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Alex and Myg turn 1!

Do you remember when?

Last December when a colleague said to me, “Have you ever heard of Second Life?” and described it, I couldn’t begin to imagine what the hell she was talking about, but I knew I wanted to find out. My first night in I managed to don a pair of wings and head into a night club in some free library clothes and some spiky defaultish hair. It wasn’t all that long before the potential of this world became mindblowing. I was hooked.


Do you remember your first night logging in, “What the hell is this about?” Utterly befuddled trying to walk, fly, change clothes. You don’t even know how plastic you are yet. But even early on, when you have no idea what this life is going to be, something keeps you coming back. What is it?


It didn’t take long for me to become completely and utterly immersed in this world. That was not always a good thing.


But it was certainly a learning experience. Oh sure, we found my share of trouble over the past year.


Times haven’t always been easy.

small crimes

And we’ve had our battles. Remember the campers and the casino? I guess Linden liberated them before CLAM was ever able to really get off the ground.

Pissed at campers in Topgol

And the stories! Ah, the stories we could tell. And tell them we did!

Met a Stranger Box Set Cover

Even though sometimes the price was a little embarrassment…

Inquisitor June 1, 2007

All in all, I’d have to say the last year of our lives has certainly been an interesting one. We’ve met a lot of new people we’ve never met, became landlords, started a night club, ran a graphic blog serial like it was a living comic, bought 1/4 of a sim’s worth of property and with Sable and Romana built it into a thriving little community. And I personally have contributed a hell of a lot to the SL economy, in particular the fashion sector. All the designers should be sending me Rez Day gifts, I think, in recognition of all those little “Mygdala March” notations in their transactions histories! Ah, no matter, I’ll be back as soon as I clean out my closet. (Oh, and my inventory in the last month has reached over 10,000 items. 10,000! Who knew a number could be so high?)

Things are a lot different now, sure. In Second Life, they will always be different. It’s kinda like accelerated life in some ways.

Alex and Myg on Alex's Rez Day

So what will the next year bring? I think our club Clockwork will continue to grow and attract the music obsessed. I’ve become quite taken with building houses and furniture now. Sable and I are the architects for our new business Mainline Home – which we’ll be launching pretty soon (if you’ve all seen the beach house post, that’s one of my builds, and if you spend anytime at all in Topgol, you can see numerous builds by the ever talented Sable Slade.)

Know what’s funny? One thing that hasn’t changed much are my friends. I’ve added some but by and large, I am still friends with most of the folks I met nearly a year ago. It just dawned on me the other day that these folks, who I originally conceived of as casual acquaintances, have become a regular presence in my life. People Alex and I actually might mention over dinner or wish we could invite to our New Year’s party – people we’ve never met, whose real names we may not ever know, whom we’ve come to truly think of as friends.

Someday Imma have to write it all down and think about what it means.

But for right now I just want to say Happy Rez Day to Us! Thanks to all of you who have made the last year so god damned interesting – I mean it – and no small amounts of entertaining. Big fat kisses and animated hugs to all!


Special “Women who Kick ASS!” dj rELiSh set tonight!

It’s me, Myg, filling in for Garrett tonight at Clockwork!

Tonight my set is all about WOMEN WHO KICK ASS and features some of my favorite female musicians from the 80s, 90s, and 0os!

You’ll hear amazing shit by the Cocteau Twins, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Metric, Kate Bush, Curve, 3 to 6 inches, Bowery Electric, Frou Frou, Sonic Youth, Garbage and more, more, more! And, even a few dudes!

I specially dedicate this set to all of the amazing women I’ve met in Second Life, with an extra special nod to JellyBean Madison, Sable Slade, Romana Wei, Lisa Takao and Vanny Richez.


Included with this package:

1.5 hours of music I like, largely by women who kick ass

@ Clockwork, the club! in Topgol http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/227/140/55/

From 7-8:30ish SLT

Oh I hope you can come!

And one last thing. I especially specially dedicate the set to Alexander Burgess, who may or may not be able to come tonight. He knows why.


Holiday Mygme


Rosie tagged meh! So here, for those of you who are wondering:

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper?

I shop on 12/23, never before, and I buy everything from 1 or 2 local merchants (no fucking malls! Kill me first!)

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)?

Ren and Stimpy

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects?

Probably about a 6 if I actually do them. I’m definitely at a 1 for “getting around to it,” meaning, I’ve lived in my RL house for four years and there are still no doors on any rooms upstairs. My SL experience has taught me that doors are a waste anyway (if you have no kids!).

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Skinny skiing and drunken gift wrapping

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it?

Up against a wall, hard with lots of tongue, special delivery from Burgess. (You asked…)

Bonus (as in optional):What is the best holiday gift you have ever gotten? Best you’ve given?

