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What Ever Happened to Esteban Moody?

Dear You,

It seems like a long time. It seems like a very long time. Well, for you, at least. The truth is that for me it’s been a few days, tops.

I was sent on a mission. It’s a secret. It’s a space mission, and I travel faster than the speed of light. For me, a second ticks by like clockwork, but months pass for you. I’m sorry I didn’t say good bye, but I needed to get to the future–fast. I’ll be back on October 13, 4772. The falcon told me. My mother’s mother fed me the blood-caked corn, but I am grown now. Oh, it’s not a secret, really: I just need to save the world again.

As always, I need your help. The GPS went out on this thing, and I need to find my way back. Put a candle in your window, will you? I’m millions of miles away by now, and all the little specks look the same. Is that Earth or A1689-zD1? The light won’t help—I’m moving too fast for that—but love travels faster than anything.



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