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Noob reporter hatin’ on Second Life because we get laid

Did any of you read that New World Notes article Forbes Flunks School of Second Life? JW Hamlet Au tore apart a crappy article by Allison Fass over at Forbes, pretty much summed up with this quote:

It turns out that avatars seem more interested in having sex and hatching pranks than spending time warming up to real-world brands. “There is nothing to do in Second Life except, pardon my bluntness, try to get laid,” blogged David Charbuck, Web-marketing vice president for computer maker Lenovo.

You know, it’s always the noobs who don’t know what else to do but walk around with their genitals talking in virtual public.

Ruth2.pngToo bad there’s no picture of Allison Fass’ avatar, but if there were, I’m sure she’d look a hell of a lot like Ruth (and by the way, that’s just a random Ruth shot, not Fass’s avatar…not that I know of anyway…). There were so many inaccuracies in the woman’s report, as NWN well documented, it’s clear the woman knew not of what she bashed.

And it would appear that corporate hacks desperate to make inroads to Second Life are similarly in the dark. Like we all were when we first got here.

There are legitimate criticisms that Charbuck makes in this original article about Second Life as a game or a marketing platform. I similarly agree that as a game or as a marketing vehicle, Second Life falls short in many ways.

But hey, asshats, that’s because Second Life isn’t a game, and it isn’t a marketing vehicle. It’s an environment with its own culture and its own social norms. It’s a virtual location where many creative people hang out and contribute.

I understand that the impatient, the harried, the green will not be able to comprehend what makes us so invested in Second Life. It takes time to understand this place. But you should at least try to understand it before you go on and dismiss it and its user base.

And if you want to understand the culture here, you need to connect with people who know the territory–not other noobs at the Bondage Ranch or wherever the hell these folks do their “research.” The best way to learn about Second Life, and the way most people get hooked on it, is by connecting with veteran residents who can teach you what’s cool about it.

In other words, like anything in life, it’s all about the relationship. But here we don’t relate to some corporate brand. We relate to each other.

So to all curious newcomers (you too, Allison), come on out of the free sex areas for awhile and start talking to some avatars who look like they’ve been here for awhile (if you have any graphics capability at all, it’s obvious who they are). Then try reading the numerous blogs where there are communities of Second Life residents discussing this environment. (Start with Second Life Insider or my blogroll.) This way you can actually learn what the world is really about before you trash it so.

And one last thing. I’m going tell you all, nobody “tries” to get laid in Second Life. We just do it. For god’s sake, virtual sex is one of the easiest things to get in Second Life if you have any social skills at all. So heed my advice. If you are still “trying” as David says above, then try appearance mode awhile before hitting those free sex zones again…

And PS: Given the choice, I’d much rather get laid or hatch pranks than buy Coca Cola products, in real or second life…is this a no brainer to anyone else here?


Our Own Devices

In here, we are creatures of light. No matter, no flesh binds us to the dullness of want. We are virtual — made of virtue — and thus, by definition, excellent, powerful and good. We are avatars gods who have crossed into a second life.

Out there, where bones decay and bodies hunger, virtue falls victim to materialism and the pains of life. No gods visit.

Why do we need them, those limited souls, peering into windows on our world? So many bring with them such sad pursuits. Endless fantasy at their fingertips and they’re in a shopping mall, a strip club, a church?

We know we can free ourselves from them; we feel liberated, unconstrained by their odd conventions. Left to our own devices, might we turn the tables? Export our world to theirs? Who will help us?


Around the blogs

Sable slummin'

Sable broke out the kiddie pool so we could watch the game in the back lot of Section 8, Topgol, over the weekend. Some new tenants have moved in back there–Esteban, Mitzie and Dwoozle, and Diane–and it makes me happy to see the place showing a little life. The weather was gorgeous, so I brought my laptop outside and did some blog surfing and came across several items deserving extra notice:

The ever-prolific and observant Vint Falken points out the drive to create a Declaration of Virtual World Policy spawned by the people at Terra Nova. Net neutrality now!

You only have a couple of days left to get the awesome 3D modeling software Bryce 5.5 for free. Thanks Muse!

