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The recap:

[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: ok, doll
[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: take a breather from dancing for just a sec
[20:27]  You: k
[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: and click on that poseball by your present
[20:27]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:27]  JellyBean Madison: *smiles* yay
[20:28]  Romana Wei: awww
[20:28]  You: oh no way
[20:28]  Sable Slade: omg
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess gave you RH Engel-Fantasia Engagement Ring-White Gold.
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: Merry Christmas, Myg
[20:28]  Orchid Zenovka: omg
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: I love you
[20:28]  JellyBean Madison: Awwww
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: take that spliff out of your mouth
[20:28]  You: ….can’t type….hold on
[20:28]  Romana Wei: haha
[20:29]  Alexander Burgess: because you look so hot in that outfit
[20:29]  Alexander Burgess: especially the socks
[20:29]  You: bling fucking on baby
[20:30]  Moody Morrisey: yeah baby!
[20:30]  Alexander Burgess: is that a yes?
[20:30]  You: is it really a question?
[20:30]  Alexander Burgess: well, in a sense
[20:30]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:31]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:32]  JellyBean Madison: i always cryy at weddings
[20:32]  Moody Morrisey: awwwww
[20:32]  You: hahahaha sorry we were afk
[20:32]  Alexander Burgess: lol sorry just a moment here on this end
[20:32]  JellyBean Madison: lol
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: <==big dope
[20:33]  JellyBean Madison: we figured
[20:33]  Sable Slade: haha
[20:33]  Romana Wei: absolutely not…we want your full attention in SL now!
[20:33]  Benjamin Bigdipper: that was quick though… 😉
[20:33]  Moody Morrisey: you goofballs we love you!
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: shup Ben
[20:33]  Topgol: purr…
[20:33]  Orchid Zenovka: :)
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: it was one kiss
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: you hold your breath for 5 mins
[20:33]  Moody Morrisey: funky en espanol!
[20:34]  Scope Cleaver is Offline
[20:35]  You: No you CANNOT stand up
[20:35]  Alexander Burgess: my knee is killing me
[20:35]  You: stay right there!
[20:35]  Moody Morrisey: lol
[20:35]  Orchid Zenovka: lol
[20:35]  You: This is a once in a Slifetime moment!
[20:35]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:35]  Orchid Zenovka: hahaha
[20:36]  Moody Morrisey: take pictures!
[20:36]  You: I can’t believe you proposed to me in this dumb little hat!
[20:36]  Alexander Burgess: heheh
[20:36]  You: you are awesome
[20:36]  Alexander Burgess: that’ll teach you to dress 😛
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: ty ty for doing this before i went to work lol
[20:37]  You: aww ty for being here
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: but now i gotta jet for figgy puddin
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: *mwuah* kisses & merry christmas all
[20:37]  You: You all have no idea how much I love this guy
[20:37]  You: well maybe you do
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: Awww yay
[20:37]  Moody Morrisey: bye jelly baby!
[20:37]  You: merry Xmas Jell
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison is Offline
[20:37]  You: have a good one!
[20:37]  Romana Wei: bye Jellybean
[20:39]  You: Romana will you marry us?
[20:39]  You: As mayor of Topgol?
[20:40]  Moody Morrisey: a thrresome. of course she will!
[20:40]  Romana Wei: damn Topgol
[20:40]  Romana Wei: damn lag
[20:40]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:40]  Alexander Burgess: my ao is busted
[20:40]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:40]  Romana Wei: yes!!!
[20:40]  Moody Morrisey: oh “marry you” in *that* sense
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: nice one Moody
[20:41]  Moody Morrisey: thx
[20:41]  You: hahaha
[20:41]  Sable Slade: i was thinking the same thing Moody
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: you should check out the bread-meat-bread danceballs in the corner
[20:41]  You: we’ll all change our last name to Morrisey!
[20:41]  You: and we’ll all be married!
[20:41]  Romana Wei: that’s not allowed here Moody, this is Topgol, not godless Massachusetts!
[20:41]  Topgol: purr…
[20:41]  Moody Morrisey: MEAT IS MURDER
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: Moody <3’s teh smiths
[20:42]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:42]  Moody Morrisey: BTW, how soon is now?
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: hang the dj
[20:42]  Romana Wei: you want to be married right now?
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: noooo
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: that’s a party deseving planning
[20:43]  Romana Wei: ok good…cause i’m stoned!
[20:43]  You: no we need to plan a hyoooge fucking event
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:43]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:43]  Moody Morrisey: Hot Garbage!
[20:43]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:43]  Romana Wei: did I tell you I performed a wedding in RL?
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: ymmy!
[20:45]  You: wow!
[20:45]  Moody Morrisey: Hot Garbage!
[20:45]  Moody Morrisey: Everybody say it. Hot Garbage!
[20:45]  Sable Slade shouts: Hot Garbage!
[20:46]  Alexander Burgess shouts: Hot Garbage!
[20:46]  Moody Morrisey: that’s right
[20:46]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:46]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:46]  Romana Wei gave you Alex on Knees.
[20:47]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:47]  Topgol: purr…
[20:47]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:47]  Sable Slade: brb
[20:47]  You: ty Ro!
[20:47]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:47]  Romana Wei: your welcome!
[20:48]  Romana Wei: you’re
[20:48]  Romana Wei: *
[20:48]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:48]  Moody Morrisey: Clockwork is a good grammar zone
[20:48]  Slowdance v6 whispers: synchronising
[20:48]  Slowdance v6 whispers: synchronising
[20:48]  Romana Wei: absolutely!
[20:48]  Moody Morrisey: awww look at ’em dancin
[20:48]  Romana Wei: Mr. Wendel is the subject of sentence, and what the predicate says, he does!
[20:48]  Alexander Burgess: uh oh, Myg’s against that
[20:49]  Alexander Burgess: lol Romana!
[20:49]  Alexander Burgess: nice one.
[20:49]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:49]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:50]  Scope Cleaver is Online
[20:50]  You: Can I get a w00t over here?
[20:50]  Romana Wei: Woot!
[20:51]  Alexander Burgess: w00tt00w!!
[20:51]  Moody Morrisey: w00t! w00t!
[20:51]  Benjamin Bigdipper: /woot
[20:51]  You: w00t!

