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Jelly wrote about it today and it got me thinking. Why haven’t I been going into Second Life?

Quite honestly, I’ve had a lot of other stuff I’ve had to do and have wanted to do. Some personal, some professional, and some other. 

I’ve been working a lot. And strangely with the onset of daylight savings time, I’ve been a lot more interested in my work. That’s a good thing because for most of the winter I’d been really depressed about my work life. I recently stopped having clinical cases and instead I’ve been wrapping my brain around environments (real, physical and interpersonal ones) and trying to understand why they make us do the things we do. I don’t know where I’ll go from here, but I’m not uncomfortably bored and unchallenged where I am at the moment, and that’s really important. Never underestimate the power of a little sun.

I’ve been writing my novel again, and that’s where a lot of my creative energy has been. Blogging here at M is for Myg has taught me that I can write consistently in short spurts. So I set the goal to write two pages a day on my novel, and I’ve been really good at sticking to it. Two pages may not sound like much, but if I stay on this schedule I’ll have my first draft done in May. That excites me like I can’t even tell you. I’ve been working on this novel since 2004!

I’ve also been obsessing about politics. I have traded my SL addiction for a compulsive Dailykos habit. If you’re not a rabid progressive who thinks Barack Obama is the only obvious choice for president, then don’t even bother going there. Unless you’re on the fence and want to be convinced. Or want to argue and get a royal smack down.

One last thing.  I didn’t make a big deal out of it, but last Friday was M is for Myg’s 1st birthday. I am really proud of that and it wouldn’t be possible without the most excellent contributions from Esteban Moody, Sable Slade and Rain Laval, Xaxoqual Mandelbrot, Alex Burgess (remember him?), and in the way back of this blog, Vanny Richez and Lisa Takao.

It sure as hell wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for those of you who continue to read it. I just want to say thanks for that. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me, but let me put it like this.

Good blogging requires a writer to commit a piece of themselves, to surrender it publicly to the scrutiny and criticism of anyone on earth with a computer. It’s a powerful act, and not one devoid of intellectual and emotional consequences, however trivial the subject matter may appear. These blogs contain our ideas, and what are we if not ideas and feelings?

That’s why Second Life is so amazing to me still. You are almost purely an idea there, with your physical package stripped away and instead, represented by an image of mostly your own mind’s creation.

When you come and participate in M is for Myg as a reader or commenter, you let me and my friends know that on some level our ideas – we – matter. Even when you disagree with us or don’t like us.

Thanks for that. I needed it.


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Have you seen this chicken?

dj kEtcHup

Well, we knew Alexander Burgess had a semester of gradual skool, so we gave him some slack. But what’s stopped him from posting during the break? That farking AWNM dudes’ blog? Harumph. So they have nakie pics. M is for Myg has podcasts! And DJs! And Hulk! And snarkiness! Is this not enough? Seems like there’s a trend here. One that must be stopped!

If anybody sees this chicken, remind him from Myg that there ain’t no date set yet…

A girl blogger has needs, ya know. Regular posting is one of them, right along with daily thumb massages and coffee in the morning!


Do you picnik?

If you’ve got a Flickr photostream, are you using picnik? I am! It’s the new web-based image editor that’s embedded into Flickr, and happens to be my latest SL obsession. In just a couple of minutes I was able to make this image below:

bean bag music

from this original, sent as a postcard from Second Life:

bean bag music

Let me explain how simple this is.

You’re in Second Life. You take a snapshot and send it as a postcard to your Flickr account (go to your flickr account page and look under the email tab to find out the email address you send the postcard to).  And if only I didn’t have to paste the email address in every time, wow how much easier!

Then you go to the photo’s page on flickr and hit edit.  You can use picnik as long as you can use Flash.

In picnik, under the “edit” tab I cropped and adjusted the exposure. Then under the the “create” tab, I used the effects boost, soften, and vignette. Then under frame I made a border.

It’s super quick and easy. It’s no photoshop, but it’s free (for those of you who don’t have PS and can’t spend the L on it…) and there’s a bunch of fun stuff you can do with it. Also, you can upgrade to premium for additional features ($24.95 a year).

What I love is not stockpiling a zillion random photos on my hard drive and not using PS for simple editing coz I suck at PS and am too impatient to learn and besides, it runs like poop on my computer if I’m running SL.

So, are you using it? What do you think? And on my wishlist is for Vint to review and contrast with PS!


Blogher in Second Life next weekend. Woot!

Thank god the women are listening.

Blogher is having it’s big ass convention in Chicago next weekend. Well, I can’t be in Chicago, but thanks to the forward thinking women putting this together I can still go to the conference. See, these smarties are hosting a complimentary event in Second Life at the same time. Wow, what a great idea!


