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New Day Rising

New Day Rising

It’s been a long time coming, long train running, or some shit like that, but Clockwork is moving to a bigger space to accommodate the massive crowds. No, really.

When Romana crashed her blimp into one of the main speakers last week (see below), it destroyed the sound system that even Butterfingers Paine could not kill when he unbalanced the compressors. So we’ve moved across the street (above the not-yet-opened Mygology retail space), installed a massive invisible sonic barrage-and-subspace bass rig designed for maximum euphoria, and we’ll christen the “new” space with a hat trick of Clockwork dj madness, Wednesday, Aug. 27. Doors open 5:30 pm SL time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5:30-6:45 pm – dj keTchUp
6:45-8:00 pm – dj Xax
8:00-9:15 pm – dj Esteban
9:15-? We’ll see how you’re all feeling…

Oh, the humanity!

And for those of you who heard rumors that the old Clockwork space was going to be blown up, we’re sorry to disappoint, but those plans are on hold after we were offered a lucrative deal to permit a high-end retailer to use the space in the hope of giving their merchandise more street cred. Hope we see you tomorrow, but if not then, real soon.


The Mandelbrot Set – Aftemath


Frst post in a long time: I’ve been playing for a bit but I’m gonna try to get back into the swing of postings anyways.

This set is mostly a result of the Toronto propane explosion that occured on Sunday morning near where I live – one of the few positive things to come of that…hence the darkness, the noise and the bits of fear and anger. In any case, I found it relieving myself to express some of how I felt hearing all the explosions and crap in the middle of the night – not knowing what it was, fearing bombs or worse.

Anyways – the stuff is a a fair bit mixed so the tracklist isn’t totally linear! As always, feedback and stuff is appreciated!

The Mandelbrot Set – Aftermath: Aug 10 08 | Click to Play or Right-Click / Save As To Download

Tusia Berdize – Hero
Ellen Allien – ITS
Leila – Mettle
Byetone – Plastic Star (Dr Walker Remix)
Plastikman – Disconnect
Autechre – Sim Gishel
Radio Slave – Grindhouse Tool
Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse
Modeselektor – In Loving Memory
Squarepusher – Vacuum Garden
The Black Dog – Floods V3
Stimming – The Anger
!!! – Pardon My Freedom
Holy Fuck – Tonebank Computer
LCD Soundsystem – Give it Up

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What’s your god damned dream?

We were having a little talk, me and Alex, about how funny it is that of all the things that are possible in Second Life, one thing we really enjoy is having a club.  We could be winged creatures, out ransacking mythic lands. We could be gangters with bigass guns setting up hits and extorting $L from our neighbors (actually, maybe we should do that…). We could be part machine – in fact, in SL we actually *are* part machine. But what do we spend our time doing the most? Recreating a part of our history that we never got to live in the first place.

Alex and I have spent a lot of time playing in clubs in our indie-rock band. I have spent more hours in stench-riddled dives from Boston to Charleston, rocking out, drinking cheap beer and squatting to pee over nasty public toilets than I probably have in shopping malls. We often fantasized about owning our own club but never wanted to deal with all the alcoholics.  And it wasn’t conducive to being in a band either. So we never did, and came to terms with the fact that we never would.

Then came Second Life, which offered the chance to have a version of that experience without the drawbacks.  Here we managed to create some of the club atmosphere, share good music, meet digital people and make friends, without having to deal with the drawbacks of a real club. The other day Alex and I discussed this and said, “huh – that’s damned cool.” And it is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “real” in Second Life and what that means. Last post talked about identity a bit, as that’s the blog topic ablaze in the SL Blogosphere.  Now I’m thinking about what it is we do. It is funny how sometimes we choose to emulate the physical world – we shop, we hang out, we hook up, we dance.  And even though those experiences in some ways pale by comparison to the real world experience, they are not without value.  Like when you can own a club and NEVER have to clean up some drunk’s vomit or blood, maybe it’s even better than the real thing.

So what’s your god damed dream, and how are you realizing it in SL?


What the hell is “real” in Second Life?

