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I haven’t been real mobile lately, but I’d gotten up off the couch long enough for a stretch in some terrific moonlight, when something caught my eye.


Not that I hadn’t sort of suspected something was funny about that bright sky.


I felt the kicking inside and then I just knew.


(n)eXt – new music Thursdays at Clockwork


Clockwork presents:


Three hours of (mostly) new music
6-9 pm SL time
Topgol (205, 144, 65)

I used to spin on Mondays for an hour. Now it’s Thursdays for three. Lots of new indie rock, most of it good. Plenty of old faves and tarnished gems. Come on out and start the weekend early. Cross posted at Everything Hits at Once.


Help wanted

more bomb

Burgess here. Just wanted to drop in and talk about a few things. First, those of you who I haven’t seen inworld recently, I miss you. Okay, not all of you. If you’re thinking, “Nah, he doesn’t miss me,” and you’re inclined to think well of yourself, you’re probably right. Everyone else, I miss. The depressives should just kid themselves and try hard to believe I miss them too. God, this is coming out all wrong.

Second, I started another blog where I can not post as much as I don’t post here: Everything Hits at Once. There is currently a post or two up there, including a truncated version of this one. If you’re at all interested, peruse it while it’s hot, because it will likely go dormant shortly. I’m reminded of the Dread Pirate Roberts: “Good night, Westley, sleep well. I shall probably kill you in the morning.”

And C, Clockwork is doing well, but there are only three of us dj’ing at the moment and we could use some assistance and promotions. So this is an open call for djs and a manager.

In terms of djs, I’m picky. Could be that’s why there’s only three of us at the moment. I want either college radio geeks or club freaks. It’s all right with me if you went to college in the 80s, I just want someone who was at some point obsessed with indie or punk rock, or serious about dance music. I want people who can both please a crowd and turn people on to rare gems and fresh tracks. I’m not interested in FM Pop, what passes for R&B these days, or the same house hits and industrial trance that three-quarters of all SL clubs spew forth 24/7. You work for tips. The club doesn’t take a cut. Drop a notecard on me, Alexander Burgess, with a short 12-song set or IM me inworld to talk about it. Impress me. Non-North Americans welcome.

If you think you’d like to help manage the club, you should to be able to:

– Be there a few nights a week, particularly when I’m not there, just to check that things are running smoothly, help bring people in, chat with the crowd
– Help find new talent and devise ways to promote the scene at the club without running the same pajama-and-peanut butter contests we see elsewhere. Okay, maybe a pajama-and-peanut butter contest or two, but nothing less ridiculous.
– Share my vision of a club that combines good conversation and serious music appreciation
– Get along with—or at least put up with—me and my occasionally crabby flakiness

I know that’s asking a lot, but it would be a paying job for the right person.

Please let your friends and enemies know and sic them on me. Thanks.

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My brain is different.  My body is different.  The light is brighter.  The night is darker.  Color is a distant fire from an indifferent circus. The future is a gaping nowhere and the past is a rat gnawing its way through a blanket of resolution woven from words and tears and many years.

I find I am still here. Even when I feel like I’m not.

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Dares to hope

Dares to hope

But not to watch.

For whatever reason, I can’t bear to watch the debates anymore. I just can’t.