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Winter in Topgol

Ice-skating in Topgol Park.


From time to time I remember. Back when we were human, we lived on Earth. That’s really what we called it. Why not just call it “Dirt”? All our energy came from a star. Most of us lived in Asia. After my mother died, my father took me to live in Kuala Lumpur, where for a while he fell in love with a translator. She was a Buddhist, her parents Chinese. In an effort to bond with me, she took me to the Tambun Caves, but I was a child, too young to appreciate some scratching on a wall. Could you go back in time? How would you fight the dinosaurs? I wanted to go back to Dublin for Christmas and eat chocolates. Are these memories mine? We’re not as distinct as we used to be, are we? Maybe it was me scratching on that wall? My hands were hairy. I made a tapir. Was I the translator? My Teochew is rusty, but at least I could ask Grandmother how her day was. I fell in love with an Irishman, but he saw his dead wife’s eyes in the glance of his odd son. A Spanish name. He looked like a little girl and was sadly wise beyond his years. If I make a tapir, the tapir-spirit takes me and I can hide among the rocks.

Funk for the Masses tonight and every Monday night from 8-9 SLT at Clockwork!

Last week’s set was choice:

funk for the masses | 5 November 2007: Right click here to download the podcast.

Set list:

Black Heat: Chip’s Funk
M. Ali & J. Tucker: Champs Jerk
Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour
De La Soul: Me Myself And I
Digital Underground: No Nose Job
Prince: Gett Off
The Ramrods: Soultrain
Bull & The Matadors: The Funky Judge
Hunt’s Determination: Rollerskate
Ming + FS: Hijack the Disco
Tosca: Worksong
The Groove Merchants: There´s Got To Be Someone For Me
Hank Ballard: How You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven’t Cut Your Process Yet)
A.D.C. Band: Long Stroke
The Poets of Rhythm: Survival of the Freshest
Eddy Senay: Ain’t No Sunshine (instrumental)
Nina Simone: I Want A Little In My Bowl


News Roundup

From time to time, I like to give you a “best of the net” — you know, a little collection of links and news items that you may have missed. No I don’t. Most of these links are as old as fuck-all, but with Burgess such a staunch supporter of the writers’ strike, what’s a hermaphrodite to do?

1. Get your brain-computer interface yet? Good if you lost your wii.

2. Got a griefer? Sue them! More here.

3. Remember those Brazilians? Well, don’t turn off SL in their name yet, ’cause at 350 Lindens a day, they may want to emigrate. “In somewhere like Thailand or Brazil, it may be a compelling reason to spend time in-world.

4. A haven for adulterers , terrorists, racists, and pedophiles? What are we — the Republican Party?

5. I liked these portraits of avatars and their meatselves:

6. The latest research from the University of the Obvious. More here. (“Further thought suggests that virtual economies may be anything but normal.”)

7. …and the prize for best description of SL in a news publication goes to the Daily Princetonian:

The meeting then turned to the University’s official presentation of its Second Life program, a 3D virtual world where everyone can fly or take off all their clothes, and where most men are well over eight feet tall.

8. Not about Second Life at all.


Bunch o’ nothin in Topgol

 *I* wanted to think he was looking at my rack, honestly, but no.


He was fixing the rental box on Asifa’s old loft.

That’s how it is when you’ve been together awhile, I guess.

We’re away for the weekend, so see you all for anti-Monday!


Wednesdays are back!

He started as a rogue commenter here at M is for Myg. Then he turned up at Clockwork. Then he turned out to have some pretty kick ass music taste. He is, the one, the only…


Stop! In the name of Garrett Larkham!

Wednesday nights at Clockwork are officially back on, folks, thanks to Garrett.  The man gave us a thrill on the dance floor with everything from the Kinks to Gloria Gaynor to Thievery Corporation, yet all sounding like it belonged in the same night. Now that’s talent.

It takes something to become a Clockwork DJ. (No, not that – I’m the only one on the DJ roster who actually slept with Burgess, that I currently know of anyway. ) It takes an enormous mp3 collection and meticulous music taste. And to not be a dick. Well, not unless you can do it and be very, very funny at the same time.

Garrett fits the bill on all counts, so watch here for his schedule and keep your Wednesdays open!


I miss him

I see him, yeah. In the flesh even.


But it’s high November now and I still miss him. And I miss him posting here at M is for Myg.

The illustrious Professor Burgess popped into the anti-Monday jam last night, which kicked some serious tail folks. I have no idea who all those transgressors were, but they sure know how to dance. Lots of new folks, a la Esteban, in our little hole in the town last night and that was a nice surprise.

