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I hate New York

Well, I don’t exactly hate New York, but people like me from little Philadelphia sometimes get a chip on our shoulder when we have to hear everybody yammering about that other city, like it’s so fuckin’ great and we’re just a dog terd you scrape off your boot.

Fine. Be that way. But I wasn’t gonna hear about it without being able to slam it next time somebody opened their trap about how great it was. Last night I finally decided to check out the New Time’s Square.


Sheesh, what an ugly, lazy build this is. They say it’s under construction, but shit – it looks not a damned thing like Time’s Square. This builder spent all of about 150L and 20 minutes making this shit hole if you ask me. And of course I managed to get into trouble with some money grubbing dick while I was there. Keep going for the gruesome details.

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Philadelphia slum expansion

Spreading like cancer over Topgol, Philadelphia extends its slum into the hinterlands! But the good thing is, this addition has a new soup kitchen slurl-16×161.gif for down ‘n’ out and wayward avs brought to you by Gala, who put up this stunning building at the edge of her section of Little Philadelphia. This gem was given to her generously by Arcadia Asylum, a builder who creates all of her own textures. And they are so very lovely. Nice location Gala picked for this, right outside of the new projects and all.

Gala's Soup Kitchen

Take a gander at a few more detailed shots of the inside by clicking more.
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Something’s wrong in Zephyr

zephyr bum.png

I went to Zephyr (128, 128, 24) slurl-16×161.gif yesterday looking for new spokes for my bike. As cool as it looks, that place has always given me the creeps. But not in a good way.

Yesterday while wandering around the dead, foresaken streets I got some answers. Read more


Protecting the electorate

On patrol in Section 8

There is something about Philadelphia that just attracts bullshit.

It was an evening of the usual. Watching Lisa torment Vanny at their love mansion. More reconciliation talks with Ben that go on and on much more than they need. Watching impatiently as Torvalpac in his bored misbegotten frenzy filled up our screens with text spam about, I don’t even know what because I didn’t bother to read it. Grimacing as Gala gave the cold shoulder Cemetary Slade who stupidly wandered into Section 8 looking for who knows what. More peace talks with Gala on behalf of Starr? Either way it was a bad move, if you ask me. She was tolerant for awhile, then orbited his ass. In case it’s not obvious yet, Gala’s tolerance for people who annoy her is rather low.

And Gala’s patience was particularly low last night, after receiving yet another threat against her and Section 8. Oh there’s more, just below the fold. Read more


Lisa Takao's Mode Premiere: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories (part 1) !

You have a great outfit, some nice hairs, a gorgeous body, some personality but…but…but still, you’re missing a lot of things you need to be a truly “stylish girl.”

Today, we begin to speak about the most difficult part of your look: accessories!

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Whoever has tried to find “The” perfect accessory knows what I am talking about.

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I won’t give you all my accessories landmarks today…it would require a whole blog for that!

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But my top secret idea is here: each time you see something that looks good, write it down. Even if you don’t need it right now, one day, you will… and that day, you will know where to find it if you are a true “shopping girl!”

Find the magic by following the read more link.

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Leading the WEI

After all that rowdy partying Monday night it wasn’t easy to get my head settled into the grind yesterday, but it had to be done. There’s some serious shit afoot, and it was time to focus.

Got a call from our presidential primary candidate, Romana Wei, announcing that she’d completed phase one of our headquarters. I immediately tp’d over to Philadelphia to inspect the new office.

Wei 2008 HQ

Wei 2008 headquarters is located conveniently down a backalley, behind Philly’s sex hotel. Aside from her political aspirations, Wei is a developer who specializes in bus stops, warehouses and dilapidated gems like the new Wei 2008 HQ.

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I dream in 2-D

I can’t fucking believe it but now even my dreams are flat. Has anyone else ever had this happen? It’s not too far off from learning another language and then dreaming in that language, but it’s a weird fucking feeling, for sure. But the dream wasn’t bad. In fact, it went sort of like this…

Two gorgeous women built a “little” house. Then they invited everyone they knew to come and trash it. This was the housewarming party of the year, and it’s only mid-March. But it was so happening, that no way any party this year can top it.


To the left you see Lisa, our very own blogger of Mode Premiere. To the right, in springy submissive white, you see her diamond, Vanny. Vanny posted her own blog about the night, the crawly things in her gut before it began, the crowds of people who crushed the bandwidth, the music – so go read it. But as she tells you, no text can give you the vibe. You had to be there. Read more


What drama may ensue?

Well, I may as well tell you that in all likelihood I will run into Ben tonight. There’s a little gathering at Chez Lisa <3 Vanny, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be there.

Here’s a picture their humble abode. (What else would you expect from the fashion Mistress of Mode Premiere?)


This really doesn’t even do the place justice, believe me. You might know that Ben and I had a falling out. Well at this point I’d say we’ve had several. We started off as great friends, then became, er, let’s just say more involved. Chalk it up to life experience, that’s what I say. The tensions in this world are just as real as any when they flare, and this fire caused some major dramarama for yrs truly.

So we’ve been sort of bickering back and forth for a few weeks, and thought we’d had our final words just before my birthday. Then, he left me an apology. And I left one for him.

It’s been on my mind, what was gonna happen when I saw him tonight. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Not much longer now, either…


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