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(n)eXt podcast from 7/30/07

Sable as Glinda as a cheerleader

Sable stylish as always last night, lookin’ hot and soakin’ up the new new newness. I dunno, but I’m digging the argyle here. Kinda like Glinda in high school before she got too goody-goody.

Here’s the podcast and setlist from the 30 July (n)eXt new music hour:

(n)eXt 30 July 2007: Right click here to download the podcast.

The National – Fake Empire 3:27
The Enemy – You’re Not Alone 3:44
Against Me! – White People For Peace 3:36
Tiger Army – Ghosts of Memory 3:22
Made Out of Babies – Ire Fire 3:19
Aesop Rock – Coffee 4:09
Kid Sister – Southside 2:48
Modeselektor –The White Flash 4:49
Metric – Hardwire 4:48
Minus The Bear – Throwin’ Shapes 2:48
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Kiss Kiss 2:47
Tegan and Sara – The Con 3:31
The Moths – Valentine 3:15
Travis Morrison – As We Proceed 3:19
Bottom of the Hudson – Bee Hive 4:20
Great Northern – Home 3:48
The Thrills – This Year 2:56

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The Break: Met a Stranger 2.7

Continued from What would wolves do? Met a Stranger 2.6

Should I make a break for it?


I went with the Nekos back to some alley hangout where they felt safer, all the while wondering what my next move should be. I still felt weak in my legs, I guess from whatever spell those digital ghosts had put me under. But I wasn’t sure the Nekos had my best interest at heart either. They bickered in hushed tones, glancing–agitated–in my direction.

I gripped the paper–the one from the specialty dark knowledge shop with the odd book title on it–and thought, “sanator, sanator . . . what did that mean?”

Timothy noticed and ripped the scrap from my hands.

the paper scrap

His cat eyes widened. Then he spat at Akakage and Axiom. “I told you she was going to be a problem.” He handed the paper to Akakage. She looked at it and shook her head.

“Yeah, but, JellyBean said . . .”

“JellyBean?” It was a name I hadn’t heard in years. “JellyBean Madison?”

“You know JellyBean Madison, Myg?” Axiom asked.

“Well, I know of her–”

“I told you, Tim,” Axiom said.

“Told who what?” I said. “What the hell is going on?”

Akakage shook the paper in my face. “This is a title on demon pathology–what’s your interest?”

I gulped. I wasn’t prepared to answer any questions on the subject and sure as hell didn’t want to go into my bizarre run-in with my ex-demon-psychotherapist with these cats. My silence didn’t help the tension.

“We should do her,” said Timothy. “She’ll have the damn demons crawling all over us. Why else do you think the ghosts were life sucking her?”

“No, Timothy,” Axiom said. “If JellyBean said to bring her that’s what we do.”

“JB doesn’t have to know we ever found her.”

“Come on you two,” Akakage intervened. “Let’s not get crazy.”

That was all I needed to hear. I quietly opened up my inventory to search for my Topgol landmark and hastily hit teleport. Nothing! Damn the weekends–how are you supposed to get out of a bad spot when your basic tech functions don’t swing?

“I’ve got a way to get rid of her–nobody will ever know,” Timothy said. “Not if we don’t tell them.”

“Now come on–” I started to argue.

“If we help her, she’ll lead the demons straight to us and we don’t want that happening. JellyBean said the Marvelosas were planning an offensive and we have to be ready for that. If they find us running recon in this sector we could lose the element of surprise.” His whiskers twitched.

“We’ve already lost surprise,” said Akakage.

I wasn’t going to be listened to, so I tried to slink out of sight while they were distracted.


“We’re taking her to JellyBean,” Axiom said.

“The hell we are.” Then Timothy noticed me crawling away. He pounced like he was gonna rip my intestines out. I was stunned.


“Get up, Timothy,” Axiom said in a deadly calm tone. It’s easy to be calm, I suppose, when you’re so fashionably armed.

axiom nakamura

“Axiom, don’t toy with me,” Timothy said. “You know I’m right.”

“I know that if JellyBean wants us to bring her back, that’s what we’re gonna do,” Axiom said.

Akakage drew her guns, too. This wasn’t going to be a good scene.

akakage yoshiro

Timothy rose and shook his head. “You’re both so wrong about this.”

Thinking it might be my last chance, I ran. He swatted me hard on the side of the head. “You’re not going anywhere!” he growled, grabbing me by the throat. “I’m telling you we’ve got to get rid of her–you’re both out of your heads if you think we won’t pay for this with multiple lives!”

“Let her go, Timothy!” Axiom shouted. But he just started to squeeze, the hollow empty look of instinct in his eyes as I tried to pull his claws off my throat.

I was fading fast but heard the first shots as he threw me down and jumped. Axiom fired and Akakage lunged.

cat fight!

“Don’t kill him!” Akakage yelled.

“Move, Aka!” Axiom said.

The three of them battled and I ran again. But it wasn’t long before I heard shouting and footsteps. I ducked into another alley and tried to think fast.

