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Things that make SL suck – reckless development

Report from the Fight for Topgol.

Some things make SL suck. You know what they are, right? Let’s talk about how the place looks to newcomers on the mainland:

A Vision of Hell, originally uploaded by Khamudy Mannonen.

I’ve been writing about what Second Life is good for. I’ve been doing that because I really believe in Second Life as a platform for people, digital or otherwise, to get shit done. I was compelled to write that series because there are actually quite a few problems in Second Life that make it suck, and as is the mainstream media’s way, these are the issues that get the bulk of the attention. While I sincerely hate to do more calling attention to Second Life’s quirks and, er “growth opportunities,” in the name of helping things improve for all of us for the long term, I gotta.

Today we’re talking about land developers.

Alex and I own a nice chunk of a mainland sim called Topgol, which happens to be the home of -=CLOCKWORK=- Go on and visit – we’ve worked really hard on it. So have Sable, Romana and Martin. We’ve created a nice, grungy urban theme. It’s not like mainland sims you often see – like the one pictured above. It’s got a look, a feel, a community.

So whThe fight for Topgol is back onen our new blingin’ neighbors came in and put up a shitty ad cube in the middle of town, we didn’t like it. I posted about it here. In addition to the ugly ass ad cube, there’s also the matter of their club and mall being extremely ugly. Their property, in the middle of the sim, seriously degrades the overall look of Topgol – but you know what? I didn’t even complain about that because there were buildings and streets and I thought, well, I’ve seen worse.

In any case, my neighbors were offended by the post. I think they felt, oh I don’t know, a little threatened. They took down the cube, put up huge walls, and then banned me and Alex from their land. Martin Squeegee, another land developer who actually works to preserve the theme, approached them to get them to take the walls down. After like, sheesh, two hours of talking to them they took down all of the walls except the one bordering our property, which they designed to look like this:

(That’s me with my irate neighbors as they are scripting the wall to move and induce seizures I guess…)

Now, I had put a wall up too. I figured if I was banned from their land, no way did they get a road into Mainline. But I textured my wall with brick so it’d look like Romana’s loft – you know, not hideous and antagonistic. When they went INSANE and started building 50m high walls everywhere, I took it down.

They told me if I didn’t take down my post, they wouldn’t take down the wall. They felt that since they took down the ad cube, I should take down my post. I explained, oh no no no. That’s not how it works. If they work with the community, I’d be happy to post something about that and it would portray them more positively. But if they continued to act like giant babies, well, I’d likely be writing about that instead.

Today I went in and the wall was down, and an apartment building was up. And over it, a nice huge fat spinning ad cube. So here’s the rub.

In the rare instances when strangers gather around a common purpose like building a sim within a theme, that’s something worth respecting and preserving. It is an ideal of community and cooperation that shows the world what’s possible when human beings respect one another and work together.

Technically my neighbors can build anything they want. As they said, “This is mainland. If you want community you have to go to a private sim.”

But I think we’ve proven that you can have community on a Mainland sim. Hell, even the casino looked like it belonged, and you know how pissed off I was with the lag. But they bought in Topgol because they loved what we’d done and they didn’t destroy the look of it.

As Richard Palace, the land owner here (my neighbors are tenants) suggested I do in his comment on said post, I contacted him. His solution was for me to take down my post.

I figured the best way to respond was this.

Dear Richard Palace and all mainland land developers:

When you allow ugly shit to populate the mainland, you lower the quality of Second Life for all of us. Your income is intimately linked to how well Second Life attracts and retains new people. One of the most common criticisms of Second Life is the poor quality of how it looks. You are largely to blame for this.

If you keep developing mainland into digital ghettos, you will continue to be at odds with the greater good of Second Life and its residents. And if you come do it in Topgol where there is an established community, I will take the piss out of you every chance I get. It’s all I can do in the fight for a Second Life that isn’t pathetic and abused for the gain of a few thoughtless individuals.

I’m not for a lot of regulating. I wouldn’t advocate Linden Lab set covenants, etc. I just ask people not to be dumb asses. I know with a particular type of money grubber, that’s too much to ask. But then expect verbal beatings. Repeatedly.

And one last thing. Linden’s latest policy on ad farms should put these types on alert. It doesn’t apply to my neighbors, but it does imply that they are not real happy about those big spinning ad cubes fucking up the scenery. THAT’S BECAUSE AD CUBES SUCK – AND SO DO THE LOSERS WHO USE THEM.

