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Tableau Trailer

“You just gotta see this cute camper!” said Myg as she threw the snapshot on my desk in the Pwnshop. “Can we get one? Huh? Can we?”

My first reaction was no. Absolutely not. (Myg often calls me Mr. No Not.) I’ve got way too much to do here in Mainline (SLURL)–the club has to get finished by the end of the month, and the only thing that’s been done on the new municipal complex is the basement. The crew finished pouring the concrete and planked over the top of the hole and went on extended break. For a week. The foreman claims it’s due to shipping delays on Italian marble.

“Italian marble? Who the hell ordered that?” I yelled.

“You did, sir.”

I don’t remember Italian marble… Pauly! That old man is going to turn my agita into angina into an aneurysm. See how stressed out I am? Between the construction delays and all this business with Myg and the vampires, I haven’t slept well in more than a month. Suddenly a getaway, just the two of us, in a little camper seemed perfect. Memorial Day in Philly can be like taking a foot-long and… well, never mind.

“Okay doll, let me go check it out, first, and then maybe we can go this weekend.”

So I tp’d over to Tableau (Tableau (198, 179, 17)) and like Myg says in her Flickr caption for the camper snapshot: “Wanna know what I love most about SL? People who build stuff like this.”

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Fight for Topgol–again!

Fight for Topgol with moves, people.


I kicked this bastard in the head so hard he’ll have a migraine for a week, I promise. There’s more. Read more


Millenia’s secret – met a stranger 26

Millenia's Secret

I guess the Doc didn’t realize that Agent Paine had been keeping a keen eye on her, for quite some time actually…and now he knew his hunch had been right. That sure as hell wasn’t sunburn Millenia was sporting unaware.

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Meta strangers

Blog party roll call!

We’d been reading each other for months, leaving little notes, laughing, teasing, stalking maybe *looks around nervously*, anticipation building like the first time you got to see a midnight showing of Rocky Horror and then the moment was here, our lips met and… no wait, that’s the other story. Nevermind. About last night: Read more


Sugar Falta, DcPunk Dix

DcPunk and Sugar
Chatteau de Versailles, Versailles City (132, 163, 25)

It seems ages ago now that I first met DcPunk. In real time it was only three or so months ago, but in SL time that’s a damned lifetime. In fact, given that I’ve only been around for 5 months, you could say I’ve known him most of my Second Life. He’s definitely one of my oldest pals, anyway.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce his impending nuptials to one Sugar Falta! There’s only one question we want to know.

Is Sugar changing her last name to “Dix?”

Because that would be awesome.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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At long last – met a stranger 25

I can’t believe it–but it must be her. I’m so happy I could just burn!

True colors

After all these years of scouring, I’m sure I’ve found her–the blood test results from Dr. Altamura prove it. Silly girl, going for that test! She must have no idea of her lineage or she never would have gone.

I suppose then nobody has been in touch with her from the family–or if they have, they haven’t revealed themselves for who they really are.


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I’m sorry, old friend: met a stranger 24

Suspicious disc

Well, now I don’t know what to think. I popped the disk in (luckily I kept that old floppy drive for sentimental reasons) and just couldn’t believe my eyes. It seems either Vanny’s been hitting the Absinthe too hard these days or something is really wrong with that girl. Here’s what she had to say.

My dear old friend,

The hunt is over.. forgive me.. for what I’ve become.. for what I’ve done.. for what I will do. Your time is up. You have to make a decision.

Your actions get too much attention from too much people. You won’t be able to see who is your friend and who is your enemy anymore. Everybody will only focus to use your fate to improve their own status, needs or plans.

You know that I am right with this. But at the same time you see that you can’t solve your problems alone.

I hunted you for quite some time now.. I am not proud of it.. but I was forced to do. Think Mygdala! Think! Remember every situation we shared.. I am the only one you can and should trust. Because I am the only one who will offer you a way out of all this!

Meet me at … Damn! They are coming.. I hear them… you will hear from me where you can find me..


But, can I trust her?

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Weapons test: The Fixer

Welcome to the M is for Myg/Wrath Paine vs. Second Life weapons test, a new joint-feature of both blogs. (Here’s the permalink to Wrath’s review.) Whether you’re itching for the perfect roleplay Glock, the finest in damage capable katana, or something really nasty to kick griefer ass, we hope to give the discerning avatar the benefit of a little research before setting off to purchase that new gun, blade, or HUD.

For each test, one blog will take the offensive perspective, the other the defensive. This week, Wrath lost the vicious rock, paper, scissors match (can we get that for SL? Please, some savvy scripter…) and had to play catcher. Actually, he lost because he volunteered me for Vint’s mantourage without asking. Not that I’m actually complaining, mind you.


Here we are at the bonfire party in Wrath’s backyard. This pic is taken just after the completion of the weapons test (note shirtless triumphant male behavior) and just before we had wild two-on-one sex with an extremely hawt elf who couldn’t keep her clothes on. Good thing she was there to cover any homoeroticism. Read on for the actual useful information about one of the ultimate orbit weapons, The Fixer. Sorry folks, no more sex in this post, just violence. Read more


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