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Practically Speaking

With Myg & Burgess out sick this past week, it’s been a little quiet around the ol’ M is for Myg office. Sure, Sable and Rain traipse in to pick up their checks, but they’ve got the location assignments, got it? They’re not in the office. The wardrobe people, makeup, photographers — it’s like a goddamn traveling party. I’ll tag along sometimes, see if I can score some free champagne and chat up the catering staff, but after a while someone will say “shouldn’t you be writing something?” BTW, did you know they get to keep all those clothes?

Back at the office, it’s the same four desks and broken coffee machine. And that memo from Myg. “Only one comment on that last post, Esteban. Perhaps turn down the mystical psychobabble just a tad?” Toughest editor I ever had.

“Well, Moody,” I tell myself, “You didn’t become a writer for the money or the fame, right?” And then I realize I’m goddamn talking to myself. Jesus, better go for a cup of coffee. Maybe someone will be down at the club.

And who’s Myg to tell me what to write? I write the truth, goddamnit! And if the uneducated masses can’t handle it, well I guess she’d better just fire me!

Hold on, Moody. You need this gig. DJ’ing isn’t paying the rent yet. And besides, who else is going to give you free reign to go on about your little theories week after week? And think how many times Myg & Burgess have saved your ass, bailed you out, given you a place to crash? You’re not angry at Myg, Moody; you’re angry at yourself. You’ve always wanted to be more accessible, remember? What are you afraid of, anyway?

Shhhh. Talking to yourself again.

funk for the masses | 22 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

Donny Hathaway: The Ghetto – Part 1
Donny Hathaway: The Ghetto – Part 2
Rufus & Chaka Khan: You Got The Love
The Commodores: Slippery When Wet
Earth Wind & Fire: Help Somebody
Bee Gees: Boogie Child
Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya & Pink: Lady Marmalade
DJ Krush: Keeping The Motion
Chris Joss: I Want Freedom
Eugene Blacknell: We Know We Have to Live Together
The Counts: Thinking Single
Ike And Tina Turner: Ghetto Funk
Mighty Flea: Ode To Billy Joe Pt1
Funkadelic: Funky Dollar Bill
The Rollers: Knockin’ At The Wrong Door
Christina Aguilera: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World


Slowly on the mend

ow my head

I know we’re not the only ones out there with the funk. And I am not talking about any kind of good funk. Alex and I have the head pounding, leg and back aching, dry hacking cough, don’t wanna eat don’t wanna move funk.  I was laid up with it for almost a whole week and then poor Alex got it – and he’s still out of commission.

I wanted to say a special thanks to all the Clockwork DJs for keeping the club going without us. I’m sorry we missed you all last week but hopefully this week we’ll be around more.  If I’m not mistaken, tonight it’s going to be Esteban on deck with punkish favorites. If all goes as planned I’ll actually be there this time. Can’t likely say as much for Alex – depends on how much home made chicken slop I can get him to eat today.


If I Were You

dandellion was musing about dreams. I thought this: Dreams tell us a truth that we can’t see — or stomach — in reality. I am saying nothing new. The dream is the truth. Ipso facto, reality is the fantasy. I saw myself from within myself, but then it was kind of a movie starring me and Robert De Niro. “Hey, you’re pretty good, kid. You never acted in a picture before? Huh, whaddya know!”

As always, our enemies will insist the opposite in their propaganda sheets: they will say dreams are only dreams and reality is, well, reality. What obvious nonsense. Storm the barricades! The one where Christ comes down from the cross and asks me to guess what’s in his hand. A mouse? A hedgehog? A little silver bell? Mother called us home for dinner.

I was back in college, in the library, except it was tiled like an indoor swimming pool; students strolled naked through the steamy aisles. I approached the currency exchange booth and presented the clerk with a canvas bag full of leaves and twigs. “I need rupees,” I stammered. “I don’t speak Hindi.” She fluttered her eyes.

Take a look around you. What makes it make sense is fantasy. The hallway was too narrow to fit through. Suddenly I could fly. I needed directions to the museum. “There was no moon last night.”

