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Have a good semester, DJ kEtchUp

Alex started his semester today. It’s his final semester of classes. WooT!

I’ve been sick so I’ve got nothing for posts. Sorry gang. I must have got it from Gorgeous Guen!

I have been playing around with this Flock web browser. It lets me do some cool blogging tricks like blog from the browser (as opposed to the WordPress dashboard) and drop/drag images or text in from anywhere. Flock calls itself a social web browser. What the hell does that mean? Whatever, I am not terribly web 2.0 social these days but I do like the flickr feature that displays new media from my contacts in a media bar over the browser window. It’s a little cluttered but fun.

Anyways, we had fun at ye olde Clockwork last night. dj kEtcHup spun a mix of old and new rock gems, and then EsteHulk turned the funk up to 11 in honor of MLK day.

It was all fun and games until somebody broke out the suitcase nuke. Then it was fun, games, slagging on the Monte Cristo and gagging on virtual toxic flames.

Does Monday get any better than this?

Stay tuned for another Mandelbrot Set podcast, stat.

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Love, lovers

love, lovers

Last night was the first of the newly minted TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork with Jelly and Hawks. The music was, as always, bangin’ and that’s not the only thing.

Luckily it was a rather intimate evening, because the shit that went down was truly not for public consumption. Let’s just say Alex and I got a lively education regarding the latest poseballs for lovers.

Jellybean and Hawks said that they noticed Alex and I acting a lot more, er, lovey dovey and stuff, I guess since he popped the question and all. Alex took the above pic unprompted by me, so maybe there’s something to that.

There has been some real RL stuff going down between us. Not bad stuff, but not easy stuff. So I think maybe we are a little more on each others’ minds. And I’m glad. He makes me feel all sorts of tingly, like a girl with a crush again.

Now for poseball shopping…


(n)eXt Podcast and keTchUp’s kitchen table rant

Clockwork is for lovers

This is a two hour set and I probably should have broken it up into a couple of sections, but oh well. It should stream fine, and if you’re downloading, I hope your connection is fast and smooth. Some weeks, there is just so much I want to get out because there is that much great new music—and I know there’s a terabyte of even fresher sounds coming down the tubes.

If you like what you hear, please buy some music to help support the artists. I think our entire system of “support” for the arts is fucked, but until some unlikely sweeping changes occur, I am a staunch centrist on the music downloading issue. What this means—and this is by no means a legal argument–is that I think the record companies and artists should stfu and not prosecute people who download music even though they have legal standing. It’s just smart business in the long run. In return, people who listen to music should realize that they are participating in a cultural community and whether or not they also make music themselves, they need to do things to support that community. Really support it. This means if you download even one song for free, I believe you should be putting a lot more than the $0.99 iTunes or $0.33 eMusic value back into the community. How do you do that?

1. Buy some music. Duh. Get an eMusic subscription. Support Bleep. Support CD Baby and AmpCamp. Support your local mom and pop store—those people are music geeks just like the rest of us and they run those places because of love and obsession, not to maximize profits for shareholders.

2. Go see live music, especially small venues. Buy music and t-shirts directly from the bands, even if they were mediocre. Doing this keeps them in peanut butter and socks.

3. Tell all your friends about the great bands you discover.

4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you download more than one song, you should think about supporting the music and arts community in the following ways: Booking bands to play local venues (your party at your mom’s house, rent the American Legion Hall, help bring good bands to the local dive bar); when small touring acts come through town, make sure they have a place to sleep (your apartment floor is way better than the van, and partying with the band rules); or start an indie label, a promotions company, or write a music blog—do anything that churns the butter and gets people excited. If you do these things, you’re putting back just a bit of what you owe.

What does this mean for Second Life? Same thing. Do it all in both places. No slacking, we’re all in this together and life is better with art.

Here’s Monday’s set. Click the arrow to stream or right click and “save link as” to download:

(n)eXt podcast from 7 January 2008 (Please pardon the glitch in the first few seconds, argh!)

