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Have a good semester, DJ kEtchUp

Alex started his semester today. It’s his final semester of classes. WooT!

I’ve been sick so I’ve got nothing for posts. Sorry gang. I must have got it from Gorgeous Guen!

I have been playing around with this Flock web browser. It lets me do some cool blogging tricks like blog from the browser (as opposed to the WordPress dashboard) and drop/drag images or text in from anywhere. Flock calls itself a social web browser. What the hell does that mean? Whatever, I am not terribly web 2.0 social these days but I do like the flickr feature that displays new media from my contacts in a media bar over the browser window. It’s a little cluttered but fun.

Anyways, we had fun at ye olde Clockwork last night. dj kEtcHup spun a mix of old and new rock gems, and then EsteHulk turned the funk up to 11 in honor of MLK day.

It was all fun and games until somebody broke out the suitcase nuke. Then it was fun, games, slagging on the Monte Cristo and gagging on virtual toxic flames.

Does Monday get any better than this?

Stay tuned for another Mandelbrot Set podcast, stat.

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Hulk Diary 3

[Hulk say: read blog, but also funky podcast at end!]

Hulk angry. Hulk wound still not heal! Hulk do all things right! Hulk clean wound. Hulk change gauze! Hulk eat plenty protein! Why not heal? Wound get smaller, but too slow! Hulk not like sit at home and watch TV! Hulk not like feel tired all time! Hulk want smash! But what smash? Hulk not smash wound, only make wound worse! Why not regenerate?!

Hulk smart. Hulk figure out.

Hulk think fault of puny Esteban Moody! Is wound of puny Moody, not wound of Hulk! But how give wound back to puny Moody? Puny Moody gone. Is Hulk now! Hulk not Moody! Why not puny Moody take wound wherever puny Moody go?

Hulk angry, but figure out.

Hulk wonder: night when radiation bomb go off, all friends there. Why only puny Esteban Moody become Hulk? No other Hulk friend become Hulk?! Why not puny Burgess or puny friend Ramona? Hulk glad Hulk only Hulk, but still wonder!

Hulk think. How different puny Moody?

1. Is Hermaphrodite.
2. Has mohawk. No–Burgess also!
3. Is funkiest.
4. Wear glasses. No–Chestnut also!
5. Is best dresser. No. Maybe dandellion best dresser? No–all Hulk friends best dressers!
6. Has wound!

Why only wounded funky hermaphrodite become Hulk?!?!?! Hulk wish Hulk smart like puny Moody. Puny Moody always have answer for everything. Hulk miss puny Moody.

funk for the masses | 14 January 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

Rob Swift: Re-Animator
Wojna und die komplette Bandbreite: Party im Ruhrgebiet
Jean Knight: Do Me
James Brown: Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Remix)
Pleasure: Dust Yourself Off
Parliament: Up For The Down Stroke
The Blackbyrds: Party Land
Vibrettes: Humpty Bump (Parts 1 and 2)
Young MC: Principal’s Office
Salt-N-Pepa: None Of Your Business
24-Carat Black: Synopsis One: Poverty’s Paradise
Jedi Mind Tricks: Shadow Business
The Coup: 5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O.
Ray Camacho: Si Se Puede
Ramsey Lewis: Back In the Ussr
The Staple Singers: Tend To Your Own Business


Second Life is good for…some psychiatric disorders.

can you hear me now?

Okay so it’s not the sexiest of blog post titles. And to be honest I wasn’t planning to cover the heavy stuff first, but being a RL mental health professional I was just blown away when I read this today:

Research on Asperger’s Syndrome done in Second Life shows early promise. That’s an SLNN article (which I found via The Grid Live) about Brigadoon, a private community created by Braintalk. (Okay caveat, that article is a bit, erm, confusing.) The author states this:

“Brain-imaging and neuro-cognitive tests on the patients have shown, both before and after visiting SL, improvement in the areas of social appropriateness. The effectiveness is still being evaluated but the preliminary results look promising.”

Which is awfully exciting but sadly there’s no reference to any specific research being done (study? authors? I think it’s probably research by the Center for Brain Health, but I’m not sure). Asperger’s is a form of autism where people are cognitively high functioning but have lower functioning in the brain areas responsible for social interaction. If the quote above is true, the areas of the brain responsible for social cognition are demonstrating improved functioning after treatments incorporating SL. And they’re proving it with probably CT-scans and fMRIs. Which is, well, awesome.

This video shows how SL is used in treatment by the Center for Brain Health. A client with Asperger’s demonstrates how he uses SL with a clinician to practice a job interview. According to the Center for Brain Health, this actually helps the brain form new neuro-pathways – reteaching the brain essential skills necessary to cope in both worlds with other humans. The video claims Second Life can also provide this kind of assistance to people with Schizophernia and ADHD.

I for one can definitely see how. Second Life social encounters appear to stimulate the brain differently from RL social interactions, and might very well afford those who are somehow compromised in RL situations advantages. Consider yourself – do you feel differently when you’re interacting with others in SL? Less inhibited perhaps? Or maybe more? This difference has got to be partially due to the lack of non-verbal social cues, (which those with Asperger’s struggle to interpret and respond to in RL).