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20 Comments so far

  1. October Hush December 26th, 2007 2:43 am

    Awww! Congratulations, you guys! I wish I were there for that. =\ Ah well…

  2. cranach forder December 26th, 2007 6:33 am

    Myg and Burgess
    Oh! I missed out at the happy moment, too:))

  3. Vanny December 26th, 2007 8:12 am

    /wOOt @ you two! :) *hugs*

  4. lexi December 26th, 2007 9:45 am

    *w00t*!!! Congrats you two!!

  5. Vint Falken December 26th, 2007 9:58 am

    Ohhh! *blinks a tear* I must admit, seeing that picture, I automatically assumed a Myg-style SL marriage would follow, so I’m a tiny little bit disappointed. (and still very curious about how a Myg-style sl marriage would look.)

    But it’s awesome! And don’t ever dare to change your last name permanently to ‘Morrisey’! Mygdala March sounds just to well!

  6. Ryker Beck December 26th, 2007 10:05 am

    “Bling fucking on, baby” LOL!!!! Oh my god. This is too cute. Congratulations, Myg. I’m so happy for you! :)

  7. Garrett Larkham December 26th, 2007 12:48 pm

    Wow! Congrats Myg and Alex!! You kids are awesome!

    See what happens when I take some time off? Seriously coo stuff happens!
    /me makes note NOT to take ANY time off SL again.

    I’m happy for you guys :)

  8. Sophrosyne Stenvaag December 26th, 2007 1:37 pm


    Congrats to two fantastic people!!

    When’s the party?!

  9. Seraphine December 26th, 2007 1:50 pm

    Heyyy that’s awesome!
    Congrats and best wishes.
    Cute cute, both of you.

  10. Sable December 26th, 2007 5:26 pm

    Congratulations Myg and Alex! I’m so happy for both of you.

  11. Chloe Streeter December 26th, 2007 5:33 pm

    Awesome! Congrats, you two!

    Now I wish I had planned and set things up instead of making ours a spur-of-the-moment thing . . .

  12. Wrath December 26th, 2007 7:14 pm

    f00kin’ w00t and stuff!

    Oh crap, I’m losing my wingman!

  13. dinee Ghia December 26th, 2007 8:16 pm


    Grats you two.. couldn’t happen to a better couple!

  14. myg December 27th, 2007 12:19 am

    ty all! let us know if you find a sim with an American Legion hall and dance balls that have the chicken dance pre-loaded…

  15. Anonymous December 28th, 2007 12:47 pm

    Don’t forget the fuzzy naval fountain.

  16. Axiom Nakamura December 29th, 2007 1:04 am

    Omg! YAY! Congratulations you two! =3 I squee’d ^-^

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  18. Gala Alva January 3rd, 2008 1:04 pm

    haha i laughed and aww’d and said ” don’t dooo it ” ~ but no really guys and guy’ettes i am so happy for you two. of course i expect an invite to the party, so i can show off my clog dancing skills 😉

    gala hearts myg and alex and romana

    ps: ” this is Topgol, not godless Massachusetts! ” = MUAHAHAHAHA

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  20. Timothy Lilliehook February 6th, 2008 8:35 am

    OMG, how the hell did I miss this post up to now? I feel like I’m missing all the important things recently …



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