See #5. “Extra special delivery” from Burgess.

May all your Christmasses, Hannukahs, Kuwanzases and New Yearses be memeorable :-)

(And nope, no tagging again!)

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Early Xmas Present from Alex

Well, I built the house but Alex bought me the beachfront. We got it, a nice little spot on the cove in a Clockwork sim. Stay tuned for the housewarming!



8 random SL Bloggers, recap by Myg

You know, I had no idea the whole blogging meme thing garnered such mixed opinions! I mean, heck, give me any opportunity to spew random crap about myself and I’m usually all for it. But that’s me, and this is my blog.

See, I rather enjoyed what the SL blogosphere put out there on this one. Some of the random facts really made me giggle, so I had to do a highlights version for posterity’s sake. So here they are – 8 of my favorite random facts about SL Bloggers. (In no particular order…)

Hawksrock! Hawksrock Gunawan: 2) My dad put me to work summers in a beef packing plant to make me value my education, where I was the only one on my line that spoke English. There were three guys speaking Spanish and 2 speaking Vietnamese. It was still interesting to see how well you can relate and communicate when you have to via hand signals and loud grunts. Another interesting job I had was “shagging” trailers at a friend of my fathers trucking company when I was only 16. Nothing like getting your license and then moving several ton 18-wheelers around in the summer. (Did Hawks just disclose he was both a beef packer and a truck shagger? Was Jelly aware of this?)

CodeBastard Redgrave: 5. I like pr0n. Yes, I do. Especially old Danish or German porn from the 80’s, like Color Climax and so on. Those people knew how to make porn. It looked amateur, and it was pretty kinky.

Dilligafah Hoodoo: 6) I will try to cook anything on a BBQ, so far I’ve learned that eggs, rice, beans, and pancake batter don’t really work unless you have a pot.

Rosie Shark: 1. I am fundamentally suspicious of Tom Hanks. Anyone this squeaky clean is bound to have skeletons in their closet. And, no, I didn’t like Forest Gump either.

Elusyve! Elusyve Jewell: 1) I can fall asleep anywhere, at anytime.. I am not narcoleptic, it is just a talent I have, that many are jealous of, just as they are of my other talent of swallowing square caramels whole!

Orchid from MeanGirls:  (4) Apple juice makes me poop. A lot. I know its gross, but your average normal person should be able to drink a glass of apple juice without running to the bathroom an hour later! I am not average and can NOT drink much apple juice. Anything more than ohh .. a glass that you’d drink a cocktail out of is TOO much. I used to think it was an allergy, but I can eat apples! I don’t know anymore .. I just avoid apple juice for the most part.


JellyBean: Fact 3: I enjoy Pickle sammiches. It’s just pickles + mayo on wheat bread. I love it most when the pickle juice makes my mayo milky. 😀

October Hush: 8. Eight…eight…I forget what eight was for.


8 Stunning, Shining Facts about Us

Burgess and Myggles 

Between Hawks and dinee, we done been tagged and bagged. But since Burgess is wrapping up a crazy semester, we decided to  answer as a unit.  Here goes.

1. We rarely discuss our SLives with our friends who aren’t in Second Life. That’s because by and large they Just. Don’t. Get it.  We’ve tried to pass along our enthusiasm, the vast potential of the metaverse, the tales of the great people we’ve met and the fun and creative things we’ve done (Clockwork, DJing, Met a Stranger, blogging, etc.) yet they still look at us with the vague disinterest one might show their tax advisor whenever we bring it up. So fuck’em. Hell, I’ve even tried talking to my teenage clients about it (bonus random fact about Myg – I work with adolescents)  and you’d THINK the young’uns would jump all over it, but truth is most of them don’t have machines that can handle SL well enough. I think the technology jump is still a big barrier for a lot of folks, but then we’ll leave analysis to another post.

2. Our dog Mason sleeps in bed with us every night. He’s an 8 month old black lab (8 months old today – Happy 8 month Birthday you sweetie muppeh puppeh!) Yes, I project tremendous child rearing fantasies onto Mason and I’m fully aware of that, like thinking he will somehow read that last line later tonight when I go home and he’s resting his head in my lap, trying to lick the laptop keyboard to score some burrito crumbs (bonus random Mygfact #2 – I eat in front of the laptop, all the time. I don’t recommend it, nor does Apple.)

3. We need a bigger bed. (Please refer to Stunning Fact #2, above).

4. We were brought together by rock. My then-boyfriend was the singer in Alex’s post-punk noise band and I used to go and hang out during rehearsals, quite jealous I couldn’t be in the band. My then-bf quit the band, and I replaced him as the singer. Alex was the guitarist. Later I learned to play guitar and the two of us went on to be in a total of three different bands together, the last one being by far the best. That band did release some stuff and did some modest regional touring and if we were to let you know the name, you could in fact google it and find out our real identities. We still write, record and release music with that band, albeit very sporadically.

