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Plod and the Holiday Quest for a Silly but Utterly Cool Bag

I want you to now, I got distracted 73,110.5 times writing this post. I don’t know what to tell you about that, but I wouldn’t read anything into it, like maybe this post is, shall we say, not as interesting as it could be. Don’t think that. Not until after you read it anyway.

So, here is the BIG PRIZE I TOTALLY WON after spending the better part of very late last night poking around at Plod.

Plod Holidy Hunt Prize

It is an utterly silly shoulder bag, one of the truly most useless items one can own in SL. But the silliness and the detail and the style of it – I had to have.

Now I don’t normally do hunts. Why? They are a pain in the ass. They take effort that normally I’d put into, oh, I don’t know, changing socks or turning onto my other side while in lying in bed. In other words, I am lazy (and have a doctor’s note to justify it) and would usually rather plunk down $L for something I want and NOT have to spend a bunch precious time and patience looking around for it. Especially the patience, because I have very little of that to spare. Plus I can’t even find my damn car keys in my own purse. Finding stuff hidden around a sim? Not my idea of a good time.

So with that disclosure, you may be wondering how indeed I did get sucked into the holiday hunt at Plod. It started out innocently. I got a notice from the Boing Frommage group about Elka’s new location at the Plod sim. Now, I own pretty much everything that Boing Frommage has put out, but I was curious to see the new spot so I went for a visit.

I just loved the look of this place. As I get back into content creation, I am in the middle of pondering different design styles in SL, because I am drawn to many different types. But in the end I am the biggest sucker for a good imaginary/storybook or comic book feel. Such as the one captured here:

This is the inside of a store called – uh oh – I hope I remembered it right – Kurotusubaki. Hoo. Those Japanese stores do NOT make things easy on us poor monolinguals. You can buy a few cute things here, like an animal hat with ears, a few poses, an animated rug. NONE of the cool stuff in this photo, mind you. But I’m blogging it for the build, not the merchandise. (Apologies Kurotsubaki, your merchandise is totally cute, but your build in Plod is what really got me.)

Plod has all the elements of an immersive storybook SL experience. And you know what? That stupid holiday hunt gave me the right “mission” to go exploring. Their products are really whimsical feeling, like the dirty bag I won with a lit miniature Xmas tree and a tiny animated squirrel hanging off of it. The builds are also well worth exploring, and some things you can buy and take with you like this treehouse:

Plod Tree house

So if you are into this kind of style, go take a look. And if you want the bag, be prepared to work for it. You will have to find yourself in some fairly weird places, such as the land of bigass squirrels:
Squirrel's nest

I will say one thing. The people behind Plod are waaaaay into squirrels. I don’t know what that says about them, but don’t be alarmed if you find yourself here staring at a hungry looking bushy-tailed rat that’s 12 times the size of your avatar.

As for hints? I won’t give away too much, but I will tell you that you can find two of the elusive snowmen that you must collect (ten in all) in the last two photos. They are small and only count once. You won’t find any in any stores that are not Plod (another hint!)

So while I normally hate holiday hunts (though I appreciate the creators who work so hard to put the stuff together and make the event happen – kudos to all of you, and it is great marketing, as I did manage to spend a decent amount of $L whilst hunting last night), I have to tell you I had fun. It got me talking to strangers again, something I haven’t done in SL in a long time and seriously one of the more entertaining things to do there.

And the bag! It’s like so cute!

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What may come

Can't remember

He wanted to take me to this place I’d never seen before. “It’s beautiful,” he said, and it was.

It’s La Reve, in case you’ve never been there.

I was looking through my photostream and thinking about how baby-related/pregnancy RL photos are sneaking their way into it and how our lives are sort of morphing now too.  This night – it was Halloween, actually – was the last time we just sort of hung out and explored together in SL. He goes in a lot more than I do these days but I think that’s just because I’m a lot more uncomfortable (physically) which makes everything more difficult.

I realize that all the same it’s a lot easier to explore in SL now than outside of it. But I don’t even know where to go anymore.

Suggestions are welcome!

(And I’m sorry but I had to change commenting policy because spammers were killing me. Even Aksimet wasn’t catching enough of them and several spam comments made it here a day. I apologize if it takes a little while for your comment to show, but promise unless you leave a comment that says something like “Pills! Vegas! Shoes! ?????????” it’ll show here!)

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Old friends new times


Well I thought I’d never see the day – not again – where my two old pals Romana Wei and Johnny Skosh would be in the same sim at the same time. But here’s proof. Romana is one of the original founders of the Topgol Philadelphia community and Johnny is one of the original Section 8 tenants. In January 2007 when I wandered into Topgol, Johnny was the first person I met. He looked like Robert Smith so I rented the place next door. That started our Topgol experience way in the back when.