With teleport not working, I had to find someplace close where I could hide.


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Hey Met a Stranger strangers!
Don’t forget to join us at Clockwork tonight for another set with DJ keTchUp!
6pm SLT freestyle, 7pm (n)eXt with all new music.
then at 8pm catch an hour of totally partyable grooves by Esteban aka Roach of the Scripts!



JellyBean’s third rezday

One happy woman!

This is the summer of parties. This is the summer we’ll be talking about in ten years. These are the good times. The place to be last night in Second Life was head MeanGirl JellyBean Madison’s third rezday party. That’s right, you read that correctly. Third. That makes Jelly an oldbie compared to the vast majority of residents, she’s like six times older than me right now. And three years in SL is like 30 in first life. But one of the many beautiful things about SL is that it gets better with age, just like first life, only you don’t have to work quite as hard. The party for the princess of pink (sorry JB and Hawks, “queen” doesn’t alliterate with “pink”) was filled with snapshots of Jelly and friends from their many adventures and was a trip through SL history. Hawks deejayed and had everyone groovin’ for hours, including a special set from him to Jelly and a true skanking rude boy ska mix that had my head bopping so much my neck is sore this morning as I write this. There was a mix of witty banter in text chat and a series of ever-bombing but yet strangely hysterical shoe jokes coming in from the group in voice. Lots of the bloggers showed up, natch, as well as a plethora of Jelly’s huge circle of awesome friends–including some names that had me shutting up and just takin’ pics. A pink time was had by all. See more after the jump.

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SL Bloggers business meeting notes from 7/22/07

Better late than never, here are the notes from our business meeting on 7/22/07.


Many thanks to Tiana Meriman for hosting. She even got the big fucking table out for us so we could be all business like – and we were!

Anyway, on to the meat of the meeting.

The Insatiable Zoe Conolly, the Grand Poobette of our SL Bloggers group, appointed me to chair the meeting, probably for my obvious gift of bossiness and verbosity. Good choice, Zoe! I am laughing out loud as I type that, trust me.

Get the gory details by hitting more. Read more


-=Clockwork=- schedule for week of July 29

keTchUp and Wrath rockin' the system at Clockwork

Mainline, Topgol, (227, 140, 55) [SLurl]

Schedule as of 7/29/07

Monday 6-7 p.m. SL time
DJ keTchUp spins freestyle – old school punk to IDM, if you want to party on a Monday but want to hear tracks that are more familia, get out early before the new music starts.

Monday 7-8 p.m. SL time
(n)eXt with DJ keTchUp
New music Mondays with the latest indie rock, glitchiest idm, electroclash, blog rock, postrock soundscapes, and digital tweaking.

Monday 8-9 p.m. SL time
Esteban gets down wit da boogie
shake it for an hour with the Anti-Monday mix

Wednesday 8-10 p.m. SL time
DesertWolf brings you a rock soundscape that will make you think the weekend came early.

Thursday 7-8 p.m. SL time
DJ keTchUp spins IDM, downtempo, chill, and other esoteric electronica, and probably sticks around a little longer and cuts loose with some heavier club tracks.

And since it’s JellyBean Madison’s third rezday, here’s a shot of her and Hawks getting down last week at Clockwork. Happy Rezday JB! See you later.

JellyBean and Hawks at Clockwork


Who am I? Virtual reality check.

Are you following Tateru Nino’s series over at the Second Life Insider, “Who are we?” Well, if you’re not I think you should.

She’s trying to get a handle on all of us, in a general sense, by asking a bunch of us about our Second Lives. Yesterday she was looking for someone to profile and I, being the shy recluse that I am, shot her an IM *and* a twitter volunteering myself for duty.

I was damned lucky, and honored quite frankly, that she picked me. You can hear what I had to say over at Second Life Insider.

Clip from Second Life Insider

I don’t want to embarrass her, but Tateru is one of my absolute favorite bloggers out there. You can read her at Second Life Insider, New Word Notes, and on her own blog Dwell on it. She covers all kinds of Second Life issues, from business to stats to politics to social issues to shopping to, garsh, pretty much everything. Her posts are always clear, insightful and ring with a sincerity that’s hard to find anywhere on the web. And you know what else? She’s nice. Unlike, well, some other bloggers who think they’re all badass, but anyway I digress and my sentences runneth on.

So after doing this little interview with Tateru, I sat down and asked myself, Who the fuck am I? (And Esteban, I couldn’t help but think of you with this, especially after unveiling your latest hypothesis.)

See, when I first rezzed 225 days ago there were real clear differences between me and that biologically based thing that I believed created me. I was clearly not her. I did things she would never do, albeit I did them as pixels and cognitions and perhaps not flesh acting in a physical reality. I really knew the difference then, but hell, there were moments when I truly didn’t feel the difference and I think that’s just how the brain is. We don’t always feel the difference between the virtual and the so-called real.

Know how when you see a movie, and it’s a really good drama and you tear up or maybe full on cry? Or a horror flick where you can feel your heart rate increasing, the hair on your arms standing?