This week we rocked out to:

Aidan John Moffat – Nothing in Common/Hopelessly Devoted
Caribou – Irene
Maps – Stay Another Day
Rogue Wave – Chicago X 12
Illinois – One on One
Artiste Inconnu – Piste 9
The Bell – Do You Know How to Feel
Shout Out Louds – You are Dreaming
Klaxons – Golden Skans
Bishop Allen – Rain
Tall Firs – Hairdo
Modest Mouse – Dashboard
The Editors – The Racing Rats
Maybe Smith – Open War
British Sea Power – Waving Flags
The New Pornographers – All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
Charlotte Hatherly – Very Young
The Wombats – Backfire at the Disco
The Fiery Furnaces – Ex-Guru
The Who – Baba O’Riley (RAC Edit)
Calvin Harris – Acceptable in the 80s
Animal Collective – For Reverend Green
Siobhan Donaghy – Ghosts
Burial – Ghost Hardware
Studio – West Side
Block Party vs. The Cure – A Forest Prayer
One Republic vs. Bronski Beat – Small Town Apology
Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive
Ween – Your Party
Simian Mobile Disco – 3 Pin Dip
Kutiman – Bango Fields



Have you seen this chicken?

dj kEtcHup

Well, we knew Alexander Burgess had a semester of gradual skool, so we gave him some slack. But what’s stopped him from posting during the break? That farking AWNM dudes’ blog? Harumph. So they have nakie pics. M is for Myg has podcasts! And DJs! And Hulk! And snarkiness! Is this not enough? Seems like there’s a trend here. One that must be stopped!

If anybody sees this chicken, remind him from Myg that there ain’t no date set yet…

A girl blogger has needs, ya know. Regular posting is one of them, right along with daily thumb massages and coffee in the morning!


Top ten stories I want to see covered at aRE wE nOT mEN

You know all about it now, right? The Alex-Wrath-Hawksrock blog, Are We Not Men? After a year of reading MGG2SL, it seems they felt that the “typical guy” avatars of Second Life needed a strong voice in the media too, and who better, really, to represent. Fine. But if they’re going to have the backs of the typical Second Life Guy, there are some pressing issues they need to be addressing.  What follows here are Myg’s priority stories for the Big Bad Mens on the block.

makin2.jpgStory Number 1: Foreplay – not just seven minutes in heaven.

Story Number 2: Impress her for life: fold T-shirts like a GAP employee and get yourself laid!

Story Number 3: Talking to virtual women – strategies for the homebound and socially inept (I’ve got this on the “must read” list for several dudes already…) 

Story Number 4: When (and more importantly, when not) to go topless in public!Burgess and Wrath are mens

Story Number 5: Man clothes! Turns out you don’t *have* to wear the same t-shirt for six months afterall!

Story Number 6: Hair that doesn’t suck – the three styles every SLMan must have!1047056022_f47e0edad9_o 

Story Number 7: Porn for Women. Does it really exist? Yes, it does, and it comes with household appliances! 

Story Number 8: Gender bending 101 – get the most out of your orientation exploration without being a motherfucker to everyone else!

Benjina BigbellyStory Number 9: Do I look fat in this? How to answer critical questions without getting yourself killed. 

Story Number 10: Dirty old man – how to be one without being a complete asshole. (**Hint** do not assume everyone around you is in their early twenties!)
 Dirty old man again

I’m not saying they needed ideas – seems they have plenty of them. But I’m just saying, if the boys get it right we all stand to benefit a little from this venture.

So what have you got, fellas?


Flesh for Fantasy

The recap:

