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Where -=Clockwork=- should be

Myg spotted that street sign in the Downtown sim. (I think.) She’s right, that’s the street -=Clockwork=- should be on. In any case, in keeping with the tangerine theme this afternoon, and because I didn’t have any other shots worth throwing up at the moment, you get that one to illustrate in no coherent manner whatsoever, this fairly random but hopefully worthwhile collection of links you may have missed in recent days (weeks?).

The first order of business. Please remember to back up your blog regularly.

Also in blog tweaking, here’s a handy tool for making those trendy little chicklet buttons.

Vint gives a nice rundown of the HitTail and Authorati tools here.

If you’re in Europe and having trouble logging in to SL because of the DNS server issues. You might want to try this trick.

If you’ve made it in to Second Life, a way to share music in SL without having your own stream: Cruxy.

Dandellion explains how to customize the ZHAO II and make it a personal dance machine.

And speaking of customization, London posted a great tutorial on how to add scripts to the Pandora HUD Classic.

If you missed this video, take a couple of mins and watch what a little effort and creativity can do in the metaverse:

Thanks to Aenea for the original link.


Win 5000 L! Second Life Bloggers Group Logo Contest, that’s what!

SL Bloggers need a logo, and the Insatiable Zoe Connolly is willing to award $5000 L to the graphic artist who can make it happen!

You can make either a 512 x 512 or a banner.

Go get the details at Zoe’s blog. And get designing!

the world is a texture

Disclaimer: the above photo has nothing to do with this logo contest. It’s just a picture of textures going burzoik one night when I needed to clear my cache.

Disclaimer #2: participation in this logo contest, and linking to this logo contest post is utterly and completely voluntary.


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JellyBean’s third rezday

One happy woman!

This is the summer of parties. This is the summer we’ll be talking about in ten years. These are the good times. The place to be last night in Second Life was head MeanGirl JellyBean Madison’s third rezday party. That’s right, you read that correctly. Third. That makes Jelly an oldbie compared to the vast majority of residents, she’s like six times older than me right now. And three years in SL is like 30 in first life. But one of the many beautiful things about SL is that it gets better with age, just like first life, only you don’t have to work quite as hard. The party for the princess of pink (sorry JB and Hawks, “queen” doesn’t alliterate with “pink”) was filled with snapshots of Jelly and friends from their many adventures and was a trip through SL history. Hawks deejayed and had everyone groovin’ for hours, including a special set from him to Jelly and a true skanking rude boy ska mix that had my head bopping so much my neck is sore this morning as I write this. There was a mix of witty banter in text chat and a series of ever-bombing but yet strangely hysterical shoe jokes coming in from the group in voice. Lots of the bloggers showed up, natch, as well as a plethora of Jelly’s huge circle of awesome friends–including some names that had me shutting up and just takin’ pics. A pink time was had by all. See more after the jump.

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SL Bloggers business meeting notes from 7/22/07

Better late than never, here are the notes from our business meeting on 7/22/07.


Many thanks to Tiana Meriman for hosting. She even got the big fucking table out for us so we could be all business like – and we were!

Anyway, on to the meat of the meeting.

The Insatiable Zoe Conolly, the Grand Poobette of our SL Bloggers group, appointed me to chair the meeting, probably for my obvious gift of bossiness and verbosity. Good choice, Zoe! I am laughing out loud as I type that, trust me.

Get the gory details by hitting more. Read more


Blogher in Second Life next weekend. Woot!

Thank god the women are listening.

Blogher is having it’s big ass convention in Chicago next weekend. Well, I can’t be in Chicago, but thanks to the forward thinking women putting this together I can still go to the conference. See, these smarties are hosting a complimentary event in Second Life at the same time. Wow, what a great idea!


So refreshing, too, to see a big organization actually figure out what Second Life *is* good for. Like bringing people with common interests together across continents. See corporate America, was that so hard?

Somehow, I was asked to do the “meet your fellow blogger” activity in Second Life. I’m honored, to say the least. So, say you’ll be there. Promise? Okay good.

I’m on at 8am SL Time, Friday 7/27/07. And with that kind of spotlight I’ll be doing something goofy, you can bet on it. Then right afterwards you can see the mighty Vint Falken. on a panel with theDivaRockin of podcasting and dj’ing glory, and Koz Farina, creator of the second life blogHUD.

But if you want to go, you need to register. Then you’ll get the info about where, etc.

Check out the schedule here. And register here. (Don’t be fooled by the registration form! It’s painless and free to register. You too, men!)

