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Sunday linkfest and some breakfast conversation

Network down but I'm still standing

Ever have days like this? That was me a week or so ago when my network went down. I have no idea where the club went. Down into the water 50 meters below me? The void? I could “stand” there no problem, spin my camera around, look out over the hot August haze in the blistering Topgol afternoon, but I could not move. Why things in the distance stayed in the cache and not the objects immediately around me, I have no idea. In any case, I got it fixed and things have been humming along great since.

Sunday morning is a good time for a cheese danish and conversation. (Okay, almost any time is a good time for coffee and a cheese danish.) So pull up a seat, pour yourself some java and jump in whenever you’ve got something to say, be it well-dressed man facting or the naked truth, it’s all welcome.

I figured I’d take a moment and go back through my de.licio.us tags and see what caught my eye recently.

dandellion has had a couple of thoughtful posts recently on the OpenSim project, here and here. If you wonder about the future of 3D virtual space, this is a must read. If there is ever to be any real “freedom” it depends on developing cooperative decentralized servers that can communicate effectively and the OpenSim project is working toward that.

Aenea blogged about John Tierney‘s piece in the New York Times in which he talks about Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom‘s assertion that there is a 20 percent chance we’re living in a computer simulation, and being a lawyer and a United States congressman, Tierney says he has a “gut feeling” the odds are higher than that. Talk about some heavy bullshit–but at the core of Bostrom’s arguments are some worthwhile concepts and more rigorous logic than Tierney brings to the table.

I came across this piece by Irving Berger that has his take on the Always On Summit in Stanford. Berger makes a case that the real value of virtual spaces like Second Life is that it removes the problem of physical distance from meetings and teaching in a way that no other Internet application has yet–and this education potential is what will drive it in the end. Corporations probably don’t find this very sexy, but that’s only because the marketing wonks haven’t quite figured it out yet. Actually, it will probably be someone else who figures it out and then the marketing wonks will chase the tail of that creativity for all the Lindens they can.

Looker posted a heads-up for machinimists about the Tube2SL contest. The deadline is September 14. Don’t say you didn’t hear about it. If you don’t win, it’s because someone else is the machinima auteur and you’re just a hack with fraps.
I don’t think I posted this yet: someone using a treadmill and a Wii controller to jog through Second Life. Now if I you could design a room where the walls, floor and ceiling were display screens. . .

The monthly blogger party is today at JellyBean and Hawks’ place at 4 pm SL time. The theme is superheros. Always the contrarian, I’m going as a supervillain. Hope I don’t get psychofragulated.

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electric Life


Prior to Second Life, I thought had a serious affinity for cyber culture. I had a myspace (which back then was even updated), a couple of blogs. Hell, I started blogging before blogger.com even existed, tediously updating my website with new stories about what I was up to, and I even had some readers. A couple of years ago I even Stumbled!

But with Second Life and this blog my adventures in cybering really began to get deep. Now I’m so far in I can’t even figure out which offshoot of the tunnel leads back to daylight.

Below is a sampling of my online hangouts – places I may put my stamp outside of here and Second Life. The list is a little bit terrifying, actually. I think I need to get out more…
This is a must – probably my most heavily used portal. Nearly all the photos here are hotlinked from flickR. I don’t participate much in the groups, but I do peruse my contact photos often and exchange comments on images.

http://twitter.com/myg I’d gotten into Twitter for awhile but then gave up on it because it was so frackin slow. I recently got back into it though. It’s a great way to hear about or get the word out quickly about cool stuff. I find Twittering from Second Life most fun with Ordinal Malaprop’s Twitterbox.

http://myg.stumbleupon.com/ Another online obsession that I’d once dabbled in but gave up, recently started again. There’s no better way to procrastinate from that report you don’t want to write. I’ve found the added benefit that by stumbling our podcasts from Clockwork, we’ve gotten huge increases in traffic, which I really appreciate.

http://mygdala.vox.com This is where M is for Myg began, back in January–not long at all after I started in Second Life. Not sure why, but I just sat down one day and said, “I know! Why don’t I blog about my Second Life?” I half expected it to die out like 5 or other creative projects I’d had going at the time, but you all started reading it and here we are today. I still post to it every once in awhile, though I’m not sure why. I like the neighborhood feature of it a lot but don’t like the limitations of the design.

http://del.icio.us/mygdala This seems like it should and could be a very cool way to share websites that I like, sorta a la StumbleUpon, but I haven’t gotten my brain around it yet. I do tag things but not terribly often.

