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(n)eXt – new music Thursdays at Clockwork


Clockwork presents:


Three hours of (mostly) new music
6-9 pm SL time
Topgol (205, 144, 65)

I used to spin on Mondays for an hour. Now it’s Thursdays for three. Lots of new indie rock, most of it good. Plenty of old faves and tarnished gems. Come on out and start the weekend early. Cross posted at Everything Hits at Once.


Help wanted

more bomb

Burgess here. Just wanted to drop in and talk about a few things. First, those of you who I haven’t seen inworld recently, I miss you. Okay, not all of you. If you’re thinking, “Nah, he doesn’t miss me,” and you’re inclined to think well of yourself, you’re probably right. Everyone else, I miss. The depressives should just kid themselves and try hard to believe I miss them too. God, this is coming out all wrong.

Second, I started another blog where I can not post as much as I don’t post here: Everything Hits at Once. There is currently a post or two up there, including a truncated version of this one. If you’re at all interested, peruse it while it’s hot, because it will likely go dormant shortly. I’m reminded of the Dread Pirate Roberts: “Good night, Westley, sleep well. I shall probably kill you in the morning.”

And C, Clockwork is doing well, but there are only three of us dj’ing at the moment and we could use some assistance and promotions. So this is an open call for djs and a manager.

In terms of djs, I’m picky. Could be that’s why there’s only three of us at the moment. I want either college radio geeks or club freaks. It’s all right with me if you went to college in the 80s, I just want someone who was at some point obsessed with indie or punk rock, or serious about dance music. I want people who can both please a crowd and turn people on to rare gems and fresh tracks. I’m not interested in FM Pop, what passes for R&B these days, or the same house hits and industrial trance that three-quarters of all SL clubs spew forth 24/7. You work for tips. The club doesn’t take a cut. Drop a notecard on me, Alexander Burgess, with a short 12-song set or IM me inworld to talk about it. Impress me. Non-North Americans welcome.

If you think you’d like to help manage the club, you should to be able to:

– Be there a few nights a week, particularly when I’m not there, just to check that things are running smoothly, help bring people in, chat with the crowd
– Help find new talent and devise ways to promote the scene at the club without running the same pajama-and-peanut butter contests we see elsewhere. Okay, maybe a pajama-and-peanut butter contest or two, but nothing less ridiculous.
– Share my vision of a club that combines good conversation and serious music appreciation
– Get along with—or at least put up with—me and my occasionally crabby flakiness

I know that’s asking a lot, but it would be a paying job for the right person.

Please let your friends and enemies know and sic them on me. Thanks.

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New Day Rising

New Day Rising

It’s been a long time coming, long train running, or some shit like that, but Clockwork is moving to a bigger space to accommodate the massive crowds. No, really.

When Romana crashed her blimp into one of the main speakers last week (see below), it destroyed the sound system that even Butterfingers Paine could not kill when he unbalanced the compressors. So we’ve moved across the street (above the not-yet-opened Mygology retail space), installed a massive invisible sonic barrage-and-subspace bass rig designed for maximum euphoria, and we’ll christen the “new” space with a hat trick of Clockwork dj madness, Wednesday, Aug. 27. Doors open 5:30 pm SL time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5:30-6:45 pm – dj keTchUp
6:45-8:00 pm – dj Xax
8:00-9:15 pm – dj Esteban
9:15-? We’ll see how you’re all feeling…

Oh, the humanity!

And for those of you who heard rumors that the old Clockwork space was going to be blown up, we’re sorry to disappoint, but those plans are on hold after we were offered a lucrative deal to permit a high-end retailer to use the space in the hope of giving their merchandise more street cred. Hope we see you tomorrow, but if not then, real soon.


keTchUp returneth

keTchUp returns

It’s summer time and what says summer more than condiments? That’s right, I, dj keTchUp, return tonight to lay down the retro wax and hot trax at Clockwork, 6 p.m. SL time. Okay, I know I’m wearing a jacket in that pic and it’s hot as fuck-all outside these days, but I liked it and forgot it was in my invy, and goddamn if it ain’t SecondLife, I can wear whatever I damn well please. Este’s trying to convince me that weather is some kind of jedi mind trick anyway. So I set the AC to 65 degrees in the club, cranked the sound system to 140db spinning some bleak 80s tracks, and started pouring scotch while imagining the sweet cool breezes of November.

Those of you still hooked on summer can show up in whatever you like and if you get cold, we’ll warm you up or you can party naked on the rooftop.Those of us inside can wax poetic about powder and argue skis vs boards. Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll prolly be on the roof as well, unless I can get someone to clean up that mess downstairs.