Our minds don’t always know what’s real and what isn’t. Hence, I imagine, the argument posed by plenty that “real life” should be called “first life” since there’s a lot of reality to Second Life. And there’s truth to that statement, but I don’t feel that way, and I am digressing again.

After talking with Tateru and asking myself about my identity, Myg vs. the human who drives her, I came to a bit of an unsettling realization. And it was this.

The human who drives me (me as in Myg) is a career woman who spends much of her time–far too much of it–in character, as it were. She’s a professional who is overworked and cuts loose too little. So much of her time is spent not being fully who she is, because when she is at work, she is in a somewhat narrowly defined role. And when you spend a lot of time doing that, it’s hard to turn it off.

Me, on the other hand, the Myg who hangs out in Topgol, argues relentlessly with campers and casino owners and rude passersby, curses, spits, shoots, hooks up and occasionally shows her ass by the embarrassing complications her behaviors get her into, is actually a lot more human than that poor overworked human who created the account with Linden Lab.

So who am I? I’m Myg, and if you want to know the truth, I’m not the exact same as the human, some virtual replica just representin’ but my soul is sort of entwined, my thoughts are hers and some of my behaviors might be if she figured out that she doesn’t have to be so fucking careful all the time.

Myg in makeup

Of course, that whole kicking campers in the head probably would have landed her some time in a cell had it happened in Vegas, or at best a hefty lawsuit. But that, in my opinion, is what the virtual world is really good at. Acting out in ways here so that our human counterparts don’t do it and wind up in jail.

So thanks, Tateru, for provoking such thoughts.


What would wolves do?: Met a Stranger 2.6

All of a sudden I heard the nekos yowling as they came at us, menacing those pasty fuckers who had me pinned to the station floor.


“Off the platform or we’ll gut you!” the blonde one hissed. I turned and saw my grey-scale attackers come into full hueless view. The one on top of me flew off as they repositioned for a cross-species rumble. Still too weak to stand, I dragged myself up to my elbows and prepared for a tussle.

rumble at grey avenue

The grey-scaled’s voices had a terrible, awful screechy quality to them. The female made sounds like a dying hard-drive as she backed quickly away while the male whirred and burbled low tones as he made another grab for me.

Just then the guy neko lept forward, clearing me no sweat as he lunged for the grey ghostly dude. I thought I’d see the two of them collide, but the greyed out man simply fitzled into a billion little bytes, scattering and fading like cheap fireworks as the neko pierced through the space he’d been in. The two other nekos went for the female, but she crashed so hard she just disappeared for good.

“Axiom, when was the last time we swept this station for ghosts?” the redheaded neko asked.

“I’m not sure Aka. Timothy was doing rounds last night and didn’t see any, did you Tim?”

“No, it’s odd. We haven’t seen ghosts here for months–what could have brought them back?” he asked.

Then they all stared at me, and I really didn’t feel comfortable with the way in which they did. I tried to stand up but the three of them surrounded me, towering over me like a saucer of milk.

“So then, who are you?” Axiom asked.

“…Myg…” I said.

Axiom looked confused when I said that. “Myg? Myg who?”

“March. Mygdala March actually…”

“Really?” Aka seemed even more interested. This couldn’t be good. They paused and gave each other intense looks, seemed to talk without talking–communicating secretly for several anxiety provoking minutes.

“Let’s bring her then.” Timothy said.

I didn’t have much choice in it.

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Like Clockwork

My resistance to regimen overcome, I’ve gotten a gig spinning wax — every Monday following the incomparable DJ keTchUp at Clockwork. It’s a drag hauling my sides all the way from Section 8, but worth it when the crowd gets pumped.

I must have been pretty buzzed Monday night ’cause I couldn’t get out of bed all day Tuesday — and were Sable and Diane really moonbathing at the hotel as I staggered home?

For the pleasure of your cochlear cavities:

funk for the masses | 23 July 2007: Right click here to download the podcast.

Set list:

Los Amigos Invisibles: Funk Nuevo
The Mighty Imperials: Thunder Chicken
The New Mastersounds: Drop it Down
Marley Marl & MC Shan: Freedom
Ohmega Watts: Move!
Freedom Now Brothers: Sissy Walk
Dieter Reith: No No No
James Brown: Blind Man Can See It
Digital Underground: The D-Flowstrumental
Incognegro: Brand New Cadillac
The X-Ecutioners Featuring DJ Premier: Primo’s X-Ecution
Beastie Boys: Sure Shot
Run DMC VS Stevie Wonder VS Cypress Hill VS Beastie Boys:
My Superstitious Brain
Funk Como Le Gusta: Besame Mamma
Isley Brothers: It’s Your Thing
Linda Lyndell: What A Man
Sound Providers: Get Down
JC Davis: Buttered Popcorn
Chubb Rock: Organizer
Control Machete: Si Señor
Dennis Coffey: Can You Feel It
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham: Lover and a Friend
The Meters: Ride Your Pony

And if you missed it, last weeks set: Right click here to download the podcast.

(Set list after the break.)

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