Good Old Myspam
http://myspace.com/mygdala I used to dig myspace, but my meatperson’s myspace was so badly hacked by a fucking spam twat and that it left me really cold. I never got any help from them either, so I couldn’t fix the page. Anyway, I made a Myspace early on in my Second Life career, and it’s how I met friends Like DCPunk Dix. Back then I was tickled by the crossover from Myspace to SL–that was prior to getting hooked into the bloggers group. Now I never check myspace, but I do still have it.

http://www.digg.com/users/mygdala I’m not really into Digg, but I saw a few blog posts had Digg badges and I wanted to help promote them. If I like a post and it’s got a badge, it will def get digged by me. I believe in supporting people whose work I value.

http://my.mashable.com/myg Can someone tell me what the fuck this is? I don’t know that there’s any point to having it, but supposedly it integrates a lot of the above functions into one page. Maybe it’s true, I honestly haven’t had time to find out. The interface doesn’t do much for me – you’d be surprised at how much that makes a difference. Maybe not.

http://mygdala.blogspot.com When blogger.com first launched it was like a miracle. I had a number of blogs with blogger. But when google took it over, I started to hate its guts. It now seems terribly clunky and awkward to me (no offense to all you blogger.com bloggers!) I’m a wordpress gal now. I have this so I could comment on certain blogs way back when.

http://pownce.com/myg/ (TY Desertwolf Longstaff for the invite – I have 5 left if anyone wants one…) I haven’t even begun to get into this one.

http://www.last.fm/user/mygdaladotcom/ Okay and one last one. I thought with our foray into podcasting and Alex’s club pursuits with Clockwork, it’d be good to have a last.fm page too. I still haven’t done anything here, but damn it’s a pretty awesome resource for finding new music. Just beginning to scratch the surface here.

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595792920 I don’t know why I didn’t get a nice little “mygdala” tag at the end of my facebook link, but oh well. I just created this today because I have been reading about it constantly and want to see if it’s cool or not. So if you’re on, add me, k?

So that’s it. And now you know, I want to know, where do you hang out online if you’re not in SL? (Or while you’re in SL and we think you’re IM’in? What do you get out of these places? Anything?


No key no plan: Met a Stranger 2.15

I was startled from sleep when I heard arguing outside my room. It took him long enough, but Agent Paine finally caught up with me.

Agent Paine and Dr. Altamura

“It’s official Interpol business. I have to see her,” he barked on the other side of the door.

“Nobody can see her. She’s at extremely high risk.” Dr. Altamura was damn near tyrannical with this “no visitors” thing.

“Risk? You’ve no idea the number of souls at risk here. March is implicated in a serious breach of international security.”

“She’s my patient right now and under my orders. Nobody gets in until she stabilizes.”

“There are serious questions she needs to answer Dr. Altamura. You know what I’m talking about here.”

Paine glared at me through the window. On Altamura’s orders I’d set busy mode – no IMs were getting through now. I can only imagine what the detective wanted to ask me.

Agent Paine

Problem was, I still had no answers.

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IDM tonight and the E. Lectronic podcast of 9 August 2007


October made it out last week and kept me company. We had an excellent convo about her circuit bending exploits and the x0xb0x she built.

I’ll be spinning glitchy electronica and ephemera again tonight from 7-8 p.m. SL time at Clockwork in Topgol (225, 143, 54). The past couple of weeks have been great (DesertWolf brought the noise again last night to a growing fan base of hard rockin’ avatars) and the roster of DJs is expanding and more slots are getting filled in the schedule. Tomorrow from 4-6 p.m. SL time, Callie Carr will make her Friday debut spinning a range of danceable rock tracks. Stay tuned for details about other additions and special events.

Click the arrow to stream. Right click and “save link as” to download.
DJ keTchUp spins in the beer locker at Clockwork

Track listing and download/purchase links after the jump. Read more

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Gunman Injures Two in Philadephia Shooting

Before you hear this week’s podcast, you need to know about what happened Friday:

A disturbing incident occurred in downtown Philadelphia last week when an unidentified gunman injured two of Topgol’s chief architects.