Remember, 6 p.m., Clockwork, Topgol. Hours of sonic indulgence from retro rock to indie punk electroshock. There’ll be blogrock, spitpop, and fraggle rock. Even tiptop, slopshop, and cockjock. You might even hear the latest underground daNceYC mix, Detroit trips, and psychotronicslaveraves from the desert ships. Who knows? I might even break out the grill and get the Jerseycue going for all my friends. See you there.

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The Secret to Everything

You know me. I am Charles Montagu, first Earl of Halifax. My father cut sugar cane in Hawai’i. That was a long time ago. I wrote poetry. I invented the helicopter. I exploded into microscopic fragments at the Piggly Wiggly. You were in the next aisle, and I believe our atoms became mixed.

Take a look at what you’re buying. It grows on a tree, and beneath the tree the grass grows verdant in the splendor of the morning. The workers load the cart. What’s next? The packaging is beautiful! Boxes and boxes and boxes! Open the boxes! Inside the boxes are my remnants: guar gum, high furctose corn syrup, palm oil. All these things you know. Remember how you came here? You took the highway. You stepped on the breaks. At the stoplight, you looked over: there I was in my little Focus. I smiled and you rolled down the window.

“Hello!” I said, but the music was too loud. The light changed. Off we went. Ever since, you’ve been wondering what that song was. Google gives you nothing.

Here’s what that thing about the atoms means: I am you and you are me. That’s the secret to everything. Because when I pour sugar on my Froot Loops, it’s you who comes dancing through the twinkling stars, just like on TV. You made me a sandwich with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. You flew above the clouds. You came tumbling into my consciousness just to hear that one goddamned song.

Funk me, it’s Friday! | 16 May 2008: play or right-click here to download.
Set list:

Ju-Par Universal Orchestra: Funky Music
Stretch: Why Did You Do It
Moon People: Hippy-Skippy Moon Stomp
Zalatnay Sarolta: Egyszer
Breakestra: Don’t Need A Dance
Glen Anthony Henry: Fired Up
Funkatized: Monster Funk
DJ Soup: Where’s the Spoon?
Resin Dogs: Thunder
The Triumphs: Burnt Biscuits
Ripple: I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky
Betty Wright: If You Ain’t Got It
Eric and the Vikings: Get Off The Streets, Y’all
Bernard Purdie: Cold Sweat
Gangsters: Smoke
Charles Wright & The 103rd Watts Street Rythm Band: Fried Okra
James Brown with the Louie Bellson Orchestra, Oliver Nelson, Conducting: September Song
Carla Thomas: Any Day Now

Hear the true funk every Friday at -=Clockwork=- from 7-8 (ish)!


You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Remember that fantasy you have of me in a cheerleader’s uniform dancing on a leopard-skin chair? Well, you’re going to be disappointed that you missed this past Monday night at Clockwork. The game was “Should It Stay Or Should It Go,” which consisted of me pulling out random items from my inventory and those in attendance voting “Stay” or “Go.” (The cheerleader uniform was a “stay,” the leopard chair a “go.”) Other items of note:

Viking Helmet: Go
Cowboy Hat: Go
Bondage Table: Stay
Sex Chair: Go (too tacky)
Long blue hair: Go
Checkered jacket: Stay
Squirrel on face: Go
Dog that ran away: [ran away]
White lollypop: stay
Something that was called a shirt but was really just kind of a trapezoid on my boobs, WTF?: Go
“Irish woman undershirt”: Go

But besides that, the music! What will you hear? Well, put it this way, when we all get to Heaven and they’re passing out the ’77 Camaros and GTO’s, the leather jackets, and the combat boots, this is what will be playing on the car stereos. The ecstatic glory of rock n roll.

The fun usually starts around 6:30ish SLT and goes for a couple of hours.

I’m Esteban Moody and I paid for this ad.

Kill City | 24 March 2008: play or right-click here to download.
Set list:

Ted Nugent: Free For All
Sweet: The Ballroom Blitz
Kiss: Strutter
Journey: Any Way You Want It
The Patti Smith Group: So You Want To Be (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star)
Radio Birdman: Descent into the Maelstrom
The Modern Lovers: Pablo Picasso
T. Rex: The Groover
Motley Crue: Too Young to Fall in Love
Naked Raygun: Peacemaker
Sex Pistols: Holidays In The Sun
Gang Of Four: Armalite Rifle
The Psychedelic Furs: Sister Europe
Thunderclap Newman: Something in the Air
Queen: Look Back In Anger
The Aliens: The Interpreter
Motorhead: Ace of spades
The Meatmen: Mission:Impossible
The Dickies: You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
New York Dolls: Trash
Jerry McCain: Next Door Neighbour
Wanda Jackson: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On
Buddy Holly : Oh Boy
Buddy Holly: Ting-A-Ling
Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps: Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail
Cliffie Stone: Jump Rope Boogie
Peck Rowell: Take It Easy Greasy
Bob Dylan: Positively 4th St.
The Fugs: I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Rock
The Vibrators: Baby Baby
The Ramones: Carbona Not Glue
The Jam: The Modern World
The Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
The Three O’Clock: Jet Fighter
Thavius Beck: (Music Will Be) The Death Of Us All
Billy Thorpe: Children Of The Sun
The Beatles: All You Need Is Love