5. In the past we’ve both worked for high-ranking politicians and then left politics, likely forever. Working in politics, for me, was so fucked up that I don’t even want to say more about it right now.

6. We are both in the middle of writing novels. (And for those of you wondering wth happened to Met a Stranger, I’m really really sorry! It had to get pushed aside for my latest endeavor for a little while. I am determined to return to it someday because it was the best thing I ever did with my SL time, but it is amazingly time-intensive, so I need to do it when I can fully commit to it again…)

7. We are both American Sailing Association certified sailors and as such can charter yachts up to 50 feet. Of course, we can’t actually afford to charter any yachts right now, nor anytime in the immediate future. Anybody who wants to pay to charter a  yacht in the Virgin Islands this winter and to fly us there, we’ll be happy to sail it for you.

8. We throw a great New Year’s party nearly every year, complete with dancing, pigs in blankets, disco ball, hats and noisemakers, pj’d sleepovers and waffles in the morning, with monopoly playing extending well into New Year’s Day. We were trying to see if there was a way to stream our party into SL this year, so if anyone has any ideas on that let us know. We can and will, of course, stream the music from the party into Clockwork and all of the Mainline group land. But it’s kinda hard to be entertaining meatpeople and pixelfolk at the same time, unless I dance at Clockwork, then get a wireless headset and walk around my house like a jackass… Hey…that’s not a bad idea, except I don’t think there are wireless headsets yet for voice, are there? Anybody? I need a gadget geek on this one (please refer to dinee, fact #2). Thanks.

So there you have an interesting array of facts about the Myg-Alex complex. Those of you who were wondering, “Is that them?” could certainly surmise, by this compilation of dead giveaways, that it certainly is us, but then, anyone who reads M is for Myg wouldn’t have any idea of who us really is (with the exception of one and only one. Or maybe two. Huh…)

We decided not to tag anybody, because to be honest we’re doing this late enough so nearly anyone inclined to do it already has, and because I break all those chain emails too. It’s just how I am.

So, see you tonight for Hawks’ set at Clockwork, alright? 6-8pm SLT! SLURL 


It’s not Monday. So there will be music at Clockwork and… shopping?

Sable and Burgess

The Anti-Monday party at Clockwork is on as (un)usual tonight, though unfortunately Esteban will not be able to make an appearance, as (s)he is either on a super-secret mission or there is some foul play involved. It’s certain to be mysterious and involve the struggle for existence.

DJ keTchUp will be bringing you at least two hours of head-bobbing, booty-shaking indie rock 7 pm SL time. So show up and tell Santa just what you want for the holidays. He knows just how bad you’ve been and he’s gonna let you in on a little secret.

Wrong at Mainline Shopping in Topgol

Speaking of holiday gifts, the new Mainline shopping area just across the street from Clockwork is opening. Affiliates of the very excellent Wrong clothing brand and the Reaction surf shop have moved in already, and you can even listen to the Clockwork dj stream while you shop. What more could you ask for? (If you’re a business owner or have an idea for the area, please IM Burgess or Myg about it.) And of course, we do have a small stake in these businesses for rent or a small commission, so by shopping there you help to pay for the Clockwork stream and tier fees.

Reaction at Mainline Shopping in Topgol 

We thank each and every one of you for the time you spend dancing in the club and the wonderful community of friends and music geeks you help to create. Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more news from your pals in Topgol.

Once again, tonight is on!
DJ kEtChUp’S set at Clockwork, 7-9pm SLT.  Clockwork SLURL



Be an elf for Abby

I read Deux Looks today and heard about Abby. She was born with a malignant brain tumor. She’s now 7 months old  and has just completed surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her parents were told she wouldn’t survive one month.

Abby has a fairy godmother in SL – Alyssum Therian. She’s been trying to raise money to help Abby’s parents out during this difficult time. Right now you can go to her store, Love, Aly and buy this cute little elf outfit for only 100L. All of the proceeds go to Abby.


This is not the best photo of this adorable little ensemble, but you can see the whole thing over at Alyssum’s blog.  You are also most welcome to throw extra cash into the tip jar, or hell, forgo the elf outfit and just donate at Love, Aly.

Truth is, there are so many people out there who need help and support this holiday. There are very personal reasons why Abby’s story affected me so, and maybe it does you too. In any case, I hope that we all remember to stop and buy elf costumes or donate time to soup kitchens or buy toys for the kids in hospitals and go walk dogs in shelters and visit elderly folks in assisted living programs.

We’re not always going to be so damned lucky, you know? We need to stick together people. Stick together.


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