Why do so many SL stores have information desks and cash registers that are almost always abandoned? I get the idea of trying to make the store feel like a “real” store. But then that’s the problem. If they’re trying to emulate the vibe of a “real” store, and there’s never anybody working there, then you feel like the store isn’t really open. And I don’t think that’s the feeling retailers want their shoppers to have, is it?

It makes me think about the trend of realism in Second Life, and about how silly it sort of is – at least from my perspective. For example, James/Hamlet Au had two pieces in New World Notes yesterday that talked about how “real” Second Life is or maybe could or perhaps should be. In one, he showed a lovely photo of a pregnant woman (or female av, at least) and her partner, and quoted the photographer as saying the inspiration is partly “to show how much SL can be real.”

SL can be real, but doesn’t it have it’s very own reality? And that reality doesn’t actually include things like pregnant women, which is reality borrowed from the world of skin and bones. New avies don’t pop out of female avies’ nether regions in SL. That’s a “make believe” playing house moment in SL, not a “real” moment. A real moment is when an asshole orbits you off your own property for fun, or when you bust a gut laughing at something Romana says while Alex is playing kick ass tuneage over the stream. At least, to me that’s SL “reality.” Pregnancy is not.

In the other, he asked “Would you give your avatar a more realistic shape?”  I for one have to say, “Hell no!” In fact, I should probably have a less realistic shape. Trust me people, my shape is a little too realistic these days in RL. I think that the trend of representing oneself as realistically as possible in SL is a bit lacking in imagination, to be honest. It seems to ignore vast opportunities for creativity and vision in the creation of our digital selves. (Sophrosyne Stenvaag delivers a helpful smackdown on this topic at her blog.) And by the way, I appreciate Hamlet’s posts – I’m not arguing with them. They were pretty thought provoking.

Now, I understand that some folks want to have plus-sized avatars, perhaps because they are working to towards through (sorry, the typo was making me insane. edited 8/11/08) their own feelings of acceptance about being overweight in real life, and/or maybe they are pushing an agenda to get others to drop their prejudice against people who are overweight. That’s cool, really. There’s a purpose there and it’s a damned good one.

But for me, the opportunity to create a digital self (and multiple digital selves, as I have more than one, and some are far less realistic than I normally am) in any form my imagination conjures, is the actual reality of Second Life. And I consider it one of the most important features Second Life has to offer.

You are you every day. Don’t you want a chance to be someone, well, different? In some way?


Quick encounter story & dj kEtchUp at it again, 6pm SLT

typical asshole

Real quick. The other day I was digging in my inventory to look for proper attire for Codebastard’s latex party last weekend. I confess, it’d been awhile since I’d broken out the latex and I wasn’t at all sure of what look to go for. So I cobbled together my clear latex underthings for that shiny just greased pig look, and wore black pants from an old BareRose outfit I had from long ago, complete with holes in the leg and thigh, revealing spots of my shiny ass, topped with a black shiny patent leather halter top. To complete the look, I wore my bruiser skin from Civvies, which comes complete with black eye and massive scrapes and burns on the torso, fully visible. Sorry I didn’t take a photo – it was a really priceless look. With that, I wanted to shop a little bit before the party and said to Alex, “Let’s go and see how long it takes for some noob asshole to hit on me.”

Guess how long it took?

Not very. The minute I landed at the first stop, this dude in the picture above starts chatting me up. I am really losing my touch too, because I didn’t take any photos,  and I didn’t deliver any Myg style smack down. I was just kind of – bored. It was like too predictable or something. Alex tp’d in and tried using various orbiters on the guy, but none worked. It was really a little depressing.  As the guy started talking about how he doesn’t have enough L to buy a penis, I just tp’d away. Sad story, huh? Sorry – I said I had to get back into the swing of things here.

In any case, please do come on out to Clockwork tonight to hear AlexB (aka dj kEtchUp) spin all your new favorites you’ve never heard before, and some old ones too. 6pm SLT!