Do What You Do

[Funky podcast at the end of this post.]
[Come and dance to the FUNK Fridays at -=CLOCKWORK=-from 8-9 following 2 hours of DJ keTchUp!]

Thanks for asking. Mostly, it’s been a relief — and that wound is finally gone, thank goodness! But I’d be lying if I told you being transformed into the Hulk wasn’t disorienting. It’s not easy being someone else. Has that ever happened to you?

I’m getting caught up on unfinished business. We moved the funk show to 8-9 on Fridays, so we had to change the name. After a thrilling first elimination round, we’re ready for the final competition! If you came up with the winning name, you’ll win a date with the lovely Sable Slade! For runners up, we have some lovely runner-up prizes like a toaster oven or something.

Who’s in the running, you want to know? Well, of the 16 elimination choices, Chestnut came up with 1, I came up with 4, Sable came up with 1, Wrath came up with 2, and Xaxoqual came up with 6! Does that add up to 16?

Good luck to everybody!



funk for the masses | 15 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

War: The World is a Ghetto
Cyril Neville: Tell Me What’s On Your Mind
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves: The Satisfier
Fatboy Slim: You’re Not From Brighton
Positive K: I Got A Man
Eddie Roberts: Georgio’s Brother (lack Of Afro Remix)
Vicki Anderson: Don’t Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can
The Explorers: Countdown To … Soul
MC Solaar: La Musique Adoucit les Moeurs
Parliament: Bop Gun
The Sherwoods: Cheaper By The Dozen
The J.B.’s: Hot Pants Road
Ron Holden: Need Ya
The New Mastersounds: 102%
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Could This Be Love
James Brown: It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Aretha Franklin: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


The Return of Esteban Moody!

[Funky podcast at the end of this post.]
[Come and dance to the FUNK Fridays at -=CLOCKWORK=-from 8-9 following 2 hours of DJ keTchUp!]

I am no longer the Hulk, dear readers. I am someone else.

Last Friday, here’s how it happened:

[18:11] Preston: Hey yo Este
[18:13] Preston: Sable
[18:13] Preston: Hey :-)
[18:13] Sable: Hey Preston
[18:14] Sable: Is Esteban ok…lol
[18:14] Preston: He hasn’t answered me yet
[18:14] Preston: So, no?
[18:14] Preston: Lol
[18:15] Sable: Hmm…that doesn’t sound good
[18:15] Preston: Este you’re morphing back to your old self?
[18:16] Sable: No more Hulk?
[18:16] Preston: The cut has healed
[18:16] Sable: oooo…
[18:17] Preston: Lol
[18:17] Sable: Maybe we should call 911
[18:17] Preston: Call in reinforcements
[18:17] Sable: Medic!
[18:17] Preston: we need assistance
[18:18] Sable: Este can you hear us?
[18:18] Preston: Where’s Ben when we need a bullhorn
[18:18] Sable: lol
[18:18] Sable: wait i have just the thing
[18:19] Megaphone shouts: Esteban!
[18:19] Sable: Hmmmm….
[18:19] Preston: Lol
[18:19] Preston: Maybe he goes into a cocoon-like state?
[18:20] Sable: Oh maybe
[18:20] Sable: We should take pics…the rebirth of Esteban Moody

