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Do the Funky Clockwork

You don’t know how right you are. We need prevention not treatment. The supermarket shelves are empty. A crow picks at dead flesh. The sun comes up once an hour. The living seem dead and the dead living.

What is clockwork? “a mechanical device whose functioning relies on internal clockwork, especially where muscular effort is the sole source of operating power.” Translation: shake your booty tonight at Clockwork and feel the motion spin the universe back into its endless joy. You are the primum mobile, the source of all power. Suddenly, the flowers bloom. Suddenly, the sky is bright again with stars. Suddenly, the dead return to their graves and the living spring to life. Where the supermarket once spread its concrete apron now a forest grows, thick with hungry beasts.

Doors open at 6 and close at 9 SLT.

You missed the podcasts?

Popcorn for JellyBean | 1 October 2007: or download it!

Funk for the Masses | 24 September 2007: or download it!

Funk for the Masses | 27 August 2007: or download it!

Set lists after the break.

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Nothing Human

I am exactly like you. I put my clothes in the dryer. I fly in airplanes. I take my goats to the market. I live in a house. I live in a mansion. I have nowhere to live.

My father was born in Jakarta, or Dakar, or Dubuque. My mother died recently. She will come to visit this afternoon. She left when I was young. My skin is dark. I am a little boy. I am transgendered. I will send a letter to my grandchildren in the morning.

I am just like you. I am reading this, wondering what this is all about. I hug my rifle to my chest when the shells explode. I will buy a new wheelchair when the next check comes. Do you like my new Mercedes?

Then everything goes dark. Do you realize nothing will bring it back? Somewhere, on the head of a pin — you can see it with a microscope — tiffany clouds drift over the universe of Second Life. Can you hear it? Lean in closer. Yes you can! A tinny beat, almost imperceptible, the FUNK floating outward into your fleshly ears. Is this really happening? That shouldn’t be there. On a pin? Why am I looking at a pin? Am I hallucinating? You don’t feel well. Something tells you you are not here but there, down here, on that pin — on a pin? — a tiny green dot on a vast terrain suddenly shivering with that strange feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder.

funk for the masses | 20 Aug 2007: play: or download it!

Set list:

DJ Pfel: [solo routine]
Fedde Le Grand: Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit 2007
Jeff Mills: Voltereta
DJ Colette: Feelin Hypnotized – Kaskade Mix
Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Marxman: All About Eve
Was (Not Was): Maria Novarro
Outkast: Dracula’s Wedding
Billy Preston: Outa-Space
Eddie Bo: Hook and Sling
Liqdzunshine: Hip Hop
Hocus Pocus feat. the Procussions: Hip Hop
Beastie Boys: B for My Name
Ultramagnetic MC’s: Ya Not That Large
Equals: Police On My Back
Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground


Gunman Injures Two in Philadephia Shooting

Before you hear this week’s podcast, you need to know about what happened Friday:

A disturbing incident occurred in downtown Philadelphia last week when an unidentified gunman injured two of Topgol’s chief architects.

“I was building and he landed next to me with a gun and said ‘Hi,'” said Sable Slade. “I said Hi back. He said something about a house in the sky, about a friend shooting him, sending him up in the air. He was leaving when Diane showed up. He flew away…and she got shot — and there was another bomb behind her…”

Little Philly resident Esteban Moody, who arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting, described the gunman as “a kind of trenchcoat mafia furry with a pirate mask and a shotgun.” Moody also recalled that the assailant had a “big-ass raccoon tail.”

“It was a landmine,” reported shooting victim Diane Zinner, “and then the bombers came! Sable and i had to duck fast…we were running, bullets flying everywhere! Sable took one in the leg, and I helped her into a building…the landmine didn’t go off…there was fire and smoke – and that’s when he shot me. He shot me in the back. I was in bad shape. Sable should be up for the silver star — valor in combat, right? — she pulled me through.”

The three locals then followed the shooter to a distant hideout.

“The dude was incoherent,” said Moody. “At first he says he’s a hitperson or somenthing — at least that’s what I think he was saying — but then he starts apologizing, like it was all some mistake — Diane was just an innocent bystander. Apparently, he’s part of a secret ritual society that worships a giant Mexican ferrett.”

Local police are continuing the investigation.

The good news is that both Sable and Diane were recovered enough by Monday night to shake their booties along with the rest of Topgol! Did you miss it? Do you want it again? Funkify your life by hitting the “play” button or downloading the podcast.

Thanks as always to everyone who came out! More pictures here.

funk for the masses | 13 Aug 2007: podcast.


Set list:

Nortec Collective: Funky Tamazula
The J.B.’s: Givin’ Up Food For Funk (Part 1)
Royal Rock: Can’t Fade The Funk
Kool & the Gang: Funky Stuff
MC Solaar: Funky Dreamer
Cameo: Funk Funk
The Meters: Funkify Your Life
Brand New Heavies: Put the Funk Back In It
Dayton Sidewinders: Funky in Here
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult: Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
James Brown: Funky Side of Town
Calypso King & The Soul Investigators: Gator Funk Pt. 1
Tower Of Power: You Got To Funkifize
Parliament: Give Up The Funk
Arthur Conley: Funky Street
James Brown: Every Beat of my Heart


The Glorified Life

Here’s what I need you to do right now: download Monday’s ultra-funky funk for the masses podcast into your ipod or whatever meat device is the rage this afternoon and let the true funk shake the real you out of your meatskin into a consciousness of the Glorified Life which has been lost to us. Got that? If even for a minute you remember the world that once was, it will be a step toward our eventual emancipation. What demonic force stole from us our rightful inheritance I do not know. I know only that the answer lies somewhere within the funk.

Special shout-outs to Romana (we missed you, honey!) and Posh and Clip for their housewarming party last night!

Click on Tiana’s exquisite visage for pics of all the gang gettin’ down on Monday.

funk for the masses | 6 Aug 2007: podcast.

set list:

Mighty Imperials: Jody’s Walk
Mary Jane Hooper: Don’t Change Nothin’
The Coup: Ride the Fence
Fatboy Slim: Gangster Tripping
X-Ecutioners: ILL BILL
Crystal Waters: 100% Pure
Heather Small: Proud
Diana Ross: I’m Coming Out
Junior Senior: Move Your Feet
Ozomatli: Saturday Night
GrandMixer DXT feat. Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey And Jah Wobble: Cut Transmitter
Propellerheads: Take California
Ike & Tina Turner: A Fool In Love
Sharon Jones: How long do I have to wait for you


I am a DJ I am what I play

Anonymous behind my shades, I surveyed the scene: bodies again, bodies in motion.

Funk is the music of determination. What else is there? The mechanistic drill of techno, the chilled beats of trip-hop? Funk is hard work and sweat. The body has to move, full of life, imposing its will upon the world. That’s all there is: what it is is what it is; it’s the beat; it’s being in time because time has come today, my friend. Are you with me?

Clockwork was hopping on Monday night. I’d tell you who was there, but who wasn’t there? — you know what I mean? But we’re there to bust a move, not make the scene, ya dig? Our minds tell us it’s Monday, that our meatpersons are back at work, but truth lies in solidarity: we don’t believe in the meatworld. We believe in life.

Can you feel it?
‘Cause I can feel it.
Can you hear it?
‘Cause I can hear it too.
Can you touch it?
‘Cause I can touch it.

Did you miss it? Do you want it again?

funk for the masses | 30 July 2007: download the podcast [set list after the break]

Yet, even as my head nodded to the funky beat of the Dynamites, I knew something was wrong… Read more


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