[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: ok, doll
[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: take a breather from dancing for just a sec
[20:27]  You: k
[20:27]  Alexander Burgess: and click on that poseball by your present
[20:27]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:27]  JellyBean Madison: *smiles* yay
[20:28]  Romana Wei: awww
[20:28]  You: oh no way
[20:28]  Sable Slade: omg
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess gave you RH Engel-Fantasia Engagement Ring-White Gold.
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: Merry Christmas, Myg
[20:28]  Orchid Zenovka: omg
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: I love you
[20:28]  JellyBean Madison: Awwww
[20:28]  Alexander Burgess: take that spliff out of your mouth
[20:28]  You: ….can’t type….hold on
[20:28]  Romana Wei: haha
[20:29]  Alexander Burgess: because you look so hot in that outfit
[20:29]  Alexander Burgess: especially the socks
[20:29]  You: bling fucking on baby
[20:30]  Moody Morrisey: yeah baby!
[20:30]  Alexander Burgess: is that a yes?
[20:30]  You: is it really a question?
[20:30]  Alexander Burgess: well, in a sense
[20:30]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:31]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:32]  JellyBean Madison: i always cryy at weddings
[20:32]  Moody Morrisey: awwwww
[20:32]  You: hahahaha sorry we were afk
[20:32]  Alexander Burgess: lol sorry just a moment here on this end
[20:32]  JellyBean Madison: lol
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: <==big dope
[20:33]  JellyBean Madison: we figured
[20:33]  Sable Slade: haha
[20:33]  Romana Wei: absolutely not…we want your full attention in SL now!
[20:33]  Benjamin Bigdipper: that was quick though… 😉
[20:33]  Moody Morrisey: you goofballs we love you!
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: shup Ben
[20:33]  Topgol: purr…
[20:33]  Orchid Zenovka: :)
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: it was one kiss
[20:33]  Alexander Burgess: you hold your breath for 5 mins
[20:33]  Moody Morrisey: funky en espanol!
[20:34]  Scope Cleaver is Offline
[20:35]  You: No you CANNOT stand up
[20:35]  Alexander Burgess: my knee is killing me
[20:35]  You: stay right there!
[20:35]  Moody Morrisey: lol
[20:35]  Orchid Zenovka: lol
[20:35]  You: This is a once in a Slifetime moment!
[20:35]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:35]  Orchid Zenovka: hahaha
[20:36]  Moody Morrisey: take pictures!
[20:36]  You: I can’t believe you proposed to me in this dumb little hat!
[20:36]  Alexander Burgess: heheh
[20:36]  You: you are awesome
[20:36]  Alexander Burgess: that’ll teach you to dress 😛
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: ty ty for doing this before i went to work lol
[20:37]  You: aww ty for being here
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: but now i gotta jet for figgy puddin
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: *mwuah* kisses & merry christmas all
[20:37]  You: You all have no idea how much I love this guy
[20:37]  You: well maybe you do
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison: Awww yay
[20:37]  Moody Morrisey: bye jelly baby!
[20:37]  You: merry Xmas Jell
[20:37]  JellyBean Madison is Offline
[20:37]  You: have a good one!
[20:37]  Romana Wei: bye Jellybean
[20:39]  You: Romana will you marry us?
[20:39]  You: As mayor of Topgol?
[20:40]  Moody Morrisey: a thrresome. of course she will!
[20:40]  Romana Wei: damn Topgol
[20:40]  Romana Wei: damn lag
[20:40]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:40]  Alexander Burgess: my ao is busted
[20:40]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:40]  Romana Wei: yes!!!
[20:40]  Moody Morrisey: oh “marry you” in *that* sense
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: nice one Moody
[20:41]  Moody Morrisey: thx
[20:41]  You: hahaha
[20:41]  Sable Slade: i was thinking the same thing Moody
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: you should check out the bread-meat-bread danceballs in the corner
[20:41]  You: we’ll all change our last name to Morrisey!
[20:41]  You: and we’ll all be married!
[20:41]  Romana Wei: that’s not allowed here Moody, this is Topgol, not godless Massachusetts!
[20:41]  Topgol: purr…
[20:41]  Moody Morrisey: MEAT IS MURDER
[20:41]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: Moody <3’s teh smiths
[20:42]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:42]  Moody Morrisey: BTW, how soon is now?
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: hang the dj
[20:42]  Romana Wei: you want to be married right now?
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:42]  Alexander Burgess: noooo
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: that’s a party deseving planning
[20:43]  Romana Wei: ok good…cause i’m stoned!
[20:43]  You: no we need to plan a hyoooge fucking event
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:43]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:43]  Moody Morrisey: Hot Garbage!
[20:43]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:43]  Romana Wei: did I tell you I performed a wedding in RL?
[20:43]  Alexander Burgess: ymmy!
[20:45]  You: wow!
[20:45]  Moody Morrisey: Hot Garbage!
[20:45]  Moody Morrisey: Everybody say it. Hot Garbage!
[20:45]  Sable Slade shouts: Hot Garbage!
[20:46]  Alexander Burgess shouts: Hot Garbage!
[20:46]  Moody Morrisey: that’s right
[20:46]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:46]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:46]  Romana Wei gave you Alex on Knees.
[20:47]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:47]  Topgol: purr…
[20:47]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:47]  Sable Slade: brb
[20:47]  You: ty Ro!
[20:47]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:47]  Romana Wei: your welcome!
[20:48]  Romana Wei: you’re
[20:48]  Romana Wei: *
[20:48]  Alexander Burgess: lol
[20:48]  Moody Morrisey: Clockwork is a good grammar zone
[20:48]  Slowdance v6 whispers: synchronising
[20:48]  Slowdance v6 whispers: synchronising
[20:48]  Romana Wei: absolutely!
[20:48]  Moody Morrisey: awww look at ’em dancin
[20:48]  Romana Wei: Mr. Wendel is the subject of sentence, and what the predicate says, he does!
[20:48]  Alexander Burgess: uh oh, Myg’s against that
[20:49]  Alexander Burgess: lol Romana!
[20:49]  Alexander Burgess: nice one.
[20:49]  Topgol: meeow!
[20:49]  Topgol: Meooww!
[20:50]  Scope Cleaver is Online
[20:50]  You: Can I get a w00t over here?
[20:50]  Romana Wei: Woot!
[20:51]  Alexander Burgess: w00tt00w!!
[20:51]  Moody Morrisey: w00t! w00t!
[20:51]  Benjamin Bigdipper: /woot
[20:51]  You: w00t!