[18:56] Mygdala: cheers darling
[18:56] Romana: Esteban….wake up!!!!
[18:56] Preston: He’s in a morphing state ma’am
[18:57] Mygdala: ah ok that makes sense
[18:57] Romana: Myg…we are going to have to perform surgery on Esteban
[18:57] Mygdala: are we qualified?
[18:57] Romana: please get me 30 cc’s of jive, stat!
[18:57] Mygdala: I’m definitely not wearing the right outfit
[18:57] Romana: haha!
[18:58] Romana: my father is a doctor, so I’m qualified
[18:58] Mygdala: well thank god
[18:58] Mygdala: either way I’m changing clothes thou
[18:58] Romana: me too…let’s put on our surgery gear
[18:58] Mygdala: I don’t have any
[18:58] Mygdala: damn
[18:58] Romana: haha
[18:58] Mygdala: I was thinking something smexy
[18:59] Romana: haha
[18:59] Mygdala rummages through her closet
[18:59] Mygdala: because it’s the WEEKEND!
[18:59] Mygdala: where the hell is that sable?
[18:59] Mygdala: Rain?
[18:59] Mygdala: wha happen?
[19:00] Romana: ok…i changed clothes…now I’m qualified to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I think I have rubber gloves in here somewhere
[19:00] Romana: by the way…Myg…did I tell you today that I loved you?
[19:00] Mygdala: ok I’ll scrub the floor when I’m done
[19:00] Romana: ok, now time to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I love you too Romana!
[19:00] Benjamin: gloves? lol…you’re not making a sandwich there, cmon
[19:01] Mygdala: I need a mask now
[19:01] Romana: ok, the first thing we need is something to put her to sleep
[19:01] Romana: who is the anesthesiologist here?
[19:01] Mygdala: you are
[19:02] Romana: dammit jim, I’m a doctor not an anesthesiologist!
[19:02] Mygdala: are you too wasted?
[19:02] Alexander: you are one hot nurse/doc/anesthesiologist
[19:02] Mygdala: Who has drugs?
[19:02] Alexander: ok, I’ll hit him in the head with a hammer
[19:02] Mygdala: No wait – Alex, of course
[19:02] Alexander: lol
[19:02] Alexander: you know it
[19:02] Romana: oh shit…am I a nurse or a doctor…I can’t remember
[19:02] Alexander: god, I’d love to be an anesthesiologist
[19:03] Alexander: I’d breath all the gas

[19:57] Esteban: wha’…?
[19:57] Sable shouts: ESTEBAN!!!
[19:57] Preston: He’s back
[19:57] Elusyve: all the shouting woke Esteban up
[19:57] Esteban: …..huh?
[19:57] Alexander: Esteban stirs!
[19:57] cranach shouts: Welcome back to the rl Esteban!
[19:57] Esteban: …..where am i?
[19:57] Sable: dude we called 911 like an hour ago for you
[19:57] Alexander: Este? you’ve been in some kinda coma
[19:57] Esteban: wha’ happened?
[19:58] Preston: Hulk go
[19:58] Esteban: and why am i wearing these ridiculous purple shorts?
[19:58] Alexander: um, you were the Hulk?
[19:58] Sable: Hulk like purple
[19:58] cranach: ^^ i love your purple pants*
[19:58] Mygdala: Hi all
[19:58] Esteban: the Hulk? oh get real
[19:58] cranach: Hello Mygdala~~welcome to clock work~~
[19:58] Preston: Lol
[19:58] Romana: hello mYG!
[19:59] Alexander: um, look at your Flickr stream
[19:59] Mygdala: why thank you Cranach!
[19:59] Preston: Yo Este we haven’t met then, lol
[19:59] Esteban: i have the worst headache…
[19:59] Alexander: Este, Preston, Preston, Esteban
[20:00] Alexander: your hawk is purple too
[20:00] Esteban: Preston? That sounds familiar somehow
[20:00] Mygdala: Shhhh Esteban is coming out of a fugue state
[20:00] Esteban: purple? WTF
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, you were here as Hulk, blah blah blah
[20:00] Preston: We’re neighbors, buddy
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, your tie too
[20:00] Esteban: what’s all this about the gulk
[20:01] Esteban: the hulk
[20:01] Romana: a psyochogenic fugue state
[20:01] Esteban: Jesus, what am I wearing?
[20:01] Alexander: are you ready to git down?
[20:01] Romana: Esteban…are you ok???
[20:01] Preston: Lol
[20:01] Alexander: get on the motherfucking decks Este!

I sure am glad that’s over. . . ?

funk for the masses | 8 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

Maynard Ferguson: Gonna Fly Now
Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive
Kool And The Gang feat Jamiroquoi: Hollywood Swingin’
Quazar: Funk ‘n’ Roll
Fatboy Slim: Santa Cruz
Titan: Corazon
The Dismasters: Small Time Hustler
Jay-Z feat. The Dap Kings: Prince of Ballard
Societys Bag: Let It Crawl
Carleen & The Groovers: The Thing
Freddy Robinson & Tall Paul Hankins: The Hawk
Booker T. & The M.G.’s: Lady Madonna
John KaSandra: (What’s Under) The Natural Do
Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band: The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
Natacha Atlas: (It’s A Mans’s Man’s) Man’s World
Dinah Washington: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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