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I had to stop the bleeding

Last night during TMI Tuesdays, I was around the corner in the Mainline shopping area, trying to finally get my Reaction Affiliate store set up. Seesh. Window displays, vendor placement, trying to make the area look enticing to passersby who want to own cool surf/streetwear. I do nothing of the sort in RL so my GOD this is a pain in my ass. For over a week I’ve been trying to get this shit finished. I’m a shopper, not a window dresser. Clearly. I got so frustrated again last night I gave up and went dancing. Typical Myg!

In SL I’ve been a writer, a part-time DJ, a landlord, a shopowner, a builder, a shape maker. Man, I can’t fucking focus! There’s so much I want to do, and the whole retail affiliate thing is to help offset some of the hefty sums Alex and I pay out every month in tier and stream rental fees. But so far, RL supports our SL and not the other way around, like it is for some.

I want it to be that way for us! Too bad, as in RL, Alex and I have talents that aren’t exactly the money making kind.

I am all kinds of curious to know how the entrepreneurs of SL make it happen. While I doubt SL is big-business friendly when it comes to meaningful profits, more and more I hear of people who buy islands or sims and set up rental districts, retail, design stuff, open clubs and add meaningfully to their RL income. I want to be them!

Alas, I am Myg. And that means the thing I am actually good at is not the kind of thing that makes money.

Story of all my lives.

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He was happy to see me.

Did I tell you I like to make shapes? This is the back of one I made called “Heart of Hearts” which I think I’m gonna give away in the new store I opened with Rain Laval in the Mainline Shopping district, (which is located across from Clockwork (SLURL).)

Here’s the face:

And here’s the front:Chai Vedette, Cinnamon
The shape isn’t set out yet. I’ll give a holler when it is. And by the way, that’s the free Chai Skin I’m wearing, in Cinnamon skin tone. The skin is even better looking in-world.

Hair is from ETD, lingerie is from Nymphetamine.

I’m having an off damn day! Bleeeehhhhck!

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Brand new Cadillac

I was in the barbershop late last night trying to fix those damn leaky faucets. Some meathead building inspector named Boston–of all things–has been snooping around busting my balls. Said if he were me he’d sue the manufacturer for selling crap like my designer sinks “new.” I was on my back, head under the counter trying to work around the U-bend when Pauly came in whistling.

“You’re chipper,” I said.
“Don’t even try it, you fuck,” he replied.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m feeling good, asshole. Don’t even think about tossing a wet shadow on my party.”
I thought about throwing the wrench at him, but his head was framed by the window. If I missed it would cost me at least a pane. I went back to tightening the stems. Then I felt something hit my chest. I looked down and saw this picture.

pauly meets sable.png

“What’s this?”
“Okay, I’ll tell you,” he said.
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One of Seven Thousand


I planted a tree and a column of basalt as part of the recreation of Joseph Beuys’ 7000 Oaks project inside Second Life that is being staged by 0100101110101101.org. Here’s what the artist’s have to say about Beuys’s original project and their recreation:

Beuys’s project begun on March the 16th 1982, at Documenta 7, in Kassel. His plan called for the planting of seven thousand trees, each paired with a columnar basalt stone, throughout the world as part of a global mission to effect environmental and social change.

The Mattes reenactment begun in Second Life’s Cosmos Island, where the first virtual tree and stone was planted on March the 16th 2007, exactly 25 years after the original oak got planted. The project will end once 7000 virtual stones and trees will be placed all around Second Life.

This work is part of Eva and Franco Mattes series of “Synthetic Performances”, reenactment of historical performances, by artists like Chris Burden, Vito Acconci and Marina Abramovic, in online Synthetic Worlds such as Second Life.

If you want to be part of this project contact Eva and Franco Mattes in-world (sending an IM to Pei Twang or Pei May), you will be given a Basalt Stone and an Oak tree which you can plant anywhere in SL. Note that the stone and the tree need to be planted in pairs.

7000 Oaks in SL

There I am above, picking out a stone and a tree on Cosmos Island 193, 118, 24. I should have brought a hand truck. The tree and stone are behind my newest land acquisition in Little Philadelphia, Topgol. (I bought one of Romana’s townhouses off of her so she could purchase another 512k plot to put a road extension through behind the Wei 2008 HQ to the Chicago sim in the region next door. She didn’t want her tier fees to go up and the exchange allowed me to get another contiguous plot. Khyber Pass anyone?) The solid stone form beside the ever-changing tree represents Beuys’s idea that these two natural and opposing forms are complementary and coexist harmoniously. I guess the idea is that if trees and rocks can do it… The tree and basalt will stay up as long as I own property.

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It’s open. Mainline Pwnshop, Mainline, Philadelphia, (Topgol, 188, 141, 55).

Wondering what to do with all that inventory clutter? Don’t have the time to run a yardsale? Pawn those unused items and get some fast cash.

We buy guns, gadgets, sex-related items, jewelry, music gear, almost anything except for clothes, we’re really picky about clothes (and there are some second-hand shops for your cast-off rags). As long as it’s transferable, no-copy. And don’t try to pass off your freebie crap. This is a legitimate business. You be straight with us, we’ll be straight with you.

If you would like to pawn a no-copy transferable item, IM Alexander Burgess or send me an email at alexander.burgess (at) yahoo.com and let me know what item you’d like to hock (and where you purchased it). I’ll get back to you with a price.

We buy the item from you cheap, then resell it. You get fast cash, or maybe a nice short term loan; just like a RL pawnshop, you can repurchase the item from me at any time after you have hocked it, if it has not sold to someone else, for the hock price, plus 10%, with an additional 10% of the hock price added each week thereafter. The buyback price will never exceed my vendor resale price. You cannot hock copyable items.



The barber of East Philly

I went and got Pauly from the Y.

“It’s about fucking time, you sonofabitch,” he said. He was grumpy from sleeping there for the past five weeks while I got the barbershop renovated.

“Nice way to greet me, grandpa.”

“I’m not your grandpa, you shit.”

“You’re everybody’s grandpa. You’re old and you smell bad.” I gave it back to him. “And you’re my mother’s aunt’s brother-in-law. That’s too complicated to explain all the time. Most old people are dead, so you get the honor.” I showed him around the barbershop–the Mainline Barbershop, here in Philly, Topgol–and I think he liked it, though he’ll never admit it. Read more