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Shoot the Moon – Blog Trek, 16 June

Blogger's meet roll call 6-15-07

We arrived in shuttles, vipers, and phoneboxes. We materialized out of thin air. Dressed in uniforms, armor, and old sockses. We were all there. Yep, it was the sci-fi-themed June blogmeet. My head still hurts. But probably not as much as Wrath’s. Make sure you click on the pic and go look at the full-sized version at Flickr to get the full effect. Notice even at this stage in the evening, Wrath has forgotten what he is wearing. Though, I’m no one to point fingers. I have no idea what I was dressed as. After the fact, it appears I was channeling some long-lost relative of Mrs. Whatsit from A Wrinkle in Time.

Hostess Veyron

Many thanks to the lovely Veyron for hosting. Your home and deck were an ideal location and the sim was virtually lag-free. (Sorry, I only got this one headshot–does anyone have a good photo showing her sporting the hawt top from The Fifth Element?) Representing the blogosphere at the outset were: Hawks and JellyBean, London and Natsume, Dalien, Korbin, TheDiva, DesertWolf, Zoe, dinee, Veyron, Looker, Wrath, Sun, and Elusyve. And missing from the pic but who I know were there early on: Vint (who has a great write up of the party here), CodeBastard, Caterin. Who else, avs? Let me know. Read on below the fold to see how this lovely afternoon dance party turned into a scene of excess and debauchery of lunar proportions.

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Sociable Second Life


Orchid and I are building Myg’s exhibit space for the Second Life 4th Birthday (SL4B) celebration. Above we’re hard at work brainstorming. She’s cute, isn’t she? She’s like my annoying kid sister copping my look like that. No matter what she says, I saw those boots first. I admit, she did help me find the camo cut-offs, but then went and bought her own just to wind me up. Notice the way she adores me. Who could stay bugged?

It’s a Wednesday and the grid is going to be down for six hours, at least, so I’m going to get meta on you.

One of Second Life’s great strengths is the rich social networking the 3D virtual space enables–well beyond that of any chatroom or MUD. The vibrancy of the relationships is startling. Sue Stonebender wrote a thoughtful post about virtual networking recently. Sue is one of the first people Myg met through blogging way back when she only had a Vox blog four months ago. Besides being a great blogger, Sue–along with her incredibly talented partner, Baron Grayson–is responsible for some of SL’s most beautiful builds. More society pages and interpersonal dirt after the jump.

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Because I cannot shoot you on my blog when you act like a dick . . .


It is with deep regret that our new comments policy goes into effect. From now on, all comments will need to be approved by us before they appear.

I was really trying to avoid this because for the vast majority of you, I want to encourage your comments. But I also want to keep the peace and avoid being fucked with, which sadly means at the moment we need to lock the door and set a secret password.

For those of you who would like to continue to leave comments here, the new password is, “Don’t be a dick.” If that one malfunctions, try “Shut the fuck up and go away if you don’t like us.”

Think of it this way. If you were to come to my house and shit on my carpet, I would ask you to leave. If you come to my blog and leave comments designed to be insulting, disruptive and irritating, I’ll do the same.  Because while I believe there’s no reason to take shit from people, anytime or anywhere, there certainly is no reason to take it online.

I am all for free speech. But my blog is mine. If you want to criticize me, by all means, go make your own blog and do it.


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