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Do you picnik?

If you’ve got a Flickr photostream, are you using picnik? I am! It’s the new web-based image editor that’s embedded into Flickr, and happens to be my latest SL obsession. In just a couple of minutes I was able to make this image below:

bean bag music

from this original, sent as a postcard from Second Life:

bean bag music

Let me explain how simple this is.

You’re in Second Life. You take a snapshot and send it as a postcard to your Flickr account (go to your flickr account page and look under the email tab to find out the email address you send the postcard to).  And if only I didn’t have to paste the email address in every time, wow how much easier!

Then you go to the photo’s page on flickr and hit edit.  You can use picnik as long as you can use Flash.

In picnik, under the “edit” tab I cropped and adjusted the exposure. Then under the the “create” tab, I used the effects boost, soften, and vignette. Then under frame I made a border.

It’s super quick and easy. It’s no photoshop, but it’s free (for those of you who don’t have PS and can’t spend the L on it…) and there’s a bunch of fun stuff you can do with it. Also, you can upgrade to premium for additional features ($24.95 a year).

What I love is not stockpiling a zillion random photos on my hard drive and not using PS for simple editing coz I suck at PS and am too impatient to learn and besides, it runs like poop on my computer if I’m running SL.

So, are you using it? What do you think? And on my wishlist is for Vint to review and contrast with PS!


Special “Women who Kick ASS!” dj rELiSh set tonight!

It’s me, Myg, filling in for Garrett tonight at Clockwork!

Tonight my set is all about WOMEN WHO KICK ASS and features some of my favorite female musicians from the 80s, 90s, and 0os!

You’ll hear amazing shit by the Cocteau Twins, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Metric, Kate Bush, Curve, 3 to 6 inches, Bowery Electric, Frou Frou, Sonic Youth, Garbage and more, more, more! And, even a few dudes!

I specially dedicate this set to all of the amazing women I’ve met in Second Life, with an extra special nod to JellyBean Madison, Sable Slade, Romana Wei, Lisa Takao and Vanny Richez.


Included with this package:

1.5 hours of music I like, largely by women who kick ass

@ Clockwork, the club! in Topgol http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/227/140/55/

From 7-8:30ish SLT

Oh I hope you can come!

And one last thing. I especially specially dedicate the set to Alexander Burgess, who may or may not be able to come tonight. He knows why.


anti-Monday all stars on ice

Well it wasn’t the same without Esteban, to be sure. Get well soon Esteban! We missed you! But we did rock on, as Monday dictates. Below, some pho-toes of last night’ s winter frolic.

Sable, creator of Topgol Park and Burgess dance on ice.
Sable and Burgess

Romana with her Myggles and chimera had us looking all pro in the park.

Romana sports her Myggles!

Cranach shakes her booty and sips on some cocoa!


Dinee proves that kitties do like the water – especially when frozen!

Dinee on ice!

Sexy sisters Sable and Rain on blades.

Those fabulous sisters

Even Ben makes it for a late night spin!

Ben on ice!

I was the dj, sound tracking your ice capade, brothers and sisters. And I sure did have fun.

yeah baby

Thanks for those of you who came out last night to the park. I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of everybody!

If you missed us, you can still go visit Topgol Park and enjoy the ice!  Go here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/129/174/55

You can pay Santa a visit while there too! Please ask him for glasses for me…

Santa I want glasses for Xmas

Come to Topgol for the holidays!


Snowy Monday


I woke up in a dream where snow was falling but the leaves were still on the trees. It unsettled me.

DJ kEtChUp is sadly going to miss this one again, given some lame ass “RL” graduate school thingy, but yours truly, DJ reLiSh will be handing you tunes to hit the ice by. And far as I know, we can count on DJ Esteban for tasty funky bits right after my set (which I’ll try not to end on a sleepy downer this time…)

Tonight, we *attempt* to move our anti-Monday jam to Topgol Park! Assuming we can figure out a way to show Sable how to tune into our stream, we’ll be playing the soundtrack to your favorite ice capades fantasy TONIGHT! From 7pm – 9pm SLT.

Meet us there! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/129/174/55