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Do you picnik?

If you’ve got a Flickr photostream, are you using picnik? I am! It’s the new web-based image editor that’s embedded into Flickr, and happens to be my latest SL obsession. In just a couple of minutes I was able to make this image below:

bean bag music

from this original, sent as a postcard from Second Life:

bean bag music

Let me explain how simple this is.

You’re in Second Life. You take a snapshot and send it as a postcard to your Flickr account (go to your flickr account page and look under the email tab to find out the email address you send the postcard to).  And if only I didn’t have to paste the email address in every time, wow how much easier!

Then you go to the photo’s page on flickr and hit edit.  You can use picnik as long as you can use Flash.

In picnik, under the “edit” tab I cropped and adjusted the exposure. Then under the the “create” tab, I used the effects boost, soften, and vignette. Then under frame I made a border.

It’s super quick and easy. It’s no photoshop, but it’s free (for those of you who don’t have PS and can’t spend the L on it…) and there’s a bunch of fun stuff you can do with it. Also, you can upgrade to premium for additional features ($24.95 a year).

What I love is not stockpiling a zillion random photos on my hard drive and not using PS for simple editing coz I suck at PS and am too impatient to learn and besides, it runs like poop on my computer if I’m running SL.

So, are you using it? What do you think? And on my wishlist is for Vint to review and contrast with PS!


Top ten stories I want to see covered at aRE wE nOT mEN

You know all about it now, right? The Alex-Wrath-Hawksrock blog, Are We Not Men? After a year of reading MGG2SL, it seems they felt that the “typical guy” avatars of Second Life needed a strong voice in the media too, and who better, really, to represent. Fine. But if they’re going to have the backs of the typical Second Life Guy, there are some pressing issues they need to be addressing.  What follows here are Myg’s priority stories for the Big Bad Mens on the block.

makin2.jpgStory Number 1: Foreplay – not just seven minutes in heaven.

Story Number 2: Impress her for life: fold T-shirts like a GAP employee and get yourself laid!

Story Number 3: Talking to virtual women – strategies for the homebound and socially inept (I’ve got this on the “must read” list for several dudes already…) 

Story Number 4: When (and more importantly, when not) to go topless in public!Burgess and Wrath are mens

Story Number 5: Man clothes! Turns out you don’t *have* to wear the same t-shirt for six months afterall!

Story Number 6: Hair that doesn’t suck – the three styles every SLMan must have!1047056022_f47e0edad9_o 

Story Number 7: Porn for Women. Does it really exist? Yes, it does, and it comes with household appliances! 

Story Number 8: Gender bending 101 – get the most out of your orientation exploration without being a motherfucker to everyone else!

Benjina BigbellyStory Number 9: Do I look fat in this? How to answer critical questions without getting yourself killed. 

Story Number 10: Dirty old man – how to be one without being a complete asshole. (**Hint** do not assume everyone around you is in their early twenties!)
 Dirty old man again

I’m not saying they needed ideas – seems they have plenty of them. But I’m just saying, if the boys get it right we all stand to benefit a little from this venture.

So what have you got, fellas?


M is for Mean Myg – cross it, bitches


JellyBean asked me before, but I had commitment phobia. I didn’t think I could keep up. I didn’t think I could produce, be the Mean Girl she wanted, nay, needed me to be.

But when Alex banded together with Hawks and Wrath to create the next big Second Lifestyles blog, Are We Not Men, it was fucking on. See, the way I see it, you can’t let too many men organize amongst themselves without some checks and balances in place. [//*refrains from making some inflammatory statement linking the *bomb* and testosterone production in primates*//]

Don’t get me wrong people. I love men. I really, truly love them. Especially in bed. Especially when they’re hot and sweaty after cleaning the gutters or carrying something for me and then they get in bed and get me all hot and sweaty. And when I say “them,” I don’t really mean “them.”

I mean him.

Clockwork proprietor

But now he’s gone and joined another blog with his “man” friends, so what’s a girl to do? Get mean, that’s what. That’s right. I’ve officially signed on with the Mean Girls Guide to Second Life and will post amongst them now, in addition to here.

So it looks like you’ll have some adds to your blog readers, if we all do our jobs right. Oh, there are plans afoot for M is for Myg too folks. You’ve been loyal and I’ve been lame (thanks to Esteban for keeping us alive here). But I’ve got some new series planned, including coverage of the diabolical inner workings of the Morrisey clan (are they really planning a hostile takeover of the Lindens?), more shopping shit, and the staggering conclusion of Season Two of Met a Stranger, all for you in 2008. And that’s just my blogging, never mind the mind blowing pixel/word abstracts of Esteban Moody and the funkiest podcasts on the net here every week.

