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Happy Rezzday Sable!

Hey I know Sable isn’t going to be super pleased with me for this, but I have to give her a special shout out here. That’s because she’s one of my oldest bestest friends that I’ve got in Second Life, and it’s her very first Rezzday. My partner in many crimes, my back-up in many half baked endeavors, my sunshine on days when everything feels a dense fog, Sable Slade means a lot to all of us in Topgol for the same reasons. She is ever constantly Able, Stable Sable. No drama, no bullshit, quiet but smart and funny as hell when she chooses to say something. And did I mention she’s sexy and has a great ass? See, those aren’t even the first things that come to mind when I think of her! But it’s all perfectly true. She’s the kind of SL friend I wish lived across the street from me in RL.

So happy happy Sable! Thanks for making my Second Life so much more than it would ever be without you.

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Be an elf for Abby

I read Deux Looks today and heard about Abby. She was born with a malignant brain tumor. She’s now 7 months old  and has just completed surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her parents were told she wouldn’t survive one month.

Abby has a fairy godmother in SL – Alyssum Therian. She’s been trying to raise money to help Abby’s parents out during this difficult time. Right now you can go to her store, Love, Aly and buy this cute little elf outfit for only 100L. All of the proceeds go to Abby.


This is not the best photo of this adorable little ensemble, but you can see the whole thing over at Alyssum’s blog.  You are also most welcome to throw extra cash into the tip jar, or hell, forgo the elf outfit and just donate at Love, Aly.

Truth is, there are so many people out there who need help and support this holiday. There are very personal reasons why Abby’s story affected me so, and maybe it does you too. In any case, I hope that we all remember to stop and buy elf costumes or donate time to soup kitchens or buy toys for the kids in hospitals and go walk dogs in shelters and visit elderly folks in assisted living programs.

We’re not always going to be so damned lucky, you know? We need to stick together people. Stick together.


Old friends new times


Well I thought I’d never see the day – not again – where my two old pals Romana Wei and Johnny Skosh would be in the same sim at the same time. But here’s proof. Romana is one of the original founders of the Topgol Philadelphia community and Johnny is one of the original Section 8 tenants. In January 2007 when I wandered into Topgol, Johnny was the first person I met. He looked like Robert Smith so I rented the place next door. That started our Topgol experience way in the back when.

Things changed – they always do in SL.  Romana started spending less and less time online. Johnny started spending more time online. He actually built his own empire and created the very swank up and coming Dead City (an undead themed retail and general hang-out sim).


There’s some fucking comment I wanted to make here about how time passes in SL and what that means to friendship or some shit like that, but I’m spent because I was sucked into SL until 3:45am and then woken up by my adorable labrador retriever at 8am for a rousing game of tug the slipper.

I was somewhat inspired to post today by the news that a good SL friend of mine had suddenly decided to log off indefinitely, saying something to the effect (I didn’t talk to her) that she had put too much of herself into SL and her RL was suffering, her friends were bitching that she’d changed. And I know exactly how that feels, to be honest.  It’s a bit tricky to draw the line between the two worlds sometimes as the Second has it’s very own reality. It’s literally like balancing two lives sometimes.

So to my friend – be well and enjoy the fresh autumn breezes. Take long walks and drink steaming mugs of whatever.  Know that you’ll be missed but that even so, you’re understood.


What photoshop can do in the right hands…

sunset on topgol

My friend, a RL graphic artist, took one of my old photos and gussied it up a bit.  To really appreciate it, click it and get the full size from FlickR.

Ah, to have photoshop skillz!

Nope, he’s not in SL. But we’re working on it!

(This was taken from on top of my loft in Topgol.)


JellyBean’s third rezday

One happy woman!

This is the summer of parties. This is the summer we’ll be talking about in ten years. These are the good times. The place to be last night in Second Life was head MeanGirl JellyBean Madison’s third rezday party. That’s right, you read that correctly. Third. That makes Jelly an oldbie compared to the vast majority of residents, she’s like six times older than me right now. And three years in SL is like 30 in first life. But one of the many beautiful things about SL is that it gets better with age, just like first life, only you don’t have to work quite as hard. The party for the princess of pink (sorry JB and Hawks, “queen” doesn’t alliterate with “pink”) was filled with snapshots of Jelly and friends from their many adventures and was a trip through SL history. Hawks deejayed and had everyone groovin’ for hours, including a special set from him to Jelly and a true skanking rude boy ska mix that had my head bopping so much my neck is sore this morning as I write this. There was a mix of witty banter in text chat and a series of ever-bombing but yet strangely hysterical shoe jokes coming in from the group in voice. Lots of the bloggers showed up, natch, as well as a plethora of Jelly’s huge circle of awesome friends–including some names that had me shutting up and just takin’ pics. A pink time was had by all. See more after the jump.

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My girl wants to party all the time…

Once again The Inside Scoop is on the scene, undercover with cameras rolling to capture the first installment of (n)eXt. Wrath must be using some kind of jedi mind trick because I always seem to forget that he’s the main paparazzo with SL’s best entertainment machinima show. There’s got to be a shorter term for that. I know if it was a paper publication we could just use “fish wrapper” and you’d know what I’m talking about. But I’ll stop there because I love the press. Hell, I would have invited the cameras ahead of time if I’d known, set out a crudite, even. A good time was had–even Turchin, the random n00b who wandered into the bar minutes before the party started was enjoying himself, though I think he got way more than he bargained for serving as Johnny’s bartender. I don’t think he knew what hit him. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you enjoyed the set, and if you did, there’ll be another one of superfresh tracks coming up at 7 p.m. SL time, Monday night.

And that was Monday night–after we’d been partying all Sunday afternoon at the pirate-themed July blogmeet, hosted by dinee. Turnout was so great, we crashed the sim. All told, I counted 32 different bloggers throughout the party, and we had about 26 avs in the room when it crashed. Follow the jump to see a round up all all the great blog coverage the even got, Tiana’s machinima of the party, and a gander at some of the pics we took there.

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Phoenicopterus Ruber

Things had been quiet — too quiet, Sable and I agreed. All week, the streets of Little Philadelphia had been lifeless. Once, I’d approached a stranger, but she’d darted into the night. Where was everybody? I’d seen a late model caddy rolling through the streets, its tinted windows obscuring its secrets. Was foul play afoot?

We discussed all of this as Sable erected a new building in the northeast part of town — or, rather, erected a few, then tore them down. Nothing seemed to be working. I tried to be supportive.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him: an ominous presence, silently watching us. He hadn’t shown on my radar; was he real? His gaze seemed mocking, as if he held the answers to all our questions — and many beyond — but never would reveal them. His pearly beak was worldless.

A shiver went up my spine. “Let’s take a break,” I suggested.

We found Diane on a rooftop, and things seemed normal again. Jupiter showed. One thing led to another, and suddenly he was on fire!

Lol, that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. It just goes to show you: all you need is a few friends yukking it up on a hot summer night and all seems right with the world.



MAS bonus footage leaked to Inside Scoop

I’m working for the clampdown, friends. Seconds after The Inside Scoop leaked bonus footage from Met A Stranger Season One, two goons from Leviathan walked into my office.

“You may think you leaked that footage of your own free will,” said Goon 1.

“But we planned it all along,” said Goon 2.

“That doesn’t mean you’re not in trouble,” Goon 1 continued.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Goon 2 finished.

I’m still shaking. Creepy. But I have a problem with authority, so I’ve released the video here as well. Dig in.

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