Christmas Eve at Clockwork!



Are you ready?



Yo yo yo! Ho ho ho!

We don’t mean to brag;
We don’t mean to boast,
But Christmas Eve’s
Gonna rock the most.

Let’s party, let’s party, let’s party.

Hey now. Get your fine foxy self down to Clockwork (SLurl Topgol 230, 138, 55) this Monday for the hippinest, happenest Christmas Eve music extravaganza and motherfuckin’ party funkdown this side of the Crab Nebula!

From 6-8 pm SL time, dj keTchUp takes you on a trip into the exploding super-nova blindness of your own musical consciousness with n(e)xT. (That means he plays new music, you n00bs.)

and then from from 8-9 pm or so, dj Esteban will hit you so hard with the funk connection, your whole family will get a groove on.

Plus: Morriseys, no doubt.



We are the pretty, petty thieves, and you’re standing on our street.


Okay, this started a couple of weeks ago when this charming man, Wrath, the biggest Morrissey/Smiths freak that ever was, noticed that “Morrisey” was an available SL last name. Someone pointed out that it would be funny if we had a Smiths/Morrissey night at Clockwork and all came with alts with the last name “Morrisey.” Well, hang the dj, that’s a brilliant idea. (And yes, we understand it’s not exactly the spelling of Moz’ last name. Leave the second S off for sorrow. Or something.) We laughed about it and agreed we should. But, as we have brilliant ideas all the time (ha!), we didn’t immediately pursue it.

But last night we started talking about it again and began thinking of first names to go with “Morrisey.” Myg disappeared and then, faster than a hairdresser on fire, this ugly n00b “Myg Morrisey” tp’d into the club. It was on. Soon there was “More,” “KillUncle,” “JellyBean,” “HawksRock,” “Jillian,” and “Suedehead” Morrisey. By the end of the night we had “Sable,” “Nene,” “Piccadilly,” and “Zo.” It won’t stop there.


Morriseys are against rules. They are anarchic, friendly, and weird.

Morriseys generally travel in packs. Though there are no rules, Morriseys feel more comfortable in the company of other Morriseys. A lone Morrisey is a vulnerable target, and we don’t want to feel more vulnerable than we already do. Also, traveling in packs is a moveable feast, a transient Morrisey mob. While out traveling in packs, Morriseys will be noticed. Don’t panic. Stick together. Ask the people if they like The Smiths or Morrissey. When they say “yes” jubilance ensues. Encourage them to change their last name to Morrisey immediately.

What will come of this? I wouldn’t say, no. But you can bet there will be events, probably parties, sets, and Morrisey Mobs. Eventually, we will outnumber the Lindens. Get your Morrisey now. How soon is now? Today. Join the group -=Morrisey=-. Await instructions.

Update/Morriseys news:
My SLife with the Thrill Kill Morrisey Cult
Wrath Paine in Night of a Thousand Morriseys


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