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Cats Away

It’s a fantasy world. The way others see us; what’s possible, what’s not; the way things fit together — all these things made up. Slices $1. See how they shape us? The plains paved into cities, the millions slaughtered, our lives wasted in mad pursuit? The worker’s body lay in the mine for three days. It all seems real, I know — but it’s made from gossamer. Can you see it? The ancient fantasies woven into our perceptions? A dragonfly hovers on a field of clover. Children run through hallways. The officer orders a latte.

Yet, without fantasy, there’s no reality. How could we face it, the totality of existence, without our little ideas of order? Do you remember when we lived in trees? There were things we ate and things we didn’t eat. Don’t you read the newspapers? It comes down to this, motherfuckers: which fantasy will you embrace and how will you fight for it?


on vacation!

Hey! Alex and I are on vacation where all we’ve got is satellite internet – which is as bad as they say for Second Life. So we may be on intermittently, but odds are not too often and not for long.  As such we probably won’t be posting quite as often as normal for the next week and a half.

Alex is trying to see what he can handle in terms of -=clockwork=- this week. Stay tuned here for details on the schedule and such.

We’ll miss you! But time away from the computer is good for my soul. How ’bout yours?




Night Windows: Met a Stranger 2.18


If there were answers — to her questions and mine — I knew I would find them in the library. I IM’d my old professor, Dr. Phresia. “It’s filed under ‘religion,’ in the stacks with the other works on offensive liturgy and practice,” she said. “But once you start digging, don’t stop.” I asked for clarification but there was no response.

Sanator Daemonicon Vertebratus was right where she said it would be. As one might surmise from the title, it describes chiropractic techniques for healing the possessed.


There is also a very interesting section in it describing that none of the techniques are permanent, unless performed by a Catalyst — a being with demon code in its blood. I wanted to read it all, but it was important that I get into the lab to find a way to stabilize Ms. March. Further tests show that her condition is indeed Code-Hb — source code and updates will not bind in her blood.


I was able to formulate a treatment that should stabilize Ms. March’s condition. But it’s not a permanent solution.


Her condition improved but did not resolve after 48 hours. “I need samples of your original source code, Ms. March. From your parents. Without it, eventually the injections will lose efficacy and your regenerative source code will degrade beyond repair; you will no longer be able to upgrade and the universe will evolve beyond your ability to adapt.”


“I’ve also determined why you were victorious in your confrontation with the demon Millenia Moody. You used an ancient exorcistic chiropractic technique and your blood shows characteristics of demonic origin. Who were your parents, Ms. March?”

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Ed. Notes. – credits:

Location: Toxian City, Toxia 12, 193, 23 SLURL  Owned and created by Miss Wright.


Nothing Human

I am exactly like you. I put my clothes in the dryer. I fly in airplanes. I take my goats to the market. I live in a house. I live in a mansion. I have nowhere to live.

My father was born in Jakarta, or Dakar, or Dubuque. My mother died recently. She will come to visit this afternoon. She left when I was young. My skin is dark. I am a little boy. I am transgendered. I will send a letter to my grandchildren in the morning.

I am just like you. I am reading this, wondering what this is all about. I hug my rifle to my chest when the shells explode. I will buy a new wheelchair when the next check comes. Do you like my new Mercedes?

Then everything goes dark. Do you realize nothing will bring it back? Somewhere, on the head of a pin — you can see it with a microscope — tiffany clouds drift over the universe of Second Life. Can you hear it? Lean in closer. Yes you can! A tinny beat, almost imperceptible, the FUNK floating outward into your fleshly ears. Is this really happening? That shouldn’t be there. On a pin? Why am I looking at a pin? Am I hallucinating? You don’t feel well. Something tells you you are not here but there, down here, on that pin — on a pin? — a tiny green dot on a vast terrain suddenly shivering with that strange feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder.

funk for the masses | 20 Aug 2007: play: or download it!