Until then!


My girl wants to party all the time…

Once again The Inside Scoop is on the scene, undercover with cameras rolling to capture the first installment of (n)eXt. Wrath must be using some kind of jedi mind trick because I always seem to forget that he’s the main paparazzo with SL’s best entertainment machinima show. There’s got to be a shorter term for that. I know if it was a paper publication we could just use “fish wrapper” and you’d know what I’m talking about. But I’ll stop there because I love the press. Hell, I would have invited the cameras ahead of time if I’d known, set out a crudite, even. A good time was had–even Turchin, the random n00b who wandered into the bar minutes before the party started was enjoying himself, though I think he got way more than he bargained for serving as Johnny’s bartender. I don’t think he knew what hit him. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you enjoyed the set, and if you did, there’ll be another one of superfresh tracks coming up at 7 p.m. SL time, Monday night.

And that was Monday night–after we’d been partying all Sunday afternoon at the pirate-themed July blogmeet, hosted by dinee. Turnout was so great, we crashed the sim. All told, I counted 32 different bloggers throughout the party, and we had about 26 avs in the room when it crashed. Follow the jump to see a round up all all the great blog coverage the even got, Tiana’s machinima of the party, and a gander at some of the pics we took there.

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Around the blogs 7/13/07


Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! If you have a superstitious streak in you, rest assured that for some, 13 is a lucky number. Check out the old school bee from the early days that was enticed to Clockwork by the sparkly dance ball. Or maybe he was just there because some n00b didn’t clean up his trash. Strangely, it wasn’t the same n00b who left her BDSM rack in the balcony. . .

In celebration of lucky numbers (I stayed home on the 7th, any craps player will tell you sevens and elevens are nothing to mess around with) and n00bs, I thought I’d take a moment to look at some of the cool stuff going on this week in case you missed it the first time around. (And no, there’s no logical connection there.)

JellyBean highlights what I think is some of the best kind of mixed reality, how you can plant a tree in SL and help save the rainforest. We’re all about urban renewal in Topgol, and I’m going to plant a few of these near Clockwork. Maybe I can attract more fauna. I’ll have to ask Wrath and Timothy their secrets.

Linden Lab announced the opening of the 2007 Innovation Awards. This is for developers (including open source people). Sorry bloggers, y’all can’t qualify for this unless you’re a hotshit coder to boot. That would exclude me. I vote for Katharine Berry, who developed an Ajax based SL viewer so you can use your web browser to access SL (thanks Vint and NWN for the tip).

Performance art SL style: Aenea clues the rest of us (or is it just me?) in on some real-time artistic performance in SL that uses the platform to create in ways that are specific to virtual reality. Without the particular virtues of SL, there are no ZeroG Skydancers. In this case, no virtue, no art.

Metaversed notes the opening of the Eolus Project, which

incorporates many things. Not least of which are real examples of how Second Life can integrate with real life, such as a fully working house in the virtual world, whose controls, doors and light switches all corrsespond with a real life house. Also, working demonstrations of virtual world ecommerce integrated with real world supply chain and CRM solutions. But it’s more than just tech guys messing around with neat toys, it’s a think tank with the purpose of discovering ways that Second Life can help us to define, and make, a better planet for everyone.

Onder Skall did a very nice in-depth comparison of the two most-used combat systems in SL, DCS and CCS. I’m still undecided as to which I think will work best for Topgol and/or the Met a Stranger metaverse, but this breakdown does a thorough job of evaluating the different options.

Stay tuned for news about the season premiere of Met a Stranger and the opening DJ schedule for Clockwork.


SLBloggers Blogmeet Sunday 7/15, 1 p.m. SL time


Some of the more addicted SLBloggers got together on Sunday to do a little planning and talk business in a lovely courtyard at DesertWolf‘s place. Present were DesertWolf, dinee, Zoe, Tiana, JellyBean, HawksRock, Myg, and myself. Technically I think the weekly meeting is for “officers” in the SL Bloggers Second Life group, but anyone in the group is welcome. If you want to be more involved, just IM Zoe Connolly to be included.

Piracy is the theme of this month’s SL Bloggers blogmeet (this Sunday, July 15, beginning at 1 p.m. SL time, at the home of the lovely and gracious dinee, watch the group notices for the LM). And no, we’re not talking about copyright issues or filesharing, we’re talking Aarrrrggh, matey! Pirates! Come in your scurvy nautical best.

An idea of what kind of things we kicked around after the jump.
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