So refreshing, too, to see a big organization actually figure out what Second Life *is* good for. Like bringing people with common interests together across continents. See corporate America, was that so hard?

Somehow, I was asked to do the “meet your fellow blogger” activity in Second Life. I’m honored, to say the least. So, say you’ll be there. Promise? Okay good.

I’m on at 8am SL Time, Friday 7/27/07. And with that kind of spotlight I’ll be doing something goofy, you can bet on it. Then right afterwards you can see the mighty Vint Falken. on a panel with theDivaRockin of podcasting and dj’ing glory, and Koz Farina, creator of the second life blogHUD.

But if you want to go, you need to register. Then you’ll get the info about where, etc.

Check out the schedule here. And register here. (Don’t be fooled by the registration form! It’s painless and free to register. You too, men!)

Until then!


SLBloggers Blogmeet Sunday 7/15, 1 p.m. SL time


Some of the more addicted SLBloggers got together on Sunday to do a little planning and talk business in a lovely courtyard at DesertWolf‘s place. Present were DesertWolf, dinee, Zoe, Tiana, JellyBean, HawksRock, Myg, and myself. Technically I think the weekly meeting is for “officers” in the SL Bloggers Second Life group, but anyone in the group is welcome. If you want to be more involved, just IM Zoe Connolly to be included.

Piracy is the theme of this month’s SL Bloggers blogmeet (this Sunday, July 15, beginning at 1 p.m. SL time, at the home of the lovely and gracious dinee, watch the group notices for the LM). And no, we’re not talking about copyright issues or filesharing, we’re talking Aarrrrggh, matey! Pirates! Come in your scurvy nautical best.

An idea of what kind of things we kicked around after the jump.
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Around the blogs 7/5/07


Last night, Myg, Esteban, and I caught a ride in a Caddy with a ghost driver. I tried to take a pic of it not being there, but my camera wouldn’t even move the frame that far over. Talk about supernatural power. M and E weren’t bothered by it at all, but you can tell by the look on my face I was a little freaked. I calmed myself during the spectral excursion by thinking about all the cool stuff I’d read about in the blogosphere this week.

The enthusiasm and talent of Wrath and Jellybean for machinima is infectious. Though you probably won’t see anything directly from me too soon, I have been reading up on it. In addition to the tutorial Tiana posted, Aenea (director of “A Public Affair,” one of the best music video machinimi I’ve seen) has written one specifically for Mac OS X (hurrah!) dealing with running and external frame capture program like Fraps (Windows only, Mac users must use Boot Camp to run it) or SnapzPro. I’m hoping that using one of these may lessen some of the jerkiness you see in most machinima (take note, Windows people, this could help you too).

For my fellow WordPress junkies out there, if you like to tweak things you should be reading WebBlog Tools Collection, where you can find the latest theme and plugin releases.

If you’re worried about your blog addiction, well, just think of me as your enabler. Have another, there’s no use fighting it.


Hey SL Bloggers – how addicted are ya?


80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Silly quiz time! Still, thought it was time to come clean with my addiction. So, what about you?

Be warned, the link takes you to the quiz, hosted at a silly online dating place, and who needs online dating when all we ever do in Second Life is get laid anyway?

What a life!


Blog trek: Sex and the Meta City

That’s Lillie Yifu–whose blog, 2nd Sex, I discovered earlier this week boldly piloting my browser into the badlands of the blogosphere. Lillie writes intelligently and thoughtfully about issues intersecting her life as a highly paid, highly visible escort (I’m sure I’ve seen her name attached to comments at various other blogs). What drew me in this week was her post on the obnoxious practice of teleport spam. You’ve all been reading her, I know. How come you didn’t tell yr pal, Alex? And for those of you interested in more titillating tales of her business, she also posts at The Red Lantern.

Other sites of recent note:

  • I’ve taken to reading Metaversed, which strikes me as a more business-minded 3pointD, getting down into the dirt and discussing the intersection of meatspace politics with virtuality, as well as all manner of metaspherical business–think of an expanded version of Tateru Nino’s Monday Reality Mix at New World Notes or Second Life Insider‘s Mixed Reality category. (Hey NWN: How about some categories–preferably linked to yr Technorati account and some pingbacks.)
  • A Virtual Village Voice is Laetizia Coronet’s personal blog that offers brief, thoughtful posts on things we’re all talking about.
  • And last, A Better World in Second Life, not a blog at all, but a page dedicated to promoting a machinima film of the same title about the intersection of Real World activism with Second Life. And since we dig machinima and activism, we’ll dig you if you check it out. Dig?
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