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Second Life comics

Sorry that I’ve been MIA the past two weeks. Having a crap-ass Real Job has been putting a major damn cramp in my fun, and what little down time I’ve had I’ve been working on this:

Met a Stranger Volume 1 Episode 1

This is the new front cover for the Thincbook edition of Met a Stranger, Volume 1 Episode 1. I have it now in pre-production with a couple of test copies. I’ll have it available for free at the Second Life 4th Birthday event, beginning June 23rd.

I have to tell you, the Thincbook delights me to no end. I never realized how much I’d love a virtual book. When I first considered it, it seemed totally silly. But the Thincbook acts just enough like a book to give my brain the same warm fuzzies I get holding a copy of Love and Rockets or Eightball. In fact, I actually prefer reading this way than typical web applications like .pdf or html. Makes me wonder why folks like the Avastar or Players Magazine aren’t using it.

For a frustrated graphic novelist (guess who can’t draw, like, at all?) having the ability to create this is a total score. It is, however, a huge pain in the ass. I have to lay the entire thing out in Photoshop into jpegs, upload every page as an image and then put them into the book. Then I use the Thincbook press which makes a copy I can then give away or sell. But while it is time consuming, I am stupidly pleased with the result.

I am not, however, the only aspiring graphic novelist or comic book maker in Second Life. I wanted to shout out a few others who are also doing some very cool things using Second Life photos to create works of fiction or comic-style art.

First, there’s the venerable CodeBastard Redgrave, who created Found: Injured Neko in April.

Found Injured Neko Comic Part 1

It’s breathtaking, I must say, in it’s look. I am still eagerly awaiting the next installment. Codie?! Hurry up! (She said, knowing that the pressure is beating down for Season 2 of her own work…)

Then of course, there’s Seraphine’s steady outflow of comic philosophy.

And I got an email from somebody new, Patou Dumont, who seems to hail from a blog called Second News! Brasil and has written a comic in PDF form.

What the hell does that say? Does anybody know? Heh, well luckily for us uni-lingual American types, the story itself can also be downloaded in English. So do it and give a read.

What else are you reading out there that’s fiction based on Second Life, or using Second Life images? Inquisitor staff want to know!