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LAG fights Lag!

Fight the fucking lag, that’s what I say.

Fight Lag with LAG

You want to know how? Well get your ass over to CodeBastard’s post on the topic. Codie gives clear explanations for client-side lag, network lag and sim lag and offers suggestions for what to do about those things.

Unfortunately, we know far too fucking well in Topgol that if sim lag is your problem, there’s not all that much you can do unless somehow you get Linden Lab to actually give a shit. Seems they’ve got their hands full these days looking to widen avenues for restricting their customers’ freedoms, but that’s another post entirely.

Peaceful Protest 2

Otherwise, like us you’re left with putting public pressure on your neighbors who are resource hogging. Thanks to concerned bloggers, Topgol Citizens and friends, the Lag Annihilation Group (LAG) was formed. (IM Alex in-world to get in the group). We started with the logos and the T-shirts made by Codie. Then Wrath made us some signs. And Vint went and spoke with the owner of the 12 Monkey casino chain, and sweetly clued him in to what can happen when a bunch of bloggers get passionate about an issue.

And my god, we’ve hardly started.