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Swear I didn’t mean it – Met a Stranger 32 (Season 1 Finale!)

Haggard, strangled breaths escaped from the near lifeless form of my demonic psychotherapist. I looked at her with disgust, thinking of how I’d poured my soul out to her, only to be betrayed once again. I had come to her out of desperation, looking for answers, admitting my weaknesses, asking for help. And in the end she tried to destroy me.

What a load of bullshit that was.

White heat began to ebb and throb inside of me and that feeling of heavy dense smoke in my brain returned. I saw the look of derision on Moody’s face, even on the edge of her own annihilation, and felt my insides boil.


Never again would this bitch diagnose a depressive, not if I had anything to do with it.

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Fools rush in – Met a stranger 31

This is hard work

“Damn no-transfer objects,” I muttered. “What kind of business practice is that? That shit is gonna drive every decent pawnbroker and second-hand store owner out of a job.” I was hard at work in the Pwnshop rearranging piles of paper on my desk when Agent Paine stormed in with that kriegsbilderhauptfbraurathaus attitude of his, acting like some kind of CIA agent when everyone knows he’s just from Interpol.

“How long have you known Millenia Moody?” he asked.

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Out of time – met a stranger #30

I didn’t want to die. Not now. Not like this.

I don't wanna die

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Worst. Therapist. Ever. (Met a stranger 29)

“I am not paying you for this!” I screamed at Dr. Moody.

Vanny lay there mortally wounded, bleeding uncontrollably, her breathing shallow and quick. I thought she and I were dead meat for sure. But I was wrong.

Bad scene about to happen

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Breakthrough – Met a stranger 28

“Vanny, I know you’ve got issues, but couldn’t you find your own therapist?” Damn, I thought, this competition thing with Vanny has gotten out of hand. First she gets Lisa, now she wants my shrink?

Vanny works for Millenia?

“Shut up Myg!” she snapped. I saw another showdown brewing. And it was, but not in the way I thought. Read more


Welcome to hell, Mygdala – Met a stranger 27

I think I need to fire my therapist.

stern moody.png

On her advice I went out job hunting. She said I have poor self-esteem and that if I become a contributing member of society, my black outs will go away. Well If that was the case, why the hell did I need that stupid blood test?

See, Doctor Moody always has some “intervention” in mind that involves me doing something I don’t want to do. All in the name of growth, reaching one’s potential, etc, etc, blah, blah who needs that crap? All I wanted was a way to stop waking up into someone else’s life. But I got a hell of a lot more than that. Read more


Fight lag with LAG!

That’s right people, we’re not taking this laying down–no way, no how!

LAG_Fight The Lag.jpg

CodeBastard Redgrave donated her talents to help us protest.

LAG_Anti Camp.jpg

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Campers fight back! (another round in the fight for Topgol…)


Campers in Particle Snow

I don’t know for sure who it was–maybe more than one of those little bastards–but somebody finally complained to the owner off that we were sermonizing again.

“You have 15 seconds to leave…”

Well, I contacted him and said, “awww I was having fun!”

And he said, “I know, but can you please protest outside? I hate to ban you.”

-ED Myg NOTE – I can’t believe I forgot this part but Alex just reminded me.-

The owner said, “One of my customers complained you kicked him.” (Can you believe these people? Complaining that I actually “kicked” them when my verbal thrashing was so much more offensive? How stupid can these people get?)

“I did–it was hilarious!”

He said, “I have to admit it was pretty funny.”

See, this is why he makes me crazy. He’s actually not inhuman. He’s just in denial that his casino is a problem. He doesn’t believe his casino causes any lag. And you know what? He’s NOT LEAVING.


But I’m not giving up. Oh no, not at all…


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