Set list:

DJ Pfel: [solo routine]
Fedde Le Grand: Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit 2007
Jeff Mills: Voltereta
DJ Colette: Feelin Hypnotized – Kaskade Mix
Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Marxman: All About Eve
Was (Not Was): Maria Novarro
Outkast: Dracula’s Wedding
Billy Preston: Outa-Space
Eddie Bo: Hook and Sling
Liqdzunshine: Hip Hop
Hocus Pocus feat. the Procussions: Hip Hop
Beastie Boys: B for My Name
Ultramagnetic MC’s: Ya Not That Large
Equals: Police On My Back
Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground


Distressed: Met a Stranger 2.17

I’d been slipping in and out of it. Some days I was almost alright — felt like I could stand up and fly right out of that depressing hospital bed. But as soon as I’d get a little energy, I felt like my circuits overloaded or something. I’d get confused, start spewing random stuff out and then I’d just crash and not want to move for hours and hours and hours.

“I need to transfer you, Miss March.” I could hear Dr. Altamura’s concern, even through my half-comatose state. “You’re going to need a specialist.” So he brought me to Toxia, where he said he’d done his residency.


“They’ve got the best medical reference library on the grid,” he went on. “I think I’ll be able to get to the bottom of this here.”

Whatever. That’s pretty much where I was with this whole death struggle illness thing. It wasn’t just sick. It wasn’t just tired. It was like my whole personality was fading. I wasn’t who I was anymore. Just a collection of pixels, slowly losing connection with one another. I was fragmented. I could feel it.

Not sure how he got me there, but I remember him wheeling me into intake. I felt lighter and lighter as my disintegration continued. It wouldn’t be long now, I thought. I’d be less than a memory.


“Don’t give up Myg,” he bent down and whispered. “Please…” I couldn’t understand why it mattered to him then. But something in his voice gave me courage.

Then out of nowhere came another surge. White heat started to fill my head, soaking into my brain like rum into cake. I bolted upright, moaning and clutching at myself. The doc didn’t seem in the least bit surprised.


“I think I can remember now…” I told him.

“Quick — tell me about the words you heard from the ghosts — Sanator Daemonicon Verterbratus, what does that mean to you? Anything?” He was totally hot for information.

“Yes. I think it’s about a book I was looking for.”

“A book? Why were you looking for that book?”

Cheap shot!

I started to feel sick to my stomach and all of a sudden I felt the dire urge to flee. But I didn’t have the strength.

“I healed a demon.” I almost choked as I said it.

“And they’re after you now, right?” he said.

I nodded. “It sure as hell seems like it.”


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Ed. Notes. – Belated credits:

Location: Toxian City, Toxia 12, 193, 23 SLURL  Owned and created by Miss Wright. Thanks to JellyBean Madison for great location scouting.

Got a recommendation for a great Met a Stranger location? IM Mygdala March or leave a comment here!

Prim tear (Myg’s left cheek, last photo): made specially for Met a Stranger by Dinee Ghia. “I could see where the story was headed,” she said. “Thought this might come in handy…”


Don’t forget, it’s a Jelly Skankin’ Tuesday

Ska and punk tonight with JellyBean Madison at Clockwork! SLURL: Topgol (225, 143, 54)
6-8pm SL Time!

That’s for starters. For seconds, here’s a stupid picture of me and Alex from Sunday’s SL Blogmeet, hosted by JellyBean Madison and HawksRock Gunawan! Not in the SL Bloggers group? Why the hell not? We have parties, with themes even! IM Mygdala March or Zoe Connolly for an invite.

The Last Mechanic fends off Casanova Frankenstein

And third, but not lastly or leastly, yes, the Tuesday post is coming, although late. Maybe you were hoping to catch Burgess’s (n)eXt set podcast today at work, but due to circumstances – let’s just call them circumstances – the post is coming late. So it’ll be here soon in all it’s indie glory.

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Clockwork schedule for week of 20 August 2007


The sun was either coming up or going down when I got this shot of Tiana last week, but I couldn’t tell you what time of day it was because the week was packed with the debut of three new djs at the club. First on Tuesday, JellyBean Madison’s ska set killed and everyone lost their minds skankin’. Check it out her podcast here. On Friday, Callie Carr, one of SL’s premiere rock DJs ratcheted up the intensity with two heavy hours. Then last night, Clockwork saw the debut of DJ Xax, who generated a lot of buzz with her set of ultranow electronica, it’s clear she’s destined to become one of the hottest IDM/electronic djs around. Lucky for us, all three of these dj’s will be right here in Topgol to give you the hippest soundtrack for your Second Life. Okay, did I hype that up enough? I’m pretty excited, obviously.