Don’t believe the propaganda; they say it so you won’t be looking. “Never mind your dreams!” Then they will make our dreams and fantasies, not us. They mix them in factories and slip them into things: those shoes you bought, the subway map, those red envelopes from Netflix. I was running from the Nazis. I tried to hide under the couch. My gun malfunctioned! I tried to call for help, but the battery on my cell phone had died. Would they spare me if they knew my father was in the Luftwaffe?

Look, it comes down to this. I’m realistic. So I demand the impossible. Sometimes I demand six impossible things before breakfast. That’s what we came for, isn’t it?

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The ass problem

Hey everybody. As I’ve been bitching and moaning about all week, I am indeed sick again, this time with my old friend influenza. It’s been awhile. I haven’t missed her. At all.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I wanted to ask you all if you’re having this problem with some of your favorite prim skirts. I am, of course, talking about the ass problem.

Some things are not a matter of adjustment. See, I was all excited as I bought this cute red dress from Artilleri for Valentine’s day. Butt what you see is that the texture on my ass is actually a bit darker than the texture on the prim. I thought it was a windlight problem, as I noticed when I use windlight this happens all the time in skirts. Butt even when I adjust the prim skirt for better coverage (in this photo the skirt is rezzed right from the folder, no adjusting), there’s still a hideous difference in the colors. It’s like majorly disappointing. Especially since it seems like all my Artilleri skirts look like this now in windlight. Is it me? Is there some setting I should check out that’s ass friendly in windlight.

Today I was briefly in Dazzle, and I encountered this ass:

I mean that’s a really bad looking ass in skirt. The style of this ensemble is babydoll, meaning the waist of the skirt is supposed to be high as it is. But man, this chick has waaaaayyy too much ass for this dress. Sadly the texture on the ass isn’t rezzed, but trust me when I say even fully rezzed it looked horrible. I am not sure how she went out looking like that, unless she didn’t look at her ass. But who could not look at a wreck like that?

I am seriously no fashion expert. Can anyone help me out here?

I do not want to have to adjust my shape for every skirt, but maybe that’s what it takes. What do you do, you fashion mavens out there? How do you manage to wear these cute little numbers without showing your ass?

This is likely the last post from me until next week, because if we can manage it we’re going out of town to that place that has satellite internet (and isn’t at all SL friendly).

Don’t forget to hit -=CLOCKWORK= tomorrow night for Esteban’s funk set, Sunday night for Xax’s IDM electronica goodness, and then Monday night again for Esteban’s anti-Monday punk and stuff.

And – don’t get sick!


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The Heist

“I’m bored, Sable.”

“Me too Rain, what are we going to do?”

“I know let’s go hang out at the Wawa! There’s always something going on there.”

“Ok Rain, let’s go, I wanna Tastykake real bad!”

“Alright Rain – you go in and I’ll stay here and check out the hot guys. And don’t forget my Tastykake!”

Hands in the air and gimmie all your money!”

“Rain! What are you doing!?”

“Shut up Sable and get in the car!”

“Ahhhh….this is the life huh Sable? Who knew the Wawa would have so much cash.”

“Yeah it’s nice Rain but I still didn’t get my Tastykake!”

Sable’s look:

Skin: Tap-Vivant Bronze Vin 3

Hair: ETD – Lacey – Platinum Pack – currently closed

Top: Snatch – Part of the Bangcock Alley Set http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/174/212/29/

Shorts: Anitcute-MiniShort Jeans Torn

Shoes: AW Design-CourtX

Bikini: SJA-Red-Scull

Rain’s look:

Skin: Artilleri/Lily-Marielle Dark Tan

Hair: Damselfly-Lila in Cinnamon

Undershirt: Artilleri-Deanna Bra-polka black

Top: Devilish Cupcake -FishyTop-White and Tintable

Shorts: Mischief-Tear’em off Light

Shoes: Mango Pumps-Black

Bikini: Winter Moon-Draco


Do What You Do

[Funky podcast at the end of this post.]
[Come and dance to the FUNK Fridays at -=CLOCKWORK=-from 8-9 following 2 hours of DJ keTchUp!]

