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Fight lag with LAG!

That’s right people, we’re not taking this laying down–no way, no how!

LAG_Fight The Lag.jpg

CodeBastard Redgrave donated her talents to help us protest.

LAG_Anti Camp.jpg

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Campers fight back! (another round in the fight for Topgol…)


Campers in Particle Snow

I don’t know for sure who it was–maybe more than one of those little bastards–but somebody finally complained to the owner off that we were sermonizing again.

“You have 15 seconds to leave…”

Well, I contacted him and said, “awww I was having fun!”

And he said, “I know, but can you please protest outside? I hate to ban you.”

-ED Myg NOTE – I can’t believe I forgot this part but Alex just reminded me.-

The owner said, “One of my customers complained you kicked him.” (Can you believe these people? Complaining that I actually “kicked” them when my verbal thrashing was so much more offensive? How stupid can these people get?)

“I did–it was hilarious!”

He said, “I have to admit it was pretty funny.”

See, this is why he makes me crazy. He’s actually not inhuman. He’s just in denial that his casino is a problem. He doesn’t believe his casino causes any lag. And you know what? He’s NOT LEAVING.


But I’m not giving up. Oh no, not at all…


Fight for Topgol–again!

Fight for Topgol with moves, people.


I kicked this bastard in the head so hard he’ll have a migraine for a week, I promise. There’s more. Read more


Fight for Topgol

Nothing lasts forever.

It's all gone

Especially in Second Life. Read more


Portraits of SL Assholes, #5

Oh, a dainty little lady bunghole!

Portraits of SL A-holes, Ahole #5

Say hullo to Adelaide Asshole, a frequent camper at the shit ass casino in Topgol. I tried to explain to her why her presence in the camping chair was causing me and my neighbors aggravation, but she didn’t care. I told her we were a community of nice people, and her resource sucking wastoid existence in our sim was causing us problems, and I’m sorry but the bitch didn’t get it. Instead, she called me a whiner, a complainer, and – get this – a griefer!

Well, maybe I was ripping all those camping assholes new ones, but what the hell, we couldn’t move at all in the sim. What did I have to lose? A very lengthy chat with the casino owner proved completely useless. The guy doesn’t give a fuck, that’s for sure. And now Topgol is all laggy and crappy again. There’ve been some nights it’s so bad, none of us can hang out there at all. Nobody except, of course, the fucking campers.

It’s on now, people. The fight for Topgol.


Portraits of SL Assholes #4

Yes folks, it’s time for another edition of Portraits of SL Assholes! And…who do we have today?

Camper Van Asshat

Why, it’s Camper Van Asshat!

And, what makes him an Asshole worthy of Portraits? This dickhead belongs to a special cohort of SL assholes known as “campers.” We have a whole story on berating campers in Topgol this morning, just below the fold.

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