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Waves hello! Bites nails nervously. Waves goodbye!

burgess moment

Did you know that in the world of flesh, he, Alex, has the fair skin and I, Myg, have the darker olive skin? Well it’s not all that dark but it is that mediterranean hue given me by my Hungarian/Italian heritage.

I’m sorry, it’s been awhile I know. My Second Life still in shambles, sort of. My online life scattered between too many blogs and too much time spent frittering away over US electoral politics.

I spend a good deal of my time here, which is why you don’t see me so much in Second Life these days. I’m finding out that I suck at multi-tasking.

I have been spending some time learning how to make t-shirts for Second Life. It’s not easy to do this when you’re not even in a small way talented in graphic art, so bear with me. I did make a Clockwork T to commemorate Alex’s new club opening. It’s got some glitches in it, but it’s wearable enough. IM me or Alex if you want a copy. It’s brown and orange. (I TOLD you I had no talent for graphic art, what do you want?)

So, what’s been going on folks?

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I don’t smoke. But if I did, I would right now.

People, the man is having his way with me.

I don't smoke. Much.

It’s all about income. And having one. And this, my dears, is why you’ve not seen me on the grid.

I’d greatly underestimated just how damned busy I’d be this fall with these trifling bits of reality. But for fuck’s sake, someone has got to pay the tier fees around here. And Burgess, he’s down for the count too – same thing, different reasons.

Don’t worry – eventually it’s going to shake out in our favor. You’ll see.

And oh! PS! I got picked as a finalist for the New World Notes 2007 Uncanny Expo! Voting for the winner begins next week, so be prepared to get hit up – HARD.


on vacation!

Hey! Alex and I are on vacation where all we’ve got is satellite internet – which is as bad as they say for Second Life. So we may be on intermittently, but odds are not too often and not for long.  As such we probably won’t be posting quite as often as normal for the next week and a half.

Alex is trying to see what he can handle in terms of -=clockwork=- this week. Stay tuned here for details on the schedule and such.

We’ll miss you! But time away from the computer is good for my soul. How ’bout yours?




electric Life


Prior to Second Life, I thought had a serious affinity for cyber culture. I had a myspace (which back then was even updated), a couple of blogs. Hell, I started blogging before blogger.com even existed, tediously updating my website with new stories about what I was up to, and I even had some readers. A couple of years ago I even Stumbled!

But with Second Life and this blog my adventures in cybering really began to get deep. Now I’m so far in I can’t even figure out which offshoot of the tunnel leads back to daylight.

Below is a sampling of my online hangouts – places I may put my stamp outside of here and Second Life. The list is a little bit terrifying, actually. I think I need to get out more…
This is a must – probably my most heavily used portal. Nearly all the photos here are hotlinked from flickR. I don’t participate much in the groups, but I do peruse my contact photos often and exchange comments on images.

http://twitter.com/myg I’d gotten into Twitter for awhile but then gave up on it because it was so frackin slow. I recently got back into it though. It’s a great way to hear about or get the word out quickly about cool stuff. I find Twittering from Second Life most fun with Ordinal Malaprop’s Twitterbox.

http://myg.stumbleupon.com/ Another online obsession that I’d once dabbled in but gave up, recently started again. There’s no better way to procrastinate from that report you don’t want to write. I’ve found the added benefit that by stumbling our podcasts from Clockwork, we’ve gotten huge increases in traffic, which I really appreciate.

http://mygdala.vox.com This is where M is for Myg began, back in January–not long at all after I started in Second Life. Not sure why, but I just sat down one day and said, “I know! Why don’t I blog about my Second Life?” I half expected it to die out like 5 or other creative projects I’d had going at the time, but you all started reading it and here we are today. I still post to it every once in awhile, though I’m not sure why. I like the neighborhood feature of it a lot but don’t like the limitations of the design.

http://del.icio.us/mygdala This seems like it should and could be a very cool way to share websites that I like, sorta a la StumbleUpon, but I haven’t gotten my brain around it yet. I do tag things but not terribly often.