Burgess did show at around 8:30 SLT and even played a mini-set after Esteban stopped. I miss him even still because we’re both working our arses to the bone these days and our play time is usually constrained to the vital act of entertaining our 7 month old lab puppy. Good boy. Down boy.

Ask yourself now, have you ever wondered what the real Alexander Burgess might be like? Well, look no further than the latest JH Report, coming at you from the hotbed of Verbal Stew. Burgess makes an appearance (in both avatar and voice) discussing his thoughts about the sorry state of education and revealing some startling insights about his teaching style. In case you’re interested, Burgess is slated to teach a Creative Writing class at KSU later in the term. But this is no role play, folks. The man really is a Creative Writing instructor, so if you dare to venture into his class, be prepared to actually write something.

In any case, it’d be swell to get him to write something for us here at M is for Myg again someday (wouldn’t it, Esteban?) If you feel the same, don’t be shy. Leave him a “Hey motherfucker” comment, right here. I’ll be sure he reads it.


Monday will come.

There’s been a lot of shit going down in Second Life these days. People gone nutty. People just, fucking, gone. My dear friend Lisa Takao, for one – our very own M is for Myg staffer. She’s gone. Like gone, gone, gone. We knew she had to take off for awhile for work related reasons, but we thought she’d come back. She didn’t. And well, all we can say is we miss you and we sure as hell hope wherever you are, you’re okay.

Then Johnny Skosh, just this week, tore the fucking whole of Dead City right out of the god damned air in Deadwood. Not two weeks, I think, after we posted here how grand it was. Grand infuckingdeed. Dude just split, kicked all the tenants out, said sayonara assholes, in not so many words. “Dead City is going down with me.” Or some shit to that effect. Now it seems he’s gone too.

But fret not, M is for Myg fans. While maybe we can’t count on avatar stability, we can always count on Monday. Well maybe not always, but we can count on this Monday anyway. Alex will be at some “gradual skool” meeting, but having had the taste for attention and the flair for headphones, yours truly will come partner with Esteban Moody to bring you your dose of the anti-Monday jam.

This photo is by Gigmonger, a great SL photographer, my new friend and one of our Dead City tenants who recently got bum blasted by the recent Johnny Skosh flake out. It’s here because I’m wearing headphones. And because I’ve been slack in the picture taking department lately.

So got it? If you want it, come get it tomorrow night.

Me, starring as the DJ in the gripping set, “Shit I Like,” a sonic pallette selected for the guitar dork.
Catch it Monday, 11/5/07 at 7pm SLT.

Then come for Esteban’s funky stuff, immediately after, 8pm SLT-9pm SLT.

You know where, right? Clockwork, Mainline, Topgol 225, 143, 54



I was talking to dandellion about economics. Money is another one of those things, like a smell, right? What is it again? Something that’s worth nothing that we all pretend is worth everything? Oh come on now! Digits speeding through a wire? Don’t stop believing! Remember that nightmare? A mountain falls into a hole. Sweet Jesus, why am I naked? This wasn’t here an hour ago!

That can’t be right. You need an alchemist to explain the transformations. A hundred bodies turn into Christmas ornaments. The ugly become beautiful, and the beautiful grotesque. I become a tree. A tree becomes a log. The log is shredded into bits. The pulp flows out like cream. I’m shipped in rolls, cut and bound. I look up at you from the best-seller table.

Everywhere, we’re turned into money, our thoughts slotting like coins into parking meters. Don’t confuse desire with demand. God damn the Lindens. Everyone else does the work — and then you tax them for it! Who built this house? Who lives here? ‘Tis “an enchanted, perverted, topsy-turvy world.”

Everyone knows that the opposite of money is art. Take it apart. It’s worth nothing if it’s free. I want nothing in return. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

funk for the masses | 29 October 2007: play or right click here to download the podcast.

Set list:

The Pimps Of Joytime: PJT’s High Steppin
Earth’s Delight: Junkie’s Hustle
Earth, Wind & Fire: Mighty Mighty
Lil’ Lavair & The Fabulous Jades: Cold Heat
Stevie Wonder: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing
The Isley Brothers: I Turned You On
Black Street feat. Dr. Dre: No Diggity
Big Audio Dynamite: Rush
Basement Jaxx: Do Your Thing
Bastian: Sturdy
Simian Mobile Disco: Hustler
CSS: Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex
David Bowie: Fame
Average White Band: Person to Person
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Nobody’s Baby
Cheryl Barnes: Easy to Be Hard


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