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Today in History

You already know the story. We scampered into our dens, hiding from the ashen skies. I shared mine with a little dicynodont. I saw you across the plain, scared and twitching.

Now everything is killing us. That cat litter’s on sale. It’s the 5th already and I haven’t paid rent. Don’t forget to water the plants. At least it’s inventory day tomorrow — I won’t have to talk to customers. I move through the labyrinth. I look for sunlight. I sniff the air and listen. I try that new whitening toothpaste.

You see, we all thought that when the next apocalypse came, we’d be ready. You had those extra cans of refried beans and a shotgun. I welded spikes on the front of my Escort. But the apocalypse snuck up on us, you know. It’s been happening for a while. We missed the signs. There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

It’s not too late. We need to find each other. Remember how it was? The hawk faltered in its dive for prey. I’m not trying to be nostalgic, but I felt alive then. Every second I felt alive.

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