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Here and not here.

I know, I know. You may think Mygdala March is no more, given my lack of logins since the kids were born in January. And I can understand that. But I want to assure you, Myg is still very much alive. It’s just that I’ve morphed my online personality to fit a bit more with my first life, or real life, or whatever you want to call it, and I may choose, “Holy shit I have twin boys and I’m getting no sleep but life is awesome” life.

I read this short but thought provoking piece, “Good as Dead”  by Tateru Nino about a month ago about what happens when someone disappears from their virtual world, and I felt so bad I almost posted. Almost. The reason I didn’t was really a matter of how much time and energy I’ve got these days, which is next to none, and what little of it there is, is spent with them: 

Five months

Can you blame me?

Then most of my spare time, of which there is, actually, none, I am asleep. Because folks, it’s been over 5 months now and the babies still aren’t getting through the night without getting up at least once. Between two kids, that makes for one spotty night of slumber.  Which, ironically, reminds me of the first several months of Mygdala March’s entrance into Second Life.

Funny the parallels there. Back in November 2006 I gave birth to my online self, Myg. The nurturing of that self took a tremendous amount of time and energy, and was also a labor of love. It was a time of play and exploration and creation and possibility, which is what drove me to spend hours upon hours in world, and no, I don’t regret a minute of it. I love Second Life. I love Topgol and the places we’ve created there. I love and miss you, my digital companions. I dare say I will be back, but I can’t say when. When I learn to better manage my time, I suppose. When the kids sleep through the night and take regular naps, perhaps.

Some of you have an interest in my life outside of Second Life, and I’ve been able to keep in touch. If you are at all interested in the whole Myg, you’re invited to follow me at Wisermom.org, where I blog mostly about the “holy shit” experience of being a new mom. You can also connect with me on Plurk or on Twitter, which I’ve re-embraced along with Oprah. No, I haven’t literally embraced Oprah, nor her talk show.

Some of you aren’t interested in my life outside of Second Life, and hey, that’s alright too. I totally understand that. This started out as a Second Life blog, and I do intend to keep it that way. But unlike real life, or first life, or whatever you like to call it, my Second Life can wait a little while.

But those adorable little monkeys in diapers and onesies in that photo up there? They don’t do “wait.”

I can’t imagine where they got that quality from, either.

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