All for you. Because I love you, hot and sweaty, smelling like humans, sitting in front of your machine, reading us.

Happy New Year, people.


Holiday Mygme


Rosie tagged meh! So here, for those of you who are wondering:

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper?

I shop on 12/23, never before, and I buy everything from 1 or 2 local merchants (no fucking malls! Kill me first!)

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)?

Ren and Stimpy

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects?

Probably about a 6 if I actually do them. I’m definitely at a 1 for “getting around to it,” meaning, I’ve lived in my RL house for four years and there are still no doors on any rooms upstairs. My SL experience has taught me that doors are a waste anyway (if you have no kids!).

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Skinny skiing and drunken gift wrapping

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it?

Up against a wall, hard with lots of tongue, special delivery from Burgess. (You asked…)

Bonus (as in optional):What is the best holiday gift you have ever gotten? Best you’ve given?

See #5. “Extra special delivery” from Burgess.

May all your Christmasses, Hannukahs, Kuwanzases and New Yearses be memeorable :-)

(And nope, no tagging again!)

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8 random SL Bloggers, recap by Myg

You know, I had no idea the whole blogging meme thing garnered such mixed opinions! I mean, heck, give me any opportunity to spew random crap about myself and I’m usually all for it. But that’s me, and this is my blog.

See, I rather enjoyed what the SL blogosphere put out there on this one. Some of the random facts really made me giggle, so I had to do a highlights version for posterity’s sake. So here they are – 8 of my favorite random facts about SL Bloggers. (In no particular order…)

Hawksrock! Hawksrock Gunawan: 2) My dad put me to work summers in a beef packing plant to make me value my education, where I was the only one on my line that spoke English. There were three guys speaking Spanish and 2 speaking Vietnamese. It was still interesting to see how well you can relate and communicate when you have to via hand signals and loud grunts. Another interesting job I had was “shagging” trailers at a friend of my fathers trucking company when I was only 16. Nothing like getting your license and then moving several ton 18-wheelers around in the summer. (Did Hawks just disclose he was both a beef packer and a truck shagger? Was Jelly aware of this?)

CodeBastard Redgrave: 5. I like pr0n. Yes, I do. Especially old Danish or German porn from the 80’s, like Color Climax and so on. Those people knew how to make porn. It looked amateur, and it was pretty kinky.

Dilligafah Hoodoo: 6) I will try to cook anything on a BBQ, so far I’ve learned that eggs, rice, beans, and pancake batter don’t really work unless you have a pot.

Rosie Shark: 1. I am fundamentally suspicious of Tom Hanks. Anyone this squeaky clean is bound to have skeletons in their closet. And, no, I didn’t like Forest Gump either.

Elusyve! Elusyve Jewell: 1) I can fall asleep anywhere, at anytime.. I am not narcoleptic, it is just a talent I have, that many are jealous of, just as they are of my other talent of swallowing square caramels whole!

Orchid from MeanGirls:  (4) Apple juice makes me poop. A lot. I know its gross, but your average normal person should be able to drink a glass of apple juice without running to the bathroom an hour later! I am not average and can NOT drink much apple juice. Anything more than ohh .. a glass that you’d drink a cocktail out of is TOO much. I used to think it was an allergy, but I can eat apples! I don’t know anymore .. I just avoid apple juice for the most part.


JellyBean: Fact 3: I enjoy Pickle sammiches. It’s just pickles + mayo on wheat bread. I love it most when the pickle juice makes my mayo milky. 😀

October Hush: 8. Eight…eight…I forget what eight was for.


8 Stunning, Shining Facts about Us

Burgess and Myggles 

Between Hawks and dinee, we done been tagged and bagged. But since Burgess is wrapping up a crazy semester, we decided to  answer as a unit.  Here goes.

1. We rarely discuss our SLives with our friends who aren’t in Second Life. That’s because by and large they Just. Don’t. Get it.  We’ve tried to pass along our enthusiasm, the vast potential of the metaverse, the tales of the great people we’ve met and the fun and creative things we’ve done (Clockwork, DJing, Met a Stranger, blogging, etc.) yet they still look at us with the vague disinterest one might show their tax advisor whenever we bring it up. So fuck’em. Hell, I’ve even tried talking to my teenage clients about it (bonus random fact about Myg – I work with adolescents)  and you’d THINK the young’uns would jump all over it, but truth is most of them don’t have machines that can handle SL well enough. I think the technology jump is still a big barrier for a lot of folks, but then we’ll leave analysis to another post.

