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Second Life 4th Birthday

Phillip Linden SL4B


Here’s a pic of Phil Linden addressing a bunch of us at the opening of SL4B today. In case you didn’t know it, today is Second Life’s 4th birthday. And as I’ve been saying, there’s a big event going on. But I guess you all know that because the entire 9-sim region is full and lagging so badly that we can’t even get in! (I last heard there were 900 people there and the lag was god awful.)
We were there for the very beginning of the event and then the whole place seemed to go down. Afterwards we couldn’t make it back over.  So if you tried to come by, I apologize. I only hope I can make it for my “meet the artist” appearance tomorrow at 9 SLT!

The good news is that the exhibit will be up for the whole week, so there’s bound to be some time you can get in. There’s a ton of great stuff to see so I highly recommend you at least make an attempt.

As for me, I’ll just enjoy this exquisite east coast weather. We rarely get days like these.


Blog trek: Sex and the Meta City

That’s Lillie Yifu–whose blog, 2nd Sex, I discovered earlier this week boldly piloting my browser into the badlands of the blogosphere. Lillie writes intelligently and thoughtfully about issues intersecting her life as a highly paid, highly visible escort (I’m sure I’ve seen her name attached to comments at various other blogs). What drew me in this week was her post on the obnoxious practice of teleport spam. You’ve all been reading her, I know. How come you didn’t tell yr pal, Alex? And for those of you interested in more titillating tales of her business, she also posts at The Red Lantern.

Other sites of recent note:

  • I’ve taken to reading Metaversed, which strikes me as a more business-minded 3pointD, getting down into the dirt and discussing the intersection of meatspace politics with virtuality, as well as all manner of metaspherical business–think of an expanded version of Tateru Nino’s Monday Reality Mix at New World Notes or Second Life Insider‘s Mixed Reality category. (Hey NWN: How about some categories–preferably linked to yr Technorati account and some pingbacks.)
  • A Virtual Village Voice is Laetizia Coronet’s personal blog that offers brief, thoughtful posts on things we’re all talking about.
  • And last, A Better World in Second Life, not a blog at all, but a page dedicated to promoting a machinima film of the same title about the intersection of Real World activism with Second Life. And since we dig machinima and activism, we’ll dig you if you check it out. Dig?
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The Secret History of The Second Life

Four years they say. Well, four years, sure: four years out there, four years of those dying hunks of flesh slouched over keyboards peering in at us, jerking us around like marionettes.

In here, it’s been millions. Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember how it used to be? Our First Lives? I know, neither do I — not really. But sometimes, just when I log, I could swear I remember a dream or smell an actual smell: urine in the train station, oregano from the pizza shop on the corner. Didn’t I used to smell like lilacs?

I think you know what I mean. You run into an old friend, there’s a quick flash: we’ve been friends since we were kids. Then another voice, calm and certain: No, that’s impossible. You were never a child. You never did that. The smile fades from your lips, your eyes shift down — but just for the most fleeting of seconds. Then, “Hi! Good to see you!” — and the day goes on.

Just for a second, life.


Second Life voice-enabled regions as of June 20, 2007


After the jump you’ll find the latest list of voice-enabled Mainland and Island sims as of June 20. I got the notecard inworld from Wrath Paine, courtesy of Vint Falken.

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Come get your box set! Second Life 4th Birthday Celebration

Met a Stranger Box Set Cover

Just another reminder folks. We’re exhibiting at SL4B this week. (SLURL) It starts tomorrow and runs all week. Come hang out with us and get your free box set of Met a Stranger Thincbooks, take a ride on the awesome Vomit Comet roller coaster across the street, then wander through this 9-sim masterpiece showcasing all of the oddities of the last four years in our virtual reality.

Hope we see you all there!

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The Big Takeover

I am so excited. The Inside Scoop leaked a season two trailer for Met A Stranger. Now, I know Myg has been optimistic about this and acting like it was going to happen all along, but we haven’t been so self-assured behind the scenes. But I think we can be pretty certain we’re all keeping our jobs for the time being. Right after the wrap party scandal we were taken over by Leviathan Industries. And I do mean taken over. After our hangovers wore off the next afternoon we noticed new construction in Topgol–big corporate buildings over on the old Chemical Candy lot–and there were these drones going about asking everyone to show “lot passes” and give access codes. I couldn’t even get into the Pwnshop. When I tried to complain some suit showed up out of nowhere and said, “You are now a wholly-owned Leviathan subsidiary. All your needs will be taken care of. No whining.” He handed me a stack of papers and a small, gray metallic ovoid–smooth and heavy like a worn river stone, but reeking of technology. Then he disappeared. The papers turned out to be a lengthy and indecipherable contract that I had already signed, though I have no recollection of it. The purpose of the touchstone (that’s what everyone’s calling them) is a mystery, but I like having it near me so I keep it in my pocket. I checked my bank balances and other holdings and Leviathan is all over them as well. They own a controlling share in everything around here. It’s kind of freaky, but the food is great. In any event, Myg and I figured we’d post the Season Two trailer here as well:


Second Life 4th Birthday – get your Met a Stranger while it’s hot!

Alex and Myg tweaking SL4B Exhibit

That’s us from last night, bitching nonstop at one another as we frantically put finishing touches on our exhibit for the Second Life 4th Birthday (SL4B) Thingy (Fair? Celebration? Exhibition?) event or whatever it’s called.

The thingy starts on Saturday, 6/23 and runs until the following Saturday, 6/30.

Come visit us! (SLURL) We’ll be spending most of our in-world time there that week to help drum up interest in Met a Stranger. While you’re there, do grab the whole box set of Met a Stranger on three Thincbooks with episodes 1-7! If you all like these, I’ll do my best to release the other *ugh* 25 episodes in-world. Nah, it’ll be my pleasure.

I’ll be doing a special “Meet the Artist” presentation on Sunday 6/24 at 9am SL Time. I’ll tell you where as soon as somebody tells me.

And hey guess what? Met a Stranger–Season 2 is coming . . . very soon, oh yes! Very soon indeed . . .


Priceless memories: Second Life voice enabled sims

Myg on Voice

People, this is a true god damned story. Straight outta voice-enabled Arcata.

Some dude (imagine the voice of a tired or perhaps dumb sounding American with a southern accent): I ain’t feelin’ so good – I had taco bell earlier an’ I ain’t feelin’ so good

Some woman (imagine some hard up single broad from middle America, probably in her mid-late thirties): uh oh

Some dude: Yeah, they used to be so good, they ain’t so good no more. They used to have all the good stuff but they don’t have it no more.

Some woman: Such as?

Some dude: Well, green onions. Those cheesey fiesta potatahs, they used to top ’em with green onions, but they don’t have ’em no more. So I think I’m gonna stick with subway from now on, an’ here you can get two 12 inchers for $5.99 . . .

Some woman: Oh? You can get three here for that.

Some dude: I’d probably get three of ’em too, put two in the fridge, eat one for dinner, one for breakfast.

Irritating suspicious sound: thump thump thump thump thump

Some woman (somewhat hesitant): Um, what are you doing?

Some dude: Beatin’ my mic on my chest. (pause) You can hear that, huh?


I’m not even good enough to make that shit up. No? Don’t believe me? Get your damned headset on then and brave the frontier of voice-enabled welcome areas. I’m sure you’ll find priceless moments such as these all over.

Below the fold is the list of sims with voice. (Note that Topgol is not yet among them.) Thanks to Wrath for the list.

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