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Say What?

Posted by Esteban

Words, words, words. I am a dolphin, arching joyfully out of the sea. I write a letter to Cardinal Richelieu, warning of the conspiracy against him. I can get a bucket at the dollar store, maybe something for the kid. Everything is made of signs.

Where do they come from? Thrice-great Hermes brought hieroglyphs in his tattered suitcase. Coal comes from the mountains. Buckets come from the dollar store. Life comes from the sun. There’s no digging for words. You can’t get them at the dollar store. The sun vanishes at night. They come too fast to really choose them, right? So it’s not rational. They just “come to you”: switchblade, metropolis, caravan, jalapeño. Different ones come to you than come to me. I chiseled mine in the tombs of pharaohs. Yours come from a can of spray paint. Where would we be without them?

I would be a bluejay or a beetle on the jungle floor; without words, nothing would define us. I know this because I live in the future, where the lion lies down with the lamb. All the old words have been forgotten, and we live without metaphor because everything is possible.

[thanks to Guen for the wordle.]

Funk Me; It’s Friday | 11 July 2008: play or right-click here to download.
Set list:

Karl Hector and the Malcouns: Rush Hour
Lefties Soul Connection: Loose Change
The Meters: Funky Miracle
Run-D.M.C.: Walk This Way
Morris Day & The Time: Jungle Love
Hercules And Love Affair: Raise Me Up
C Smalls & Co: The Buzzard
Little Jackie: 28 Butts
Lester Young & the California Playboys: Funky Funky Horse
Keith Mansfield Orchestra: Soul Confusion
Asiko Rock Group: Lagos City
Black On White Affair: A Bunch of Changes
Brother Jack McDuff: Theme from Electric Surfboard
The Counts: Sacrifice
The Fame Gang: Spooky
Cymande: Fug
Jimmy Smith & Kenny Burrell: Chitlins Con Carne
Toussaint McCall: Shimmy
Backyard Heavies: Expo 83
Irma Thomas: Time Is On My Side

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  1. Seraphine July 21st, 2008 1:08 am

    esteban, your word graphic wows me. i *love* that! it’s awesome.
    words words words, and still we do it. the thing is, words are more specific than gestures, but we seem to understand gestures better.
    you can tell a person understands you by watching their face. that’s why a poker face is so prized. some people don’t like being open books. they only like to show their jacket covers.yes, words define us, they define our world. but without words, we’d still exist. faces and gestures would be our medium, grunts for emphasis. maybe we’d find a new way of communicating, by blowing on each other or touching or blinking in a wordless type of morse code. 01 11110 0001 00001.
    computers show us this is possible.
    we only have to listen.

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