Schedule for week of 20-26 August 2007

Monday 20 August, 6-7 p.m. SL time
DJ keTchUp spins freestyle. Old school punk to electronica, if you want to party on a Monday but want to hear more than just the new music and funk hours, get out early and shake it.

Monday 20 August, 7-8 p.m. SL time
(n)eXt with DJ keTchUp
New music Mondays with the latest indie rock, glitchiest idm, electroclash, blog rock, postrock soundscapes, and digital tweaking.

Monday 20 August, 8-9 p.m. SL time
Esteban makes the mothership connection with the funky Anti-Monday mix.

Tuesday 21 August, 6-8 p.m. SL time
Skankin’ Tuesdays w/JellyBean
um, ska (duh), and some punk, because what’s one without the other?

Wednesday 22 August, 8-10 p.m. SL time
DesertWolf brings you a rock soundscape that will make you think the weekend came early.

Thursday 23 August
DJ keTchUp will be on the road, so no IDM this week.

Friday 24 August, 4-6 p.m. SL time
DJ Callie Carr gets heavy on you.

Sunday 26 August, 6-9 p.m. SL time
DJ Xax layers the evening with mid-tempo electronica. (She’s on vacation earlier this week, so this slot may or may not happen. Watch this space for details.)

Also, Myg and I’ll will be on vacation Thursday, 23 August, through Monday, 3 September, so the schedule may vary somewhat, especially on Mondays and Thursdays.


The Plot: Met a Stranger 2.16


“I’m going to need this loft here, it’s got a good crawlspace that’s not obvious,” said JB. “And I want two of my nekos on staff at Clockwork for cover.”

We were touring the renovations in Section 8, right under the looming towers of Leviathan Unltd. I was not happy about letting guerrillas set up operations on my property, but I was in no position to refuse.

Burgess can't say no

“JB–” I pleaded. “Are you sure you want to stash orbiters and high-damage materiel this close to Leviathan? How come you can’t just keep it all in inventory? What are you up to anyway?”

“Yes. It has to be here. Those dragons have all kinds of personnel scanners — you can’t even hide your stomach contents from them.”

I was about to protest; if Leviathan could scan inventory, wouldn’t they be able to spot a pile of weapons prims under a brick loft? She held up her hand.

“We have camouflage tech that will keep it hidden long enough. But the less you know the better.”

We walked through Topgol’s Philly trying to look like just another couple out shopping. But JB, who apparently did this sort of thing all the time, seemed tense. I was too, but for different reasons. I could see she had his name tattooed on her stomach.


“Let’s get off the street,” she said. “You can’t see it, but they have cam bots and scanners all through here. I’m gonna have my crew scan your club. If we find anything, which we will, we’ll set up some foilers–kind of like jamming or scrambling, but it replaces the signal with similar but innocuous data.”

Talking about Leviathan like this seemed to give them even more power. I know it was all in my head, but it was almost as if the touchstone in my pocket grew warmer and heavier the more I thought about Topgol’s new corporate residents.


JB turned down an alleyway and ran up a wall. I didn’t feel less exposed up on the roof of the barbershop, but JB was right at home off the ground. It had been years since I’d had to climb like this, and JB could find a finger hold on a marble wall. “You don’t know much about Leviathan, do you?” she said.

“Oh come on, I know at least as much as anyone else. They’ve been here for months and though they like to throw their weight around, they seem like most other multinational development companies. They’re just trying to rejuvenate urban spaces.”


” ‘Rejuvenate?’ ” she spat. “Cleanse is more like it. Why do you think the nekos have been disappearing from the cities?”

I was confused. She was always hotheaded — it was that fire that attracted me in the first place — but I sensed real hatred. “It goes far deeper than you think,” she continued. “They’ve got their tentacles into everything. You think that demon’s presence here was some kind of fluke? You need to wake up and figure out why your girl is so interesting to them.” For a moment, she looked concerned.

I said nothing and the look turned to disgust.

“You’re such an asshole. You leave us right when it all went to hell, after everything my family did for you. Right when we could have used your help. You think it’s easy leading this thing on my own?”

Am I nuts?

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