And that’s round three, folks. Stay tuned…


The Return of Esteban Moody!

[Funky podcast at the end of this post.]
[Come and dance to the FUNK Fridays at -=CLOCKWORK=-from 8-9 following 2 hours of DJ keTchUp!]

I am no longer the Hulk, dear readers. I am someone else.

Last Friday, here’s how it happened:

[18:11] Preston: Hey yo Este
[18:13] Preston: Sable
[18:13] Preston: Hey :-)
[18:13] Sable: Hey Preston
[18:14] Sable: Is Esteban ok…lol
[18:14] Preston: He hasn’t answered me yet
[18:14] Preston: So, no?
[18:14] Preston: Lol
[18:15] Sable: Hmm…that doesn’t sound good
[18:15] Preston: Este you’re morphing back to your old self?
[18:16] Sable: No more Hulk?
[18:16] Preston: The cut has healed
[18:16] Sable: oooo…
[18:17] Preston: Lol
[18:17] Sable: Maybe we should call 911
[18:17] Preston: Call in reinforcements
[18:17] Sable: Medic!
[18:17] Preston: we need assistance
[18:18] Sable: Este can you hear us?
[18:18] Preston: Where’s Ben when we need a bullhorn
[18:18] Sable: lol
[18:18] Sable: wait i have just the thing
[18:19] Megaphone shouts: Esteban!
[18:19] Sable: Hmmmm….
[18:19] Preston: Lol
[18:19] Preston: Maybe he goes into a cocoon-like state?
[18:20] Sable: Oh maybe
[18:20] Sable: We should take pics…the rebirth of Esteban Moody

[18:56] Mygdala: cheers darling
[18:56] Romana: Esteban….wake up!!!!
[18:56] Preston: He’s in a morphing state ma’am
[18:57] Mygdala: ah ok that makes sense
[18:57] Romana: Myg…we are going to have to perform surgery on Esteban
[18:57] Mygdala: are we qualified?
[18:57] Romana: please get me 30 cc’s of jive, stat!
[18:57] Mygdala: I’m definitely not wearing the right outfit
[18:57] Romana: haha!
[18:58] Romana: my father is a doctor, so I’m qualified
[18:58] Mygdala: well thank god
[18:58] Mygdala: either way I’m changing clothes thou
[18:58] Romana: me too…let’s put on our surgery gear
[18:58] Mygdala: I don’t have any
[18:58] Mygdala: damn
[18:58] Romana: haha
[18:58] Mygdala: I was thinking something smexy
[18:59] Romana: haha
[18:59] Mygdala rummages through her closet
[18:59] Mygdala: because it’s the WEEKEND!
[18:59] Mygdala: where the hell is that sable?
[18:59] Mygdala: Rain?
[18:59] Mygdala: wha happen?
[19:00] Romana: ok…i changed clothes…now I’m qualified to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I think I have rubber gloves in here somewhere
[19:00] Romana: by the way…Myg…did I tell you today that I loved you?
[19:00] Mygdala: ok I’ll scrub the floor when I’m done
[19:00] Romana: ok, now time to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I love you too Romana!
[19:00] Benjamin: gloves? lol…you’re not making a sandwich there, cmon
[19:01] Mygdala: I need a mask now
[19:01] Romana: ok, the first thing we need is something to put her to sleep
[19:01] Romana: who is the anesthesiologist here?
[19:01] Mygdala: you are
[19:02] Romana: dammit jim, I’m a doctor not an anesthesiologist!
[19:02] Mygdala: are you too wasted?
[19:02] Alexander: you are one hot nurse/doc/anesthesiologist
[19:02] Mygdala: Who has drugs?
[19:02] Alexander: ok, I’ll hit him in the head with a hammer
[19:02] Mygdala: No wait – Alex, of course
[19:02] Alexander: lol
[19:02] Alexander: you know it
[19:02] Romana: oh shit…am I a nurse or a doctor…I can’t remember
[19:02] Alexander: god, I’d love to be an anesthesiologist
[19:03] Alexander: I’d breath all the gas