“I was building and he landed next to me with a gun and said ‘Hi,'” said Sable Slade. “I said Hi back. He said something about a house in the sky, about a friend shooting him, sending him up in the air. He was leaving when Diane showed up. He flew away…and she got shot — and there was another bomb behind her…”

Little Philly resident Esteban Moody, who arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting, described the gunman as “a kind of trenchcoat mafia furry with a pirate mask and a shotgun.” Moody also recalled that the assailant had a “big-ass raccoon tail.”

“It was a landmine,” reported shooting victim Diane Zinner, “and then the bombers came! Sable and i had to duck fast…we were running, bullets flying everywhere! Sable took one in the leg, and I helped her into a building…the landmine didn’t go off…there was fire and smoke – and that’s when he shot me. He shot me in the back. I was in bad shape. Sable should be up for the silver star — valor in combat, right? — she pulled me through.”

The three locals then followed the shooter to a distant hideout.

“The dude was incoherent,” said Moody. “At first he says he’s a hitperson or somenthing — at least that’s what I think he was saying — but then he starts apologizing, like it was all some mistake — Diane was just an innocent bystander. Apparently, he’s part of a secret ritual society that worships a giant Mexican ferrett.”

Local police are continuing the investigation.

The good news is that both Sable and Diane were recovered enough by Monday night to shake their booties along with the rest of Topgol! Did you miss it? Do you want it again? Funkify your life by hitting the “play” button or downloading the podcast.

Thanks as always to everyone who came out! More pictures here.

funk for the masses | 13 Aug 2007: podcast.


Set list:

Nortec Collective: Funky Tamazula
The J.B.’s: Givin’ Up Food For Funk (Part 1)
Royal Rock: Can’t Fade The Funk
Kool & the Gang: Funky Stuff
MC Solaar: Funky Dreamer
Cameo: Funk Funk
The Meters: Funkify Your Life
Brand New Heavies: Put the Funk Back In It
Dayton Sidewinders: Funky in Here
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult: Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
James Brown: Funky Side of Town
Calypso King & The Soul Investigators: Gator Funk Pt. 1
Tower Of Power: You Got To Funkifize
Parliament: Give Up The Funk
Arthur Conley: Funky Street
James Brown: Every Beat of my Heart


What’s in your name?

Hullo everybody! How’s your downtime going? Yeah, that’s about how I thought. I was thinking though, about you and about me and about who we are in here and why we present ourselves just in the way that we do.

See, my close friend just stuck his big toe into the virtual universe and he simply agonized over creating his SL name (and came up with a great one too). I can see stressing over it, though. When you meet somebody new in here, the name the first clue as to who they might be. Because they chose it themselves, it says something.

So what I want to know is why, given not infinite but a wide choice of moniker, did you choose what you chose? Do you still like it?


Okay, I’ll go first.

Myg·da·la: MIG-duh-luh is how you say it.

But most who know me call me Myg. Or Mygs if you want to be cuddly about it, which is a-ok with me.

In and of itself, Mygdala doesn’t mean anything. Most of you have never heard of anyone with this name, and this indeed is something I like about it.

I chose it when I was immersed in learning about the neurobiology of traumatic experience. The Amygdala is a little almond shaped critter that sort of acts like the brain’s alarm system and sparks off things like elevated heart rate in response to perceived threat.

Lots of you don’t know it yet, but I’m a musician to boot. A singer, guitarist, lyricist. I think because of this, I am in *love* with the sounds of words. And I love the sound of the word Amygdala. I understand this is strange, but it is true.

a·myg·da·la audio (-mgd-l) KEY

So originally I was going to name myself Amygdala. Then it came time to look for last names. On the LL list was March, which I naturally chose because it’s the month of my driver’s birth. That would have made me:

Amygdala March.

But it didn’t sing, you know? Too many syllables, the stress in the wrong place. I need flow in a name. So played around with it a little. I lopped the A off, and became:

Mygdala March.

Now to me, that rings. Saying it is like a dance for my tongue.

But what happened of course is that nobody wants to type Mygdala – I don’t even want to type it. So it evolved to Myg over time. And the name is so *me* now it’s not even funny. So that’s the story. I am sticking by it.

But enough about me.

If you’re game, please comment or post with a track back here so we can find out what’s in your name.

