of those perfect Philly evenings. In Little Philadelphia (Topgol, 200, 101, 55), it is always late summer. It feels like August did when you were a kid. School looms on the horizon, but you have weeks of relaxation behind you. It’s after dinner and your belly is full of your mother’s cooking—hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, knackwurst and sauerbraten and bean pies. There’s a game of kick the can and you’re sneaking off to make out around the corner in the red-orange glow of the sun as it sets in the unknown country between the York and Allentown mills. But since we’re all grown up now, we just remember those days, hanging on the street and talking, passing the time and telling the stories that make meaning of our lives as they come together on this far-flung sim at the edge of the galaxy. Here we were last night (I’m not in the scene because I took the picture):

Hanging sundown.png

Myg was pretending to show off her new riot bike, but really just as much showing off her cute ass in the pair of boxers she lifted out of my loft. I have to admit, they look better on her. Romana was schooling me in textures, and Torvalpac was subdued—a rare state for him—due to a string of bad luck that makes a craps table seem like a good option. Read more


Lisa Takao's Mode Premiere – Business, Business, Business

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This post is for you!

Today I am gonna describe two kinds of look: the standard business one and a subcategory, the mob (mafia) one. This is the first post about a complete look, and I will give some tips about everything you need–clothes, shoes, jewelery, hairs, accessories…the works!


To take advantage of my best advice to create your perfect look for business, read more. Read more


Petition to Baku, Part I

We’ve got to do something about Torvalpac.

Torvalpac and his Lawyer

Since getting banned from Baku he’s been wandering the streets of little Philly, sometimes as the Space Marine Tupac (pictured above with Candidate Wei). Other times he calls himself Torvald, and presents as either Hulk Hogan or a small Soviet duck avatar. He seems to randomly flip between the two identities without warning – much like a psychiatric patient off meds. But always, he’s like a lost soul since he’s been cast from his home.

We couldn’t stand by and just watch this young soldier of virtuality wither away in the Baku diaspora. So Wei is going to make a petition to Baku to take him back. Read more


Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?

Store security cameras caught this poor sap’s ugly mug at about 4pm Philly time today. The suspect is about 5 feet tall, 195 lbs, in her late 40s. Poor hygiene, smells like drain-o, cat food and cigarette butts. The damn bitch ran off just as I was making a citizen’s arrest. I’ll tell you all about it after the “read more” mark, so hit it people.

Read more


Crossing Calleta

With the high-pressure, conflict ridden, soap-worthy lifestyle I’ve got, it’s damned often I’m in need of a getaway. So the LM for the hobo info railroad in Calleta dropped on me by Andromega was a welcome surprise the other day.

There was some messed up synchronicity in that too because I had just met Arcadia Asylum, and was talking to her about the City Mission she gave Gala for Section 8. The connection? Calleta is the original home of said mission build.

Anywho, the photo below was taken on my little hiatus – but in all honesty was totally inspired by a very similar shot taken by Andro.

Crane on Calleta pier

So how about this joint then? The TP spot lands you in this hobo info hub that seems pretty much a nightmare at first, but first impressions aren’t always exactly right. I’ll tell you all about it if you keep reading. Read more


I need a goddam job

Burgess here, filling in for Myg while she’s out on a mission. I need to offset some of the damage caused by the land habit I’ve developed mainlining Philly into my median cubital. (Look it up, okay?) Basically, my eyes are bigger than my bank account. I don’t have enough cash to finish the barbershop and the pawnshop *and* the watertower, let alone all the other great ideas that always get kicked around the hood. The taxman is coming, the bank is calling, and the zoning officials around here can be downright scary. Here’s a recent pic of the crappy buildings I’m attempting to renovate. They’re a little further along than the pic shows, but they still need a ton of work. (Anyone know where I can pick up some decent barber chairs? And I mean decent.)

Barbershop Philly

Despite the clamor for my services as a gigolo, I’m thinking along the lines of something even more narcissistic. Read more


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