Good Old Myspam
http://myspace.com/mygdala I used to dig myspace, but my meatperson’s myspace was so badly hacked by a fucking spam twat and that it left me really cold. I never got any help from them either, so I couldn’t fix the page. Anyway, I made a Myspace early on in my Second Life career, and it’s how I met friends Like DCPunk Dix. Back then I was tickled by the crossover from Myspace to SL–that was prior to getting hooked into the bloggers group. Now I never check myspace, but I do still have it.

http://www.digg.com/users/mygdala I’m not really into Digg, but I saw a few blog posts had Digg badges and I wanted to help promote them. If I like a post and it’s got a badge, it will def get digged by me. I believe in supporting people whose work I value.

http://my.mashable.com/myg Can someone tell me what the fuck this is? I don’t know that there’s any point to having it, but supposedly it integrates a lot of the above functions into one page. Maybe it’s true, I honestly haven’t had time to find out. The interface doesn’t do much for me – you’d be surprised at how much that makes a difference. Maybe not.

http://mygdala.blogspot.com When blogger.com first launched it was like a miracle. I had a number of blogs with blogger. But when google took it over, I started to hate its guts. It now seems terribly clunky and awkward to me (no offense to all you blogger.com bloggers!) I’m a wordpress gal now. I have this so I could comment on certain blogs way back when.

http://pownce.com/myg/ (TY Desertwolf Longstaff for the invite – I have 5 left if anyone wants one…) I haven’t even begun to get into this one.

http://www.last.fm/user/mygdaladotcom/ Okay and one last one. I thought with our foray into podcasting and Alex’s club pursuits with Clockwork, it’d be good to have a last.fm page too. I still haven’t done anything here, but damn it’s a pretty awesome resource for finding new music. Just beginning to scratch the surface here.

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595792920 I don’t know why I didn’t get a nice little “mygdala” tag at the end of my facebook link, but oh well. I just created this today because I have been reading about it constantly and want to see if it’s cool or not. So if you’re on, add me, k?

So that’s it. And now you know, I want to know, where do you hang out online if you’re not in SL? (Or while you’re in SL and we think you’re IM’in? What do you get out of these places? Anything?


Is Second Life digital come to life?

Second Life gets considered by Read/Write Web as author Alex Iskold muses on the topic of our digital future. In it he discusses how things digital take on life of its own through virtual worlds like Second Life. He also talks about our real world experiences becoming increasingly documented, annotated and indexed in the digital world. Where the hell is all this headed? That’s what Iskold asks, and I toss it to Esteban.

Est? You think he found out about the time we climbed out of the box?

And by the way everybody, Alex and I got a puppy (a slobbery, cuddly, puppy smelling real one, not a digital one) and that has kept us a bit preoccupied since we got back from our trip. So, sorry we’ve not been around! But never fear, Met a Stranger Season 2 season premiere is near!


Hey SL Bloggers – how addicted are ya?


80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Silly quiz time! Still, thought it was time to come clean with my addiction. So, what about you?

Be warned, the link takes you to the quiz, hosted at a silly online dating place, and who needs online dating when all we ever do in Second Life is get laid anyway?

What a life!


Come meet Myg! Second Life 4th Birthday, 9am SLT (correction)

Meet the artist, Myg

Here I am, hanging out at SL4B. Come keep me company and get the REAL story about what happened that night between me and Vint! Don’t be swayed by her tall tales of “ickyness” people!

Come see me at SLURL and if you can’t find me, IM me (Mygdala March for those of you who don’t know my full name – damn I never use it so I forget myself sometimes…) and I’ll give you a TP.

I’m here from 12-1 SLT, and perhaps afterwards but not sure for how long. Hope to see you all there!




Second Life voice-enabled regions as of June 20, 2007


After the jump you’ll find the latest list of voice-enabled Mainland and Island sims as of June 20. I got the notecard inworld from Wrath Paine, courtesy of Vint Falken.

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