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High in the sky

So, here’s what we’re up to. Me, I’ve been shopping a lot, though on limited $L. It’s been all my willpower not to upload cash for all of the new skins I want. Alex was generous enough to share some of his tip money with me from his gig last week and I got this Nomine (SLURL) windlight skin. My good pal Orchid tipped me to this place, which I can’t believe I’d not been to yet. I’m wearing Windlight Vamp-Black, and I really, really dig it. I wanted drama and this does the trick. In SL it doesn’t look exactly like this, as I fucked with this photo in Picnik (omg, if you don’t use picnik to edit your flickr photos, you are so deprived! It’s easy even for graphically challenged folk like me, and a lot less time consuming than PS!). But in the $1000L skin range, these seem to be right up there with my all time favorites like Celestial Studios, Cake and Chai skins.

As for him, AlexB, he’s scheming and building. A new Clockwork, that is. Miles up in the sky is where he can be found these days slaving away at what will hopefully be a bigger, better club.

We seem to be getting right back into it, right? I still find it’s not so easy to have a SLife on a couple of hours before bed, which in some context sounds totally fucking ridiculous. But I recall the hours upon hours I’d spent before exploring and getting involved in all kinds of shit that went on. It made for good blogging, anyway. Better blogging than these boring updates, which I probably don’t need to bother posting, but which I shall nonetheless post.

Bear with me. I’m re-acclimating.


Crucified campers on a stick

Warning: several campers were crucified during this post. Not suitable for all audiences.

I’m not going to say where, when, or how. But there is a place, up on a hill, where you can see the likes of this on a regular basis:

There are bunches of them, standing with their arms extended, like a frozen aerobics class perhaps, only in worse attire. You speak to them and nobody answers. You rez weird objects and fly them at their heads, and nobody moves.  They are camper zombies, and they must be stopped.

But how? Romana tried to reason with them, but was unsuccessful. Alex drew his gun, fired, but nothing happened. I wanted to hurl insults, but nobody was answering. They weren’t really there. And unlike a long forgotten episode of dragging “away” avatars hovering around camping spots in a casino to a designated mercy killing field, these folks were fixed in their places. Unmovable. Unbreakable. Unstoppable.

So for a brief while, they were sacrificed.

You could almost see their spirits ascending to that digital kingdom in the sky, lifted from the sad and pathetic burden of their hedonistic, materialistic, camperistic lives. The most any of them had made was about $36L. But shortly, the crosses auto-returned, and we were back to our awkward gawking and head shaking.

Campers. Will they ever learn?


Meanwhile, back in Topgol


Just a shot from DJ keTchUp’s set at Clockwork last night. Here we’ve got the beguiling Romana Wei, mid groove. I took a bunch of shots, but to be honest my SL photography skills sucketh from lack of practice. I wanted to try to capture the crowd of folks who came out, and since my camera didn’t do the job I’ll do some shout outs: Sophrosyne, Galatea, Sable, Romana, JellyBean, Hawksrock, Akasha, Xaxoqual, Esteban, GoSpeed, Chestnut (who features much better photos of the night than I took), Zha, and damn, a few new faces whose names I am forgetting. Which is why I personally could never be mayor of Topgol.

Alex and I have been talking about what to do and where to go with our Second Lives. We’ve been pretty consumed in our real flesh begotten lives for awhile now, but we’ve missed our friends in SL a lot. We’d like to get the club up and running again, but for me it’s become real important that I don’t feel obligated to be there every night it’s open. My last few months in SL before I took a break all I did was host at the club. I enjoy it, but not when it’s all I do in SL. It burns you out like anything else done repetitively enough for no pay.

It’s interesting to contemplate these things from the standpoint of a long hiatus. When we first got into SL, it was all consuming for us. We were so riveted by the possibilities and the creative potential and the social aspects. We saw and still do see such enormous potential for Second Life. But now that we’re a little older and a bit busier, it’s a challenge to figure out where to fit it into the whole of our lives. It’s not easy to be a part timer in SL in some ways. I remember how easy it was to spend hours and hours and hours and hours and…well that can’t happen anymore.

What can happen in far less hours logged on a week? I guess that’s what we’ll be finding out. Stay tuned…