[19:57] Esteban: wha’…?
[19:57] Sable shouts: ESTEBAN!!!
[19:57] Preston: He’s back
[19:57] Elusyve: all the shouting woke Esteban up
[19:57] Esteban: …..huh?
[19:57] Alexander: Esteban stirs!
[19:57] cranach shouts: Welcome back to the rl Esteban!
[19:57] Esteban: …..where am i?
[19:57] Sable: dude we called 911 like an hour ago for you
[19:57] Alexander: Este? you’ve been in some kinda coma
[19:57] Esteban: wha’ happened?
[19:58] Preston: Hulk go
[19:58] Esteban: and why am i wearing these ridiculous purple shorts?
[19:58] Alexander: um, you were the Hulk?
[19:58] Sable: Hulk like purple
[19:58] cranach: ^^ i love your purple pants*
[19:58] Mygdala: Hi all
[19:58] Esteban: the Hulk? oh get real
[19:58] cranach: Hello Mygdala~~welcome to clock work~~
[19:58] Preston: Lol
[19:58] Romana: hello mYG!
[19:59] Alexander: um, look at your Flickr stream
[19:59] Mygdala: why thank you Cranach!
[19:59] Preston: Yo Este we haven’t met then, lol
[19:59] Esteban: i have the worst headache…
[19:59] Alexander: Este, Preston, Preston, Esteban
[20:00] Alexander: your hawk is purple too
[20:00] Esteban: Preston? That sounds familiar somehow
[20:00] Mygdala: Shhhh Esteban is coming out of a fugue state
[20:00] Esteban: purple? WTF
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, you were here as Hulk, blah blah blah
[20:00] Preston: We’re neighbors, buddy
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, your tie too
[20:00] Esteban: what’s all this about the gulk
[20:01] Esteban: the hulk
[20:01] Romana: a psyochogenic fugue state
[20:01] Esteban: Jesus, what am I wearing?
[20:01] Alexander: are you ready to git down?
[20:01] Romana: Esteban…are you ok???
[20:01] Preston: Lol
[20:01] Alexander: get on the motherfucking decks Este!

I sure am glad that’s over. . . ?

funk for the masses | 8 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

Maynard Ferguson: Gonna Fly Now
Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive
Kool And The Gang feat Jamiroquoi: Hollywood Swingin’
Quazar: Funk ‘n’ Roll
Fatboy Slim: Santa Cruz
Titan: Corazon
The Dismasters: Small Time Hustler
Jay-Z feat. The Dap Kings: Prince of Ballard
Societys Bag: Let It Crawl
Carleen & The Groovers: The Thing
Freddy Robinson & Tall Paul Hankins: The Hawk
Booker T. & The M.G.’s: Lady Madonna
John KaSandra: (What’s Under) The Natural Do
Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band: The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
Natacha Atlas: (It’s A Mans’s Man’s) Man’s World
Dinah Washington: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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Valentine’s Day is for lovers?

Editor Myg’s note: Give a hearty helloooo and a w00t! and a what’s up? to the newest M is for Myg staffers, Sable Slade and Rain Laval! These two sexeh sisters will bring you their fave finds in the overwhelmingly over-blogged world of fashion! From the looks of things, their posts will stand out by emphasizing gratuitous sex and violence! Hawt! Welcome aboard, sisters!

It’s Valentine’s Day and I actually have a date!

Happy Sable

He’ll be here in a few minutes….omg….what am I going to wear????

Sable omg

I must have something in here to wear.

Sable worried

I’m ready!


A few hours later…….Stood up again!

Stood up


Cupid Arrives

I don’t think so….not this time!

I don't think so

Sable’s Look :

Bathrobe and Towel – Total Betty – COZY PLUSH pink princess

Skin – Chai skin – Nutmeg – Cole

Hair – Kin – Yohkoh – Black

Dress – WRONG – Amity Dress – Red

Jewelry – Alienbear – DarkSassy Black Pearl Set

Boots – J’s Main Shop Tsukishima – Goth Ribbon Laceup Boots Black

Rain’s Look:

Lingerie – Little Rebel Designs – White Buds Lingerie Set

Hair – ETD – Jared – Blonde

Shoes – Shiny Things – Lollies – Cream

Jewelry – Kesskreations – Valentines Treasure – Hearts And Arrows Necklace, Kesskreations -Valentines Treasure Diamond Stud Earrings

Skin – Adora Shapes And Skins – Petra Skin Med. Rose Dust 8

Lashes – Minnu Model – Thora

Wings – Cat’s Eye Main Shop – Cupid Wings


My ongoing love hate relationship with Windlight

UPDATE: Well, hey, you CAN use the new Windlight with Tiger! And that’s a great thing because it is much better than the previous release. Thanks Ordinal Malaprop for pointing that out.

