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This is not my beautiful house: met a stranger part IV

Continued from Small crimes – met a stranger part III To read this series from the beginning, start with Met a stranger on a train. When you’re done with that, read Bodegaddiction. Then read Small crimes. Then come back here.
The last thing I can remember seeing was that cash register at the Bodega. Then it all went blank.

I don’t know how long I was out of it. Hours? Days? It felt like a lifetime as the heavy stupor rolled off me like recovery from a near death experience. My head pounded like a bulldozer on broken concrete and I stunk so bad I made myself gag…twice.


My clothes? Gone. I was down to my boxers, but somehow wound up in someone else’s smelly socks and ripped up shirt. My money? Stolen, I guess. I was penniless, not even able to buy a demo hair. My inventory? Fucking wiped. Read more


Met a stranger on a train

“Join me in Sonogno” was all the eerie message said.


It was from him. Read more


Find a happy place, Part II

So there I was, wandering my way through Nakama slurl-16×161.gif as the Tastypuff Girl, wondering what kind of deranged wonderland this could be. It all started when I inadvertently wandered into this place slurl-16×161.gif in Kawaii Ku:


And then saw that these bizarre little creatures were on sale. Read more


Find a happy place, Part I (ah yeah, another series!)

I swear to christmas, I hadn’t even dropped the hit yet.

Find a happy place

But all around me, I saw technicolor good feeling the likes of which would’ve killed off the teletubbies with its overshot of happy happy. Welcome to Nakama. slurl-16×161.gif Read more


Viva la revolucion

Power Trip

Last night, we crossed the border illegally into Reforma, Mexico City slurl-16×161.gif on a tip from Andromeda, a new friend who’d come to Philadelphia last night on a hunt for hobo gear. She’s planning to stage a protest there. Read more


Petition to Baku, Part I

We’ve got to do something about Torvalpac.

Torvalpac and his Lawyer

Since getting banned from Baku he’s been wandering the streets of little Philly, sometimes as the Space Marine Tupac (pictured above with Candidate Wei). Other times he calls himself Torvald, and presents as either Hulk Hogan or a small Soviet duck avatar. He seems to randomly flip between the two identities without warning – much like a psychiatric patient off meds. But always, he’s like a lost soul since he’s been cast from his home.

We couldn’t stand by and just watch this young soldier of virtuality wither away in the Baku diaspora. So Wei is going to make a petition to Baku to take him back. Read more


Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?

Store security cameras caught this poor sap’s ugly mug at about 4pm Philly time today. The suspect is about 5 feet tall, 195 lbs, in her late 40s. Poor hygiene, smells like drain-o, cat food and cigarette butts. The damn bitch ran off just as I was making a citizen’s arrest. I’ll tell you all about it after the “read more” mark, so hit it people.

Read more


Crossing Calleta

With the high-pressure, conflict ridden, soap-worthy lifestyle I’ve got, it’s damned often I’m in need of a getaway. So the LM for the hobo info railroad in Calleta dropped on me by Andromega was a welcome surprise the other day.

There was some messed up synchronicity in that too because I had just met Arcadia Asylum, and was talking to her about the City Mission she gave Gala for Section 8. The connection? Calleta is the original home of said mission build.

Anywho, the photo below was taken on my little hiatus – but in all honesty was totally inspired by a very similar shot taken by Andro.

Crane on Calleta pier

So how about this joint then? The TP spot lands you in this hobo info hub that seems pretty much a nightmare at first, but first impressions aren’t always exactly right. I’ll tell you all about it if you keep reading. Read more


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