Things changed – they always do in SL.  Romana started spending less and less time online. Johnny started spending more time online. He actually built his own empire and created the very swank up and coming Dead City (an undead themed retail and general hang-out sim).


There’s some fucking comment I wanted to make here about how time passes in SL and what that means to friendship or some shit like that, but I’m spent because I was sucked into SL until 3:45am and then woken up by my adorable labrador retriever at 8am for a rousing game of tug the slipper.

I was somewhat inspired to post today by the news that a good SL friend of mine had suddenly decided to log off indefinitely, saying something to the effect (I didn’t talk to her) that she had put too much of herself into SL and her RL was suffering, her friends were bitching that she’d changed. And I know exactly how that feels, to be honest.  It’s a bit tricky to draw the line between the two worlds sometimes as the Second has it’s very own reality. It’s literally like balancing two lives sometimes.

So to my friend – be well and enjoy the fresh autumn breezes. Take long walks and drink steaming mugs of whatever.  Know that you’ll be missed but that even so, you’re understood.



Tableau Trailer

“You just gotta see this cute camper!” said Myg as she threw the snapshot on my desk in the Pwnshop. “Can we get one? Huh? Can we?”

My first reaction was no. Absolutely not. (Myg often calls me Mr. No Not.) I’ve got way too much to do here in Mainline (SLURL)–the club has to get finished by the end of the month, and the only thing that’s been done on the new municipal complex is the basement. The crew finished pouring the concrete and planked over the top of the hole and went on extended break. For a week. The foreman claims it’s due to shipping delays on Italian marble.

“Italian marble? Who the hell ordered that?” I yelled.

“You did, sir.”

I don’t remember Italian marble… Pauly! That old man is going to turn my agita into angina into an aneurysm. See how stressed out I am? Between the construction delays and all this business with Myg and the vampires, I haven’t slept well in more than a month. Suddenly a getaway, just the two of us, in a little camper seemed perfect. Memorial Day in Philly can be like taking a foot-long and… well, never mind.

“Okay doll, let me go check it out, first, and then maybe we can go this weekend.”

So I tp’d over to Tableau (Tableau (198, 179, 17)) and like Myg says in her Flickr caption for the camper snapshot: “Wanna know what I love most about SL? People who build stuff like this.”

Read more


Fight for Topgol

Nothing lasts forever.

It's all gone

Especially in Second Life. Read more


Bad bar scene – met a stranger xv

“Dough? Car?” I thought to myself as Allotta’s drunken whispers rattled in my ear. What the hell was this guy off about?

Just then a man and a woman walked into the bar. The man sat at a little table and started to play Rock Paper Scissors with himself. The woman sat on the bar stool next to Allotta. He loosened his grip on my midsection, so I hopped behind the bar and started to polish bottles, thinking I’d stall for time and try to find a convenient exit point. “What are we drinking, folks?”

Absynthe, anyone?

The gal started jibbering in Korean to Allotta, who started jabbering back. They knew each other–he’d called for back up! My gut told me they had it in for me. But why?

I poured some booze into a glass and handed it to her with a wry, wan little smile. She returned the favor with an icy look and kept yammering on in whatever hieroglyphic symbols I couldn’t understand. While Allotta was distracted by her prattle I poured another and handed it to him, dumping it in his lap at the last second. As he started cursing me in 7 different languages, and she started to unpack what looked like a nice little handgun, I hurled the espresso machine across the bar between the two of them and ran for the exit.

Once outside I ducked into a public toilet and frantically scanned my inventory and friends list. Wiped clean again! My memory still fuzzy, I opened the search window and tried to think of the name of my home…topgas…torvgol…toglepac…then a snippet came to mind. Wawa. I searched Wawa and hit the button.


ahhhh wawa


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Intervention intention – met a stranger part xiv

“Myg, we’re really worried about you.” Romana insisted.

I didn’t want to listen, but she was so damned earnest that it was pretty hard to blow her off.

Intervention! 2

I’d only been back from Paris 1900 (SLURL) a couple of days when they started in on me: “We had no idea where you were for days, you didn’t answer any IMs, you could have died, what’s with that whole sock monkey dancing dream, etc., etc., etc.” Same old, same old. But they had a reason to be worried. Read more


Strange day – met a stranger xiii

You’ve had the dream, right? You dream that you wake up, but then find yourself falling endlessly into a terrifying abyss. Now then, imagine yourself dreaming something completely stupid, like dancing the hokey pokey with a sock monkey in Ibiza, but then waking up to this shit:

Uh oh

I was screaming, screaming like you’d scream if you saw death approaching as fast and as hard as a concrete slab flying toward your face at 120 k an hour. I would have wondered how in the hell I’d gotten there but there was no time. I was seriously about to bite it. Read more

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