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I’m sorry, old friend: met a stranger 24

Suspicious disc

Well, now I don’t know what to think. I popped the disk in (luckily I kept that old floppy drive for sentimental reasons) and just couldn’t believe my eyes. It seems either Vanny’s been hitting the Absinthe too hard these days or something is really wrong with that girl. Here’s what she had to say.

My dear old friend,

The hunt is over.. forgive me.. for what I’ve become.. for what I’ve done.. for what I will do. Your time is up. You have to make a decision.

Your actions get too much attention from too much people. You won’t be able to see who is your friend and who is your enemy anymore. Everybody will only focus to use your fate to improve their own status, needs or plans.

You know that I am right with this. But at the same time you see that you can’t solve your problems alone.

I hunted you for quite some time now.. I am not proud of it.. but I was forced to do. Think Mygdala! Think! Remember every situation we shared.. I am the only one you can and should trust. Because I am the only one who will offer you a way out of all this!

Meet me at … Damn! They are coming.. I hear them… you will hear from me where you can find me..


But, can I trust her?

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From the private journal of Dr. Moody (Met a stranger episode 23)

I can’t stop thinking about him.


There’s something about him that stays with me, long after we’ve finished our espressos and said buona notte.


I’ve an obsessive need to know more. His accent, his mannerisms–he’s from the old country. How did he get here? Why? And how did he manage to get employment in Little Philadelphia’s only barber shop when the man can’t cut grass evenly? Read more


Private Paine – Met a stranger 22

There’s a new stranger in Little Philly now.

Interpol specialst Paine

I’d dropped by Doc Moody’s office to give her an additional 27,000 L for an emergency phone session when I first bumped into him. I didn’t think much of it. At first. Read more


Lab report (met a stranger turns 21)

Remembers Myg.jpg


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The Test – met a stranger #20

“You’re back?” the doc seemed surprised to see me, especially with pants on.

Dr. Altamura

I couldn’t help it, I did sort of have a crush on this guy. Maybe it was that “I haven’t slept, I’ve been on call for the last 127 hours, take your shirt off – now” look in his eye, but the truth was I really did have a medical reason for being there.

“I need a blood test.” Read more


Spilling it – met a stranger 19

I wasn’t having a good night. Again.

myg upset 2.png

After my strange and narrow escape from another potentially disasterous scene at Porn Stars, I’d found myself in a heap at her feet. I never would have expected to find myself here. Not in a million years. Read more


Strange brew – met a stranger – holy crap it’s part 18

“You’re safe here, Myg.” she said.

The test

But it was damn hard to believe her with Vanny leering at me like that. Read more


Recurring Thoughts

Van nightdrive 2

Blood… flesh… peace… my mind tumbles… no thought lasts in my head…

driven by the thirst…

I am hunting her. Why?–I don’t know. Or do I?–do I? … Voices echo in my head.
Are they mine? Yours? Who is this? Get out of my head! … silence … fear … freedom. Read more


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