In terms of helping out with other kinds of psychiatric disorders, I definitely see a use for SL role play, therapy sessions and groups using voice technology being able to assist people with a lot of different mental health issues as well. Imagine the agony of someone with crippling depression or anxiety who can’t leave the house, and the potential help it would be for that person to log in and receive treatment in SL, at least until they were able to go in person. And for anxiety and social phobias, I think the idea of gradual exposure through simulated experience in SL could be a huge assistance.

But that’s just my opinion.

Gosh, this article wasn’t funny at all, was it? Meh, sorry. But I’m trying to compile the good stuff about SL, and in all honesty, as great as it is for many things I think this could be one of the more important contributions SL makes to RL.

Happy Saturday, folks.

Eds. note: Mygdala March is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in RL with a private practice (for teenagers) and a background in in-patient psychiatric treatment, which is why she has opinions and such about things like this…


And now a word from Myg Morrisey…(more about free stuff)

Myg Morrisey sports Dutch TouchMyg Morrisey is a fierce freebie hunter, as my goal was to not dump tons and tons of L into creating her. Besides the fact that I already bleed enough L every month for 25 well-decked alts, I was really curious to see what you could do for next to nothing.

I’m impressed, but not sold on the idea, of creating an entirely free av. What I’ve learned is that while, yeah, there’s a ton of quality free stuff available, it’s still hard to look how you want to look. You can definitely look good for free – but you can’t necessarily look like you. And I mean the virtual you – the Second Life you – the YOU you want to be in this crazy place.

Then, if you don’t supply payment information when you sign up, you get no 200L head start in the game so you’ve literally got nothing to start with. As many of you know, a lot of “freebies” actually cost 1L. So if you’ve got nothing, everything has to be really free, and high quality enough to get you some kind of respectable job so you can level up to the world of 1L freebies. Otherwise you’re left with fucking camping and that could get you severely yelled at in some places. Especially in Topgol. But I digress.

I have to say, so far my favorite freebie resource has been the SL Freestyle group. This group is not for the part-timer, believe me. In fact, it was far too busy for me as Mygdala March so I couldn’t join. But when I’m on as Myg Morrisey, I am a stealth, ruthless freebie hunter so those 12,393 group notices and 23,304 IMs a day are really quite helpful.

One of my early nights of freebie hunting I had the good fortune to meet two of the mistresses of SL Freestyle, Creamy Cooljoke (below) and her pal Cheri Pye.

Creamy Cooljoke

They were gracious and kind. I rezzed in front of her in some god forsaken shop and said something like, “HALP ME! I’M A FUGLY NOOB!” (and I was, see pic below.) They held my hand and directed me to the Dutch Touch skin (I blawgged it here a few days ago) and some other helpful items. Lovely gals.

noob morrisey

If you’re going to do the totally free thing, you’ve got to realize there are limitations as to what you can get, and you are going to be wearing the same stuff as many of the other savvy freebie hunters. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you and I’m sure not saying it should. But if it does, freebie hunting may not be the way for you.

Even so, I have to say there is a total thrill to scoring cute things for free. To save time and teleporting to 12,392 stores a day, you can simply read the SL Freestyle blog. Those ladies really pour a ton of effort into displaying the take day after day (but OMFG beware the autoplay! ;-P).

After an evening of freebie surfing through the SL Freestyle group’s notices and IMs, I did manage to pull of a look I could live with. As I said before, it wasn’t exactly the look I’d choose if I was paying and had other options. It wasn’t a bad look at all – I liked it.


Ok, I have to be honest and say I can’t remember where I got all that stuff from, though I am standing at Le Zoo in front of the gift store. The skin is the Dutch Touch freebie, which you really need to hurry up and get. The hair is from Candy House: Uemechi, Uemechi and doh I can’t remember the rest. But that’s not the point.

The point is to visit the SL Freestyle blog and see what the ladies have to show you. Then see what you make of it. And hey – post a link here back to your free avatar photo! Let’s compare notes, shall we?

And PS – there are other freebie groups and blogs that are good too, I am aware. But they’ll probably be in a different post.

Happy hunting. And let me know if you find any decent free boots, will ya? ty!


What the world needs now


Second Life is a strange new world, isn’t it? Sexy enough that big corporations have tried jumping in to dominate its culture, strange enough that even some of the most powerful marketing teams on earth haven’t been able to crack its code.

The media controversy over Second Life’s value to the mainstream has always pissed me off. I was thinking about it after reading Phil Linden’s blog post the other day. He said:

There has been lots of speculation and skepticism in the media regarding the success that businesses are having in-world. I’d like to point out that most of the most visible media coverage has focused narrowly on attempts to use SL for brand marketing.

It’s true, a lot of mainstream writing about Second Life has criticized it from the perspective of big business without understanding it, sorta like criticizing an exotic country after spending an afternoon there. I mean jeez, if you spent some actual time in Second Life, I’d think its limitations as a mass-marketing platform for big corporations would be damned obvious.

