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Do the Funky Clockwork

You don’t know how right you are. We need prevention not treatment. The supermarket shelves are empty. A crow picks at dead flesh. The sun comes up once an hour. The living seem dead and the dead living.

What is clockwork? “a mechanical device whose functioning relies on internal clockwork, especially where muscular effort is the sole source of operating power.” Translation: shake your booty tonight at Clockwork and feel the motion spin the universe back into its endless joy. You are the primum mobile, the source of all power. Suddenly, the flowers bloom. Suddenly, the sky is bright again with stars. Suddenly, the dead return to their graves and the living spring to life. Where the supermarket once spread its concrete apron now a forest grows, thick with hungry beasts.

Doors open at 6 and close at 9 SLT.

You missed the podcasts?

Popcorn for JellyBean | 1 October 2007: or download it!

Funk for the Masses | 24 September 2007: or download it!

Funk for the Masses | 27 August 2007: or download it!

Set lists after the break.

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Eat the worm in the apple


It adds protein, that’s why.

Get some fun Halloween freebies from Schadenfreude, (SLURL Fixed!) including a pumpkin that gives out free treats (see wormy apple in picture below…).


And while you’re at it, pick up some finishing touches for that special All Hallowed Eve’s ball, like an arachnoid tiara (which is what I bought.)


Old friends new times


Well I thought I’d never see the day – not again – where my two old pals Romana Wei and Johnny Skosh would be in the same sim at the same time. But here’s proof. Romana is one of the original founders of the Topgol Philadelphia community and Johnny is one of the original Section 8 tenants. In January 2007 when I wandered into Topgol, Johnny was the first person I met. He looked like Robert Smith so I rented the place next door. That started our Topgol experience way in the back when.

Things changed – they always do in SL.  Romana started spending less and less time online. Johnny started spending more time online. He actually built his own empire and created the very swank up and coming Dead City (an undead themed retail and general hang-out sim).


There’s some fucking comment I wanted to make here about how time passes in SL and what that means to friendship or some shit like that, but I’m spent because I was sucked into SL until 3:45am and then woken up by my adorable labrador retriever at 8am for a rousing game of tug the slipper.

I was somewhat inspired to post today by the news that a good SL friend of mine had suddenly decided to log off indefinitely, saying something to the effect (I didn’t talk to her) that she had put too much of herself into SL and her RL was suffering, her friends were bitching that she’d changed. And I know exactly how that feels, to be honest.  It’s a bit tricky to draw the line between the two worlds sometimes as the Second has it’s very own reality. It’s literally like balancing two lives sometimes.

So to my friend – be well and enjoy the fresh autumn breezes. Take long walks and drink steaming mugs of whatever.  Know that you’ll be missed but that even so, you’re understood.


It’s Halloween. Well, it will be. So buy pumpkins!

Green hair and pumpkin wear

Get thee wretched self to Sanctum Sanctorum and buy yourself some nice pumpkins. They are putting me in a right spooky mood and craving some grilled pumpkin seeds, oh indeed.

Then, get thee out to ye olde favorite retailers while you’re at it, buy hairs, boots, shoes, and clothes too.

Anyway, this is how I blew off steam tonight. Oh lord, the right clicking gremlins had at my poor hands tied, and the retailers all rejoiced as I made my homecoming.

Ode to the great pumpkin

And I feel fine.


The anti Monday jam

Maybe you all thought I stuffed DJ keTchUp in a paper bag and shoved him under the bed – but you were wrong. He’s in grad skool, so the semester started and he disappeared back into geek world. But I hear the mighty Esteban is dragging his ass out tonight for a special anti-Monday spot – a three hour tour of all songs of the city.


What the fuck does that mean, you ask? Why it’s a good question, I feel. I don’t rightly know the answer, but I do know that Burgess and Moody have been compiling all songs relating however marginally to urbanity all day so they can play you three hours of it.

I’ll be there. I hope you will be too.

The place: Clockwork – Mainline Philadelphia, Topgol [SLRUL]
The time: 6-9pm SL Time

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I don’t smoke. But if I did, I would right now.

People, the man is having his way with me.

I don't smoke. Much.

It’s all about income. And having one. And this, my dears, is why you’ve not seen me on the grid.

I’d greatly underestimated just how damned busy I’d be this fall with these trifling bits of reality. But for fuck’s sake, someone has got to pay the tier fees around here. And Burgess, he’s down for the count too – same thing, different reasons.

Don’t worry – eventually it’s going to shake out in our favor. You’ll see.

And oh! PS! I got picked as a finalist for the New World Notes 2007 Uncanny Expo! Voting for the winner begins next week, so be prepared to get hit up – HARD.


Hot Butter

Hey JellyBean: don’t miss the popcorn tonight!

Clockwork is open from 6-9; the funky popcorn starts at 8!


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