I must admit that those of you who have the least “normal” sounding names I’m most intrigued by: Codebastard Redgrave, JellyBean Madison, Wrath Paine, Sable Slade, Hawksrock Gunawan, Tateru Nino, Desertwolf Longstaff, Dinee Ghia, and of course, Vint Falken (who many people assume is male when just seeing the name-why is that?).

But I also want to hear how Zoe Connolly, Tiana Meriman, Timothy Lilliehook and gosh, all of my friends, bloggers or not, picked their names. Because I’m all curious about the human experience like that.

If I forgot to name you here, please remember that I am an ass.

Participation in this social networking event is all voluntary, of course…




Retox: Met a Stranger 2.14

I was laid up in that crusty stankhole of a hospital for a couple of days at least before I was able to even sit up in bed. I was so weak I could hardly scratch my neck.

I practiced lifting my eyelids for a few seconds, just to check if I could still do it. Every time I woke up he was there.


Nobody was allowed in to see me and Dr. Altamura made sure that nobody did. It was the first time in a long time I felt at all safe.

Of course, it was a drag that Alex and Sable couldn’t get in–I know Alex was pretty upset. So upset in fact he decided it was finally time to move in together. I didn’t know how to tell him I wasn’t sure I’d ever be moving out of the hospital.

I’d been corrupted, Altamura thought, in the attack by the digital ghosts. He just didn’t know if I could be repaired. And I felt so exhausted I almost didn’t have the energy to care.


“Dr. Altamura, what do you think happens when we die?” I asked him one night. I wondered if it hurt. I wondered if I’d miss myself after I was gone, or if there’d be any trace or imprint of me anywhere on the grid. He didn’t want to talk philosophyction though. Just facts.

“Can you tell me exactly what happened to you that night Miss March?” I hated when he called me that.

“Not exactly. I can’t remember too much of anything right now doc.”

“I know it’s hard – it’s part of the syndrome. But try. It’s important.”

I thought for a minute, then was flooded with pain. “I got off the subway and was being attacked, but I couldn’t see anything.” I winced with the memory of being blindsided. I could feel the assault all over again.

“Did you hear anything?”

“Wind,” I said. “But it didn’t sound much like normal wind. It sounded like funny words.”

“Words? What words?” he scribbled on his pad. I tried to remember. Then it began to come back to me. The book – the words – the attack.

“Um, something, sanatorium, daemonicious, something, vertegratis? I could see them when the nekos came.”


“Yeah, the nekos. They scared them off. Were those ghosts some kind of memory fragment?”

“The words – did they mean anything to you?” He seemed real interested now.

“Well sort of…” I thought of the book – the book I’d probably never find now. The title had been on that paper the nekos snagged from me. I’d been warned not to tell anyone about it, but he was my doctor. Surely he had to keep things in confidence? I hesitated.

“Do you want to live Mygdala?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Then you’ve got to let me help you.”


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(n)eXt podcast from 8/13/07

dinee and Veyron

dinee and Veyron are making the mothership connection during Esteban’s set last night, and I’m either shakin’ it or scratchin’ it there in the left background.

Here’s last night’s set, without the skipping and dropouts that were provided courtesy of some evil harddrive/network confluencies. Click the arrow to stream or right click and “save link as” to download:

(n)eXt podcast from 13 August 2007

Trans Am – First Words (4:14)
Bloc Party – Waiting for the 7.18 (4:15)
Raising the Fawn – Gwendolyn (4:28)
Goodbooks – Alice (3:38)
The Mary Timony Band – Sharpshooter (3:00)
White Rabbits – The Plot (3:31)
The Enemy – Had Enough (2:40)
Tokyo Police Club – Cut Cut Paste (1:46)
Pinback – From Nothing to Nowhere (3:27)
Stars – Bitches in Tokyo (2:50)
Art Brut – Nag Nag Nag Nag (3:03)
Revolution Mother – Come On (2:10)
Idiot Pilot – Elephant (3:45)
Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker (2:52)
God Love You For a Liar – The Guest (4:30)
Okkervil River – No Key No Plan (3:00)
The National – Apartment Story (3:34)
The Real Tuesday Weld – Last Words (4:54)

And some good photos of the action from Esteban’s Flickr stream.

Discussion and links–including new purchase and download options–after the jump.

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