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The hunt begun – Met a stranger, part IX

I woke up after what seemed like days and unending days of heavy sleep.
My head hurt real bad.
I wanted a slice.
So out I went.

But when I came home again, this is what greeted me at the damned door.

Love letter

And it said this:

The wind howled like a pack of wolves eating their prey
The curtains swung like a monkey
The room was so silent that you could hear the other side of the world
And you feel scared…

The hunt begun Myg…



I guess Vanny wasn’t kidding about that whole hunting me down thing. Read more


Portraits of SL Assholes #4

Yes folks, it’s time for another edition of Portraits of SL Assholes! And…who do we have today?

Camper Van Asshat

Why, it’s Camper Van Asshat!

And, what makes him an Asshole worthy of Portraits? This dickhead belongs to a special cohort of SL assholes known as “campers.” We have a whole story on berating campers in Topgol this morning, just below the fold.

Read more



The barber of East Philly

I went and got Pauly from the Y.

“It’s about fucking time, you sonofabitch,” he said. He was grumpy from sleeping there for the past five weeks while I got the barbershop renovated.

“Nice way to greet me, grandpa.”

“I’m not your grandpa, you shit.”

“You’re everybody’s grandpa. You’re old and you smell bad.” I gave it back to him. “And you’re my mother’s aunt’s brother-in-law. That’s too complicated to explain all the time. Most old people are dead, so you get the honor.” I showed him around the barbershop–the Mainline Barbershop, here in Philly, Topgol–and I think he liked it, though he’ll never admit it. Read more


From the bottom of my heart (met a stranger, pt. VIII)

Tossing, turning

Never before has Myg not wanted to get a slice. Usually, tomato pie’ll fix anything. After I got the door repaired on the pawnshop, I went by her loft to check on her. She was passed out on the couch in her smelly socks and my boxers. She didn’t even complain when I tried to wake her. Something tells me this was more than a weekend bender. Disappearing for days–that’s uncommon, but not entirely out of character. Not recognizing me and fleeing from a bodega in some third-life sim, dazed and looking like a marsupial with a mouthful of toothpaste–I would have said that was the definition of impossible.

Romana was stumping in Badger, and her cell doesn’t work well overseas so I got dumped straight into voicemail when I called to see if she had any ideas. I stood there watching Dolly sleep and debating whether to record her snoring. Then I remembered my new tenant, a shrink named Dr. Moody. She rented the office space over grandpa Pauly’s barbershop. Myg doesn’t usually go in for voodoo, but maybe if I just introduce them casually, she won’t notice and the doc can give me some kind of assessment.



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It’s just a dream – met a stranger part VII

Continued from Kiss me in the shadow (VI). New to the series? Try reading it in this order: Met a stranger on a train (I) then Bodegaddiction (II) then Small crimes (III) and then This is not my beautiful house (IV) and Bumped right into me (V). Then read Kiss me in the shadow (VI) and then come on back here.

Flecks of ice cold water stung my naked skin, rousing me from what felt like a stalled out coma or the aftermath of a nasty Tastykakes binge.


“Get up Myg” Vanny harassed from the other side of the door. “I’m hungry,” she said, her eyes glowing hot through the iron bars. Something told me that she was not about to suggest we order pizza. Read more


Kiss me in the shadow – met a stranger part VI

Continued from Bumped right into me – met a stranger part V. New to the series? Try reading it in this order: Met a stranger on a train (I) then Bodegaddiction (II) then Small crimes (III) and then This is not my beautiful house (IV) and then, finally, Bumped right into me. Then read this one.

Yep, that’s me passed out cold, this time without even my boxers to keep me warm.


Let me explain what happened first. Read more


Flattery. It will get you on the front page at M is for Myg!

All hail to Wrath Paine! He gave us such an incredibly sweet compliment over at his blog – Wrath Paine vs. Second Life (one ‘o my favorite blog titles of the SL blogoverse yet, too).


What? You can’t read that? Well, of course you can’t – you have to go there and read the blog! That’s what it’s all about people–sharing the love.

You know, I love when men blog…*gives Alex a long look that seems to say, “type, you man, you!”* and Wrath has verbiage enough to make up for the absolute dirth of male textophiles. He seems to keep up with Vint Falken and pays respects to our pals the Mean Girls in his summary there, so the man obviously has excellent taste!

So, what are you still doing over here folks? Come on, feel the Wrath!


Bumped right into me – met a stranger part V

Continued from This is not my beautiful house – met a stranger part IV. New to the series? Try reading it in this order: Met a stranger on a train (I) then Bodegaddiction (II) then Small crimes (III) and finally This is not my beautiful house (IV). Then come on back.

You can call me whatever you want, but I always sucked at grand theft auto.

hot wheels

First, I had no idea how to pop the locks without setting off the sprinkler system and the alarm. Then even if I did, how the hell was I gonna jump the starter? I was out of my league.

I thought maybe I’d just wait for the autobus and give the driver some sob story, so I sat down at the bus stop for a spell. But damn that’s one laggy busline, because the sun set over that skyline and not one came. But then, guess who materialized out of thin air? Read more


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