2. Our dog Mason sleeps in bed with us every night. He’s an 8 month old black lab (8 months old today – Happy 8 month Birthday you sweetie muppeh puppeh!) Yes, I project tremendous child rearing fantasies onto Mason and I’m fully aware of that, like thinking he will somehow read that last line later tonight when I go home and he’s resting his head in my lap, trying to lick the laptop keyboard to score some burrito crumbs (bonus random Mygfact #2 – I eat in front of the laptop, all the time. I don’t recommend it, nor does Apple.)

3. We need a bigger bed. (Please refer to Stunning Fact #2, above).

4. We were brought together by rock. My then-boyfriend was the singer in Alex’s post-punk noise band and I used to go and hang out during rehearsals, quite jealous I couldn’t be in the band. My then-bf quit the band, and I replaced him as the singer. Alex was the guitarist. Later I learned to play guitar and the two of us went on to be in a total of three different bands together, the last one being by far the best. That band did release some stuff and did some modest regional touring and if we were to let you know the name, you could in fact google it and find out our real identities. We still write, record and release music with that band, albeit very sporadically.

5. In the past we’ve both worked for high-ranking politicians and then left politics, likely forever. Working in politics, for me, was so fucked up that I don’t even want to say more about it right now.

6. We are both in the middle of writing novels. (And for those of you wondering wth happened to Met a Stranger, I’m really really sorry! It had to get pushed aside for my latest endeavor for a little while. I am determined to return to it someday because it was the best thing I ever did with my SL time, but it is amazingly time-intensive, so I need to do it when I can fully commit to it again…)

7. We are both American Sailing Association certified sailors and as such can charter yachts up to 50 feet. Of course, we can’t actually afford to charter any yachts right now, nor anytime in the immediate future. Anybody who wants to pay to charter a  yacht in the Virgin Islands this winter and to fly us there, we’ll be happy to sail it for you.

8. We throw a great New Year’s party nearly every year, complete with dancing, pigs in blankets, disco ball, hats and noisemakers, pj’d sleepovers and waffles in the morning, with monopoly playing extending well into New Year’s Day. We were trying to see if there was a way to stream our party into SL this year, so if anyone has any ideas on that let us know. We can and will, of course, stream the music from the party into Clockwork and all of the Mainline group land. But it’s kinda hard to be entertaining meatpeople and pixelfolk at the same time, unless I dance at Clockwork, then get a wireless headset and walk around my house like a jackass… Hey…that’s not a bad idea, except I don’t think there are wireless headsets yet for voice, are there? Anybody? I need a gadget geek on this one (please refer to dinee, fact #2). Thanks.

So there you have an interesting array of facts about the Myg-Alex complex. Those of you who were wondering, “Is that them?” could certainly surmise, by this compilation of dead giveaways, that it certainly is us, but then, anyone who reads M is for Myg wouldn’t have any idea of who us really is (with the exception of one and only one. Or maybe two. Huh…)

We decided not to tag anybody, because to be honest we’re doing this late enough so nearly anyone inclined to do it already has, and because I break all those chain emails too. It’s just how I am.

So, see you tonight for Hawks’ set at Clockwork, alright? 6-8pm SLT! SLURL 


Second Life Bloggers Meet – TODAY 9/23 at 1pm SLT

Well the headline says it all…but:

Today at 1pm (SL Time) we’re having our SL bloggers meet in Topgol!

Featuring live electronic music set by the one and only October Hush!

Music by DJ kEtcHup! (aka Alexander Burgess)

and…car chases with guns!

So come well dressed and armed!

It all happens at Clockwork: Topgol (225, 143, 54)


Don’t forget, it’s a Jelly Skankin’ Tuesday

Ska and punk tonight with JellyBean Madison at Clockwork! SLURL: Topgol (225, 143, 54)
6-8pm SL Time!

That’s for starters. For seconds, here’s a stupid picture of me and Alex from Sunday’s SL Blogmeet, hosted by JellyBean Madison and HawksRock Gunawan! Not in the SL Bloggers group? Why the hell not? We have parties, with themes even! IM Mygdala March or Zoe Connolly for an invite.

The Last Mechanic fends off Casanova Frankenstein

And third, but not lastly or leastly, yes, the Tuesday post is coming, although late. Maybe you were hoping to catch Burgess’s (n)eXt set podcast today at work, but due to circumstances – let’s just call them circumstances – the post is coming late. So it’ll be here soon in all it’s indie glory.

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