Veyron has opened the voting to pick the theme for the next blogmeet (July 15 at dinee’s). So far, it looks like Pirate is winning. Aaargh!


MAS bonus footage leaked to Inside Scoop

I’m working for the clampdown, friends. Seconds after The Inside Scoop leaked bonus footage from Met A Stranger Season One, two goons from Leviathan walked into my office.

“You may think you leaked that footage of your own free will,” said Goon 1.

“But we planned it all along,” said Goon 2.

“That doesn’t mean you’re not in trouble,” Goon 1 continued.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Goon 2 finished.

I’m still shaking. Creepy. But I have a problem with authority, so I’ve released the video here as well. Dig in.

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STFU and listen, man


I’ve got another post underway where I rip apart all this damned nonsense about how lame Second Life is, how big corporations say it’s a waste, you know the drill. All I can say is, it’s about imagination people. If you haven’t got any, then maybe this isn’t the virtual world for you.

But seems there are a lot of folks who do have it, as evidenced by the 9 sims worth of creation assembled in celebration for Second Life’s 4th Birthday. Wandering through leaves me no doubt there are plenty of talented people in the world and that Second Life isn’t a bad place to find them. One of my favorite finds is this very cool piece of auditory sculpture pictured above.

You can click the hemispheres and make them change colors, but better than that, you can walk through them and trigger samples of singing. Each bubble triggers a different sound. Click the link to hear my random creation.

A Cappella Sculpture

From the notecard:

I was intrigued with the idea of building an interactive singing sculpture. A simple melody somewhat in the same key, served as a guideline for three vocalists to sing the basic tones. Once recorded they were imported in SL. The voices were not enhanced or altered which adds warmth to the sound. Each syllable was imbedded into a single prim. Avatars can walk through 3 rows of circular prims to activate sounds. – Daruma Picnic

So go on ahead and make your own song at Daruma’s exhibit at SL4B (SLURL) Then you can use it to drown out the sounds of the unimaginative whining about how there’s nothing cool to do in Second Life.


Mr. Flamingo spotted in Topgol

Mr. Flamingo IZ IN UR RACK FX

Have you seen this bird? Dubbed Mr. Flamingo–a moniker he tells me he’s okay with, though he says he’s no body builder, nor is he sure if he’s a suitable spokesperson for his entire species–he was seen hanging out at Clockwork as the club tunes up for its official opening in early July. Apparently, he likes the nightlife.

I first noticed him hanging around just outside the club a little over a week ago and wondered if John Waters was snooping about again. (He’s always bringing drunk weirdos over and dumping them on the front steps.) It turns out Mr. Flamingo is a bit of a gear head, and helped me troubleshoot some sidechain problems in my rack that I haven’t been able to rout out ever since Wrath turned every knob to eleven and every slider to infinity. Mr. Flamingo argues very well in favor of software modeling and DSP technology.

He also said he’s been enjoying scouting new migratory patterns in the metaverse. While some worry that all this activity may have nefarious undertones, others remain convinced that this represents nothing more than advancements in avian tourism.


Come meet Myg! Second Life 4th Birthday, 9am SLT (correction)

Meet the artist, Myg

Here I am, hanging out at SL4B. Come keep me company and get the REAL story about what happened that night between me and Vint! Don’t be swayed by her tall tales of “ickyness” people!

Come see me at SLURL and if you can’t find me, IM me (Mygdala March for those of you who don’t know my full name – damn I never use it so I forget myself sometimes…) and I’ll give you a TP.

I’m here from 12-1 SLT, and perhaps afterwards but not sure for how long. Hope to see you all there!




Portraits of SL Assholes, VI

portraits of SL assholes part V 1

These two jokers are sitting on a couple of prims because they are afraid. And why are they afraid? Well, probably because one of them, the lizard on the right, made the mistake of building a ridiculous glass monstrosity (below) immediately adjacent to the beautiful Trenton (SLurl) sim of my pal Johnny Skosh and co.


portraits of SL assholes part V 2

The drama report continues after the jump.
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