I love Windlight again. A much, much better release.


I love Windlight. I hate Windlight.

First, data. I run Second Life on a Macbook Pro that I purchased in January 2007. It’s a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM. It’s got an ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card. I do not have a problem telling you, I am not sure what all of that means. But I will tell you, it runs great and it runs Second Life quite well, even using a wireless network (which Alex and I both do at home).

The Mac OS I use is Tiger, 10.4.11.

The latest version of Windlight had a lot of little things that were problems for me. The friends’ list was messed up – black names on dark gray background, and I couldn’t highlight any names of friends or groups. That was the biggest complaint. I don’t love some of the little interface changes they made much. But all in all, I was using it because I LOVE WINDLIGHT.

Now there’s a new Windlight viewer, but it requires me to upgrade my OS to Leopard. I’d love to hear from other Mac users here, because the gab I’d heard about Leopard was DON’T DO IT!!!!! It was the only time I’d heard such backlash from the Mac community against an OS upgrade from Mac. I’d also heard that Leopard 10.5.2 breaks Second Life. This article was from back in December, and since then there’s both a new Leopard and a new Windlight. But I imagine some of you can feel my dilemma here. I just don’t trust it.

Now just two days ago Apple released the latest version of Leopard, which might fix things. No problem – I’ll wait and see what the early adopters say and stick with what I have. So today I go to log in:

What was Wrath saying about mandatory options? Can someone please tell me what the hell is up with telling us it’s optional when it’s mandatory? Is it mandatory for some people?

Now I got no Windlight. Here I was, braving the bugs and glitches like a good First Looker, and now I’ve been locked out of the First Look club because I don’t want to risk an OS Upgrade that has had less than stellar reception.

If anyone out there is using Leopard on a machine similar to mine, please weigh in here. Should I go for it?


Second Life is good for…meeting people!

And here we are folks, with another post extolling the good things in Second Life. Today we have social stuff.

group shot

Even the most reclusive of folk tend to need other folk from time to time. I think it’s just our nature. But if you think about the way culture has evolved, once you’re out of school, the places to be social kind of dwindle down.  Let’s take a short inventory, shall we?

First there’s the bar scene. Yuck, that’s what I say. Drunken slobs with bad breath leaning in way too close? No fanks!  Then there’s the club scene, meaning music is involved. I spent plenty o years in the live music club scene, and that’s a lot better in my mind, but not totally ideal if you actually want to get to know people. It’s usually loud and hard to really talk, meaning you have to do the coffee thing after you spot the hottie. That’s okay, but sometimes you just want to meet folks in a platonic sort of way. Some people go to church – I definitely am not one of them.

So that leaves work. Now for me, when I’m not working I don’t really want to think about work. I tend not to ever hang out with work type people for that very reason, even though many of them are perfectly nice. Also, I have this professional demeanor which is a bit more, shall we say, professional, than my inner Myg demeanor. I’m not so sure I want my professional contacts to be all that closely acquainted with my inner mygness.

So then enter Second Life. Now hey, SL is not a replacement for honest-to-god go out to a party and chat with people in the flesh, share a meal or go to a movie kind of socialization. It really isn’t. It is, however, a nice complement to it. And there’s no telling whether your Second Life friends couldn’t someday meet you in the Bahamas for a long weekend of snorkeling, or whether someday you get invited to their RL wedding. Why? Because Second Life allows for a certain kind of intimacy that isn’t necessarily reliant on in-person contact. It won’t ever be a replacement for that, but it definitely can be a stepping stone to it. And even without RL meetings, your Second Life friends can and do become a very real part of your social network and perhaps even your support system.

Come to think of it, there are things I’ve told my SL friends that I’ve yet to tell some of my closest RL friends. Something about not seeing the expression on their faces, the non-verbal communication cues which are critical in anyone’s social skills repertoire, and not showing yours, I think makes it easier to talk about really difficult stuff. And I don’t think that’s bad. You know what it is? It’s simpler. And sometimes tough conversations need simplicity and the space that SL affords one in figuring out how to respond. Again, it’s not better than in-person talks. It’s just less intense, less complicated (and ultimately less rewarding, but not without it’s own value.)

