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Well, hey there!

I thought some of you who once subscribed to this blog might possibly be interested in reading something I wrote. It’s a Twilight fanfic. Don’t laugh! Okay, well, you can laugh.

But seriously.

Imagine if Twilight had been written for grown ups, by me? You might like it then, right? Maybe? Perhaps?

I think you should find out for yourself!

You can check this out as a blog post over at Twitarded. Or you can visit the story as it unfolds at its own subdomain here.

And if you are a big fan of Twilight and the rest of the series, and are over the age of 18? You may really like it quite a bit. And if you are over the age of 25? You might like it even more. And if you’re older than that but are Twilight obsessed? This fic’s for you.

And if you do stop by to read at those other places? Please, please say hello and let me know you came from SL.

hearts and puffy things to you,