Thanks for asking. Mostly, it’s been a relief — and that wound is finally gone, thank goodness! But I’d be lying if I told you being transformed into the Hulk wasn’t disorienting. It’s not easy being someone else. Has that ever happened to you?

I’m getting caught up on unfinished business. We moved the funk show to 8-9 on Fridays, so we had to change the name. After a thrilling first elimination round, we’re ready for the final competition! If you came up with the winning name, you’ll win a date with the lovely Sable Slade! For runners up, we have some lovely runner-up prizes like a toaster oven or something.

Who’s in the running, you want to know? Well, of the 16 elimination choices, Chestnut came up with 1, I came up with 4, Sable came up with 1, Wrath came up with 2, and Xaxoqual came up with 6! Does that add up to 16?

Good luck to everybody!



funk for the masses | 15 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

War: The World is a Ghetto
Cyril Neville: Tell Me What’s On Your Mind
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves: The Satisfier
Fatboy Slim: You’re Not From Brighton
Positive K: I Got A Man
Eddie Roberts: Georgio’s Brother (lack Of Afro Remix)
Vicki Anderson: Don’t Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can
The Explorers: Countdown To … Soul
MC Solaar: La Musique Adoucit les Moeurs
Parliament: Bop Gun
The Sherwoods: Cheaper By The Dozen
The J.B.’s: Hot Pants Road
Ron Holden: Need Ya
The New Mastersounds: 102%
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Could This Be Love
James Brown: It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Aretha Franklin: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Stuff I’m thinking about.

Why am I typing this when I have an assload of work I must get done because I have an early as fuck training tomorrow morning? Because I love you, that’s why. In fact, I love you more than my job.

That picture above features The Ladybird aka Xaxoqual Mandelbrot, me and Edward Horton after (during?) another kickass electronica set by Xax. As far as I know, Esteban will be playing punky stuff tonight at 6 SLT. So come and skank! -=CLOCKWORK=-

I saw this post at New World Notes on Unions getting together in Second Life and it made me think of Esteban. Can anyone provide me with a logical explanation as to why New World Notes does not own newworldnotes.com or some version thereof?

Did anyone else follow this idiotic story the Washington Post did about terrorists using Second Life to plot and terrorize us? This has nothing to do with the unions, by the way – that was probably a bad transition, though they are both technically falling under the “using Second Life to organize” theme. Hmmm. Let me rant for a minute. Hey! Let’s fear technology! That’ll show the terrorists! Gwyneth Llewellyn posts a much better rant on this issue here.

I was sad to hear that Tateru Nino’s father died last week. She posted a beautiful tributeto him here. She wrote:

“Life is a test,” he told me, “Everything is a lesson. You stop learning when you die. Maybe not even then.”

Here’s to him, and here’s to you Tateru. Thanks for sharing your memories of him with us during this difficult time.

Signing off now.




The scenery wars

Update on the fight for Topgol. (Please see the post directly below for backstory, if you are interested.)

The shitty ad cubes are down!  The wall is down and an apartment building is now standing in its place – a very big improvement.

I am no longer banned from my neighbors’ property.

I do not know the reasons why, and do not wish to speculate too much. If my neighbors or Richard Palace care to comment, I’d be interested to hear what they have to say.

This is a definite step in the right direction. Let’s hear it for progress.

I also want to explain something about this blog.

I maintain that this is my blog and I can do whatever it is I want with it. As such, I also have to take responsibility for its content – and I do.

When I post something, it’s a contract between me and my readers.  I can’t take back something I said in real time (god, if only I could…).  But it seems strange and dishonest to take down something I posted simply because someone has a problem with it. Even if that someone is me.

That’s why I offered to post something new if the situation changed, and that’s what I’ve done.

Let’s hope things continue to get better from here. I have a good feeling they will.


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