I also think for people who tend to be very inhibited or shy in RL, Second Life can be extremely liberating for the very same reasons. It can allow you to take social risks you never would and it can embolden you in your RL if that’s what you want or need. It’s even done some of this for me, and um, I’m not the shy type. In case you hadn’t picked that up yet.

So hooray for Second Life for expanding my social network in ways I never actually imagined it could. It is true that my SL friends pop up in my mind sometimes as often as my RL friends. They are as real to me as anyone I’ve ever met, though no doubt meeting them in person would substantially alter my perception of who they are.  Even so, I highly doubt it would alter my affection other than to make it stronger.


Experiments in virtual diplomacy

The fight for Topgol is back on

There are two kinds of land developers in Second Life: those who give a shit, and those who do not.

Topgol currently has one of each. One developer bought up a bunch of Topgol, and seeing the value of cooperation, built his properties with respect to the theme we have going on here. We are a Philadelphia themed sim, but what is unusual, nay, special about Topgol, is that we are just a bunch of random residents who wandered in, loved the idea and decided to cooperate. We don’t know each other outside of SL, we don’t make any money from our ventures (hey, we’re not against it, but that’s not how this came about). We just realized that if we worked together we could keep the place looking decent and we’d all enjoy it more. And through that cooperation we actually became close friends.

The second type of developer is the type who does not give a shit. He bought a bunch of property and rented it out and as you can almost make out above, his tenants have posted shitty awful ad cubes in the center of the town, on the edge of our properties. They have built a god awful ugly mall. You can see this shit from the roof of Clockwork now, and man, that pisses me off.

We’re trying to come up with a solution. Something reasonable. I reached out to one of the tenants, but no response. I don’t know if that’s because the dude speaks no English or not. But regardless, we need an approach here that encourages cooperation. Next step is to approach the land developer.

So I ask you, dear readers, what do you think will be more persuasive. Uzis? Or no uzis?


Anatomy of a grid crash!

I haven’t been complaining so much about grid stability these days. I’m sure that’s largely because I’m not running a serious business in Second Life, and also because it appears to me that the grid is in much better shape than it was a year ago. I’m not saying it couldn’t and shouldn’t be better. I’m just saying it used to be a lot worse. The weekends used to be totally fucked, if some of you recall. Lag thicker than a wall of ruth’s hair, logins borked, inventories not working. That stuff still happens, just far less than once upon a time.

Anyway, I was going to do a much deeper post today but when I went to log in for photos, I never got beyond the devastation you see here. Then I checked the blog and saw that logins were suspended or some such business. I was so impressed with the sights I thought I’d do a little graphic for you all.

I’ve no idea what the problem is, but I can’t help but wonder if Linden is feeling pressure with the new Open Life grid going online today. Did you register, by the way? I did, but can’t log into it yet. I read Tateru Nino’s post on it at Massively, and you can too…

Coming to Clockwork tonight to hear the Ladybird Xax spin amazing electro heart beats?? See you there then!

Whew! Wind and snow here and sleepy dogs and reading boys. Nap time…

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The Mandelbrot Set – Found Waves

mbrot3.jpgGreetings all! This next podcast is from my set from last Sunday..I know I’m a bit slow with the posting of it, but yeah..stuff happens!

Anyways, this ones somewhat of a smattering between (mostly beach/water themed) guitar-featuring tracks, changing into a bleepy midsection and finishing off with a couple new electro tracks. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did making it, and thanks for reading/listening!

The Mandelbrot Set – Feb 03 / 08 | Click to Listen or Right Click/Save Link as to Download


Markus Guentner – Oceans Day
Plasmik – Supertubos
Bruno Pronsanto – Why Cant We Be Like Us
Fairmont – Bikini Atoll
Gui Boratto – Tipologia (Lucy Remix)
Alex Under – Anthemo
Ripperton – Tainted Words (Plasmik Remix)
Nico Purman – Tuesday
Plasmik – Pitch it (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
Guy Gerber & Chaim – Saltamonte
Miss Kitten & The Hacker – Midlife Crisis
Xenia Beliayeva – Music

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