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Smoke Ring

AzA, Sable, Myg, David, Sjet, Alex, Ben, Shanna

That was us greeting the new tenants in Dead City last night. Well, one of them anyway. AzA there all the way to the left (he’s got a great zombie avatar – too bad you can’t actually see it DOH) has a shop called Chem Gnosis where you can find some excellent horror fare. I’d put in the SLURL but for whatever reason they don’t seem to work to Dead City. It came to my attention that the SLURLs in yesterday’s post are fucked. I don’t know why – they are written down correctly but when you actually click on them, they take you to a location down on the ground (Dead City is located at a height of 666, of course). Anyway, you can search for Dead City and find it. It’s well worth wandering around in. Or IM me (Mygdala March) if you’d like me to drop a LM on you to any of the locations I dished about yesterday.

Sjet, Alex Ben, Shanna, Cloud;klsj;aisdm, David

Man, Alex got the rental boxes set up yesterday and buy last night five out of six spots were taken! That’s pretty damned fast if you ask me. But then, Dead City is pretty awesome like that. We can’t take any credit for its awesomeness, otherwise we so would. That still goes to Johnny Skosh, Orchid Zenovka and the original Trenton crew (Ben, Starr, Shanna, Cem and whoever I’m not mentioning, forgive me.)

So now we’ve got AzA’s store, another place called Shadow Things right next door owned by a super cool chickie named Lacey, where I got this wickedly hilarious Crazy Girl AO. No hooka high needed – just stick it on and romp around like Sybil.We’ve also got a dude named Kenn opening a store called Betel Geuse, themed after the film. He’s got some pretty fun poses and stuff in there too. And I think as of 4am or so Gigmonger was opening a place to sell some of his SL photography. As someone who takes a boatload of SL photos, I can honestly tell you his shit is first rate. I’ll be scoring some of that for the new Myg loft in Topgol.

Among other ideas I have no time to implement was that of having a Halloween parade in Dead City. I mean, shouldn’t Dead City be the home of Halloween? I think so.

smoke ring

We can all parade around in Crazy Girl AOs and pass out pixel candy. Maybe the undead fire co. will drive phantom engines down Envy Street.  It’s a vision, people. We all gotta start with one.


Dead City Life

Here we are, me and Burgess, in our finest un-dead wear, hanging out in Dead City (SLURL).

Twee in Dead City

Dead City is an un-dead themed spot with shops, a club, some residential all situated rather serenely around a graveyard. (That’s me, escaping from Orchid’s coffin, below.)

escaped from the grave

The place was built by my friends Johnny Skosh and Orchid Zenovka. Back when it was Trenton, Alex and I bought an adjoining piece so we’d have a place to escape lag when Topgol was unbearable. Today that land has been transformed into some fine un-dead themed commercial real estate rentals, located on the corner of Envy and Gluttony streets.

for rent in Dead City

Are ya interested? Grab a landmark to our little slice of hell: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/237/220/666/

There’s plenty of great retail to be had in this location already. In fact, my entire wardrobe for this post has been furnished in Dead City. Details below!

Dead City poserr

Boots: Slum Stompers by Catnip http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/158/184/666

Dirty Girl T-shirt, Atari belt, Camo capris all by SNATCH http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/185/226/666 (cool spot with a decent selection of clothes and accessories and even a few shapes)

Mini-influence armband – Virus Co. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/178/186/666 (also to be had was the mini-arsonist’s armband and belt, among other must-have accessories for the social deviant in you.)

Rusty Belt Necklace, Blood Orchid http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/182/218/666 (our very own Sable Slade – crafts wicked jewelery stuffs for yer neck now in two locations!)

Crate Myg’s sitting on is part of a set called Debris 1 – Cloud 9.1 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/156/166/666 (I didn’t set out the whole set as it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for the shoot, but it came with an nasty stained hammock, some two by fours and other stuff. Great for an empty lot hang out. They also have bunkers, a scary looking bathroom and other sets.)

Black Army Brat Hat – Blood Lust http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/186/169/666 (I bought this hat last week and have hardly taken it off since I bought it. Drop by for a lot of other cool accessories as well.)

Ratty Couch, Skull Bracelet – The Works http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/193/206/666 (Benjamin Bigdipper is one of my oldest friends in SL. He’s always been a great builder and now he’s showcasing his work at his store The Works. These photos don’t do the skull cuffs justice, and you can also buy great nasty furniture, belts and other gross accessories at his place.)

Stitch, left leg – Bloody Hell http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/159/213/666 (you can’t see it, but there’s a yucky, bloody stitch on my leg and there were lots of other gruesome wounds to be had at this spot)