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Intervention intention – met a stranger part xiv

“Myg, we’re really worried about you.” Romana insisted.

I didn’t want to listen, but she was so damned earnest that it was pretty hard to blow her off.

Intervention! 2

I’d only been back from Paris 1900 (SLURL) a couple of days when they started in on me: “We had no idea where you were for days, you didn’t answer any IMs, you could have died, what’s with that whole sock monkey dancing dream, etc., etc., etc.” Same old, same old. But they had a reason to be worried. Read more


Strange day – met a stranger xiii

You’ve had the dream, right? You dream that you wake up, but then find yourself falling endlessly into a terrifying abyss. Now then, imagine yourself dreaming something completely stupid, like dancing the hokey pokey with a sock monkey in Ibiza, but then waking up to this shit:

Uh oh

I was screaming, screaming like you’d scream if you saw death approaching as fast and as hard as a concrete slab flying toward your face at 120 k an hour. I would have wondered how in the hell I’d gotten there but there was no time. I was seriously about to bite it. Read more

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It’s open. Mainline Pwnshop, Mainline, Philadelphia, (Topgol, 188, 141, 55).

Wondering what to do with all that inventory clutter? Don’t have the time to run a yardsale? Pawn those unused items and get some fast cash.

We buy guns, gadgets, sex-related items, jewelry, music gear, almost anything except for clothes, we’re really picky about clothes (and there are some second-hand shops for your cast-off rags). As long as it’s transferable, no-copy. And don’t try to pass off your freebie crap. This is a legitimate business. You be straight with us, we’ll be straight with you.

If you would like to pawn a no-copy transferable item, IM Alexander Burgess or send me an email at alexander.burgess (at) yahoo.com and let me know what item you’d like to hock (and where you purchased it). I’ll get back to you with a price.

We buy the item from you cheap, then resell it. You get fast cash, or maybe a nice short term loan; just like a RL pawnshop, you can repurchase the item from me at any time after you have hocked it, if it has not sold to someone else, for the hock price, plus 10%, with an additional 10% of the hock price added each week thereafter. The buyback price will never exceed my vendor resale price. You cannot hock copyable items.


He was looking all over me – Met a stranger XII

“Myg?” I had slipped into the grocery in Chase’s Manhattan to get some Mike n Ikes and the latest issue of LpTp. (I really wanted to read that interview with L’Usine.) I didn’t expect to find this:

A stick up Myg style

“Myg?” I said again. She turned a glazed eye toward me, pointing the glock, her fingertip white with a little more pressure than was comfortable for someone looking at that 9mm wormhole to eternity. This wasn’t my Myg. Maybe that vampire bite was starting to work its evil. I backed out slowly and watched from an alley across the street. I saw her emerge a couple of minutes later and TP out.

I went back to Mainline but she wasn’t there. I waited all day. Filled her voice mail. Checked her favorite haunts. She’s gone again.


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Accessories for the vampire slayer in you

Now in slasher red, Blood Orchid designs unveils its latest must-have accessory for girls on the run.

look out vampires!

Look smart while arming yourself with the finest (and only) in bonafide SL vampire protection, the Blood Orchid Stake Accessory Line. These fine items come carved lovingly from extinct hardwoods, detailed with hag’s hair-embroidered handles and stamped with the universal sign of the holy trinity.

A girl in need

Stride comfortably in any setting–home, formal occasions, work–with protection easily at hand in tasty red leather thigh holsters. And for the complete look, be sure to get the matching leather choker!


Don’t let the bloodsuckers catch you unprotected or looking sad with a set of plungers on your back! Fly, don’t run, to Blood Orchid and place your order today!


The best protection – met a stranger xi

“Toilet backed up again Myg?” Alex asked.

Best I could find

Well I thought that was damned hilarious, I really truly did. Try scouring all of SL for days looking for wooden stakes and see what you come up with, because I came up short. In the absence of proper wooden stakes, I bought this plunger set, which I felt would be mighty adequate under the circumstances. Either I could break one of the handles in half and stab a vampire with it’s pointy jagged edge, or as Sable suggested, I could plunge a vampire in the mouth and suck the fangs off its face. In absence of any better ideas, it sounded like a plan to me.


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Apologies for being down most of the day 4/24

Our web hosting service, AN Hosting, had some sort of power outage today and mygdala.com was down for awhile. We were rather pissed off about it. Not so much because it happened, as shit does happen, but rather, because we’ve noticed that in the scant time we’ve been around with these folks (like six weeks), our site has been down a lot more than we’re happy with.

There’s a lot about the service we really like, so we’re sticking it out for a bit and we’ll see if things get better. If not, well, I guess we’ll be hunting for a new hosting service.

At any rate, please accept our apologies if you were trying to get on today and couldn’t. We sure as hell hope it doesn’t happen again – at least not outside of something like an alien invasion or natural catastrophe wherever Midphase keeps its servers.

<3 myg & alex

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Holy water – met a stranger X

Hearing my unfortunate predicament, Sable the jeweler made me a couple of amulets to help ward off danger.


The necklace carries bonafide holy water, and she gave me another one to wear elsewhere, but this isn’t that kind of story so you can just imagine whatever you like, but it’s because some vampires don’t just bite you in the neck, if you know what I’m saying. But there was a strange problem with it. Read more


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