Useful criticism of Second Life, I think, targets the things that inhibit growth. For example, most people I know don’t own computers that can run SL well enough to make their time in world not suck. This is especially true for teenagers, who are the natural inheritors of this world. The teens I know salivate when I describe the social and creative possibilities of Second Life – but they can’t get in because their machines won’t run it. Sure, there are some kids who own amazing gaming computers, but the vast majority of young AIM/Myspace junkies are running entry to mid-level machines.

I’m speculating that people who do own high end gaming computers want to spend time in high end games. Since Second Life isn’t a game in any traditional sense there’s probably a huge gulf between Second Life’s tech requirements for users and its natural audience, who I’m guessing are not hard core gamers as much as hard core artistic/creative types and web 2.0 users who are motivated by the social aspects.

Then there’s that whole noob experience. Once you’re in the world, it takes a long time to figure out and a lot of us won’t be bothered to stick around for it. (See rant on ugliness as a barrier here.) And of course, stability issues, which certainly piss everyone off, but will drive away those who aren’t addicted.

My hope for Second Life is that the gap starts to close between the natural audience and the computer power required for a decent time in-world. And that Linden figures out how to make the new user experience not suck so bad (I think the portals are a decent idea, but when I created my Morrisey alt, I was NOT impressed with the portal I chose…).

All that said, you know I love Second Life. And there are of course great things to talk about here. That’s why so many of us blog, flickr, and twitter it. I’m going to start featuring the good stuff here, especially for the uninitiated to get a sense of why they should bother to suffer the learning curve. I’m talking about things like music, small business, socializing, making stuff, gratuitous violence, sex and the like. So if you’ve got some ideas of what’s good about Second Life, drop me a comment or an IM (Mygdala March) and I’ll add it to my list.



Love, lovers

love, lovers

Last night was the first of the newly minted TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork with Jelly and Hawks. The music was, as always, bangin’ and that’s not the only thing.

Luckily it was a rather intimate evening, because the shit that went down was truly not for public consumption. Let’s just say Alex and I got a lively education regarding the latest poseballs for lovers.

Jellybean and Hawks said that they noticed Alex and I acting a lot more, er, lovey dovey and stuff, I guess since he popped the question and all. Alex took the above pic unprompted by me, so maybe there’s something to that.

There has been some real RL stuff going down between us. Not bad stuff, but not easy stuff. So I think maybe we are a little more on each others’ minds. And I’m glad. He makes me feel all sorts of tingly, like a girl with a crush again.

Now for poseball shopping…



It’s been a long time since we’ve had any real action around Topgol. When we last left our heroes, it looked as though Topgol was in the safe, capable hands of a few loosely connected but largely agreeable folks. But then the major landholder flaked and sold out to a *cough* asshole I mean land developer. And hence, a ton of crap has been put up in its place.

Romana, Sable, Alex and I hang onto the Northeast corner, our last bastion of urban blight in the sim. But it was inevitable that sooner or later the outside world would encroach on our haven.

Meet my new neighbor.

Our new neighbors

Now I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. In fact he and his partner were quite nice. They are clearly new, and obviously the most industrious of newbs. And they are plenty Dutch. And not English speaking. And oh, so sexeh!

They opened a new sex club, El Muchacho (which means “the boy” in Spanish so um, um…?) complete with rentable sex rooms and dancing poles. They gave us a tour and everything. But the best part was they gave me a free shirt (and yes, it is fully rezzed):

Our new neighbors

I asked, “Why are the Dutch so sexy?”

That’s because the last owner of a sex hotel in Topgol was Dutch too. And I am quite sure if they could have spoken any English, there would have been a fine answer.

Alas, they could not.


The Mandelbrot Set – First Post!

mandel_2.gifWell…hello everybody!

I have a bit of trepidation about posting here and all, as I’m not the most engrossing writer, but I figured the chance to put my sets up is worth a shot!

Anyways, those of you who go to clockwork know I’ve been regularly bringing the electronic stuffs on Sundays, for well…at least a decent amount of time. For those who don’t – I’m an electronic devotee in all its forms: from beard stroking wtf-is-that IDM/braindance to hooktastic dance cuts, I’m there. Not to say I don’t respect other genres, but thats where my passion is.

I’m gonna post my most recent mix, which is well..from Sunday! I’m really happy with how it turned out, and quite eager to share! It’s mostly IDM and minimal and tech, and very percussive if anything – pretty dancey too! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it.

Anyways, here’s the music – hope you all enjoy and thanks for putting up with my rambling!

The Mandelbrot Set – 1/13/08 – Click To Listen or Right Click/Save Link As to Download

Tracklisting (Length is about 1:18)

Bandulu – Phaze in Remix
The Knife – We Share Our Mothers Health (Radio Slave Remix)
Scorn – Falling (Autechre FR13 Remix)
Ellen Allien – Down (Drama Society Remix)
Mathew Jonson – Decompression
Ricardo Villalobos & Jorge Gonzales – 4 Wheel Drive
Stephan Bozdin – Sonnenwind
Artificial Latvamaki – It Is Not Now Either
Johannes Heil – Brotherhood Of Snakes
Gregor Tresher – Anti
Claude Von Stroke & Christian Martin – Groundhog Day (Chaim Remix)


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