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Plod and the Holiday Quest for a Silly but Utterly Cool Bag

I want you to now, I got distracted 73,110.5 times writing this post. I don’t know what to tell you about that, but I wouldn’t read anything into it, like maybe this post is, shall we say, not as interesting as it could be. Don’t think that. Not until after you read it anyway.

So, here is the BIG PRIZE I TOTALLY WON after spending the better part of very late last night poking around at Plod.

Plod Holidy Hunt Prize

It is an utterly silly shoulder bag, one of the truly most useless items one can own in SL. But the silliness and the detail and the style of it – I had to have.

Now I don’t normally do hunts. Why? They are a pain in the ass. They take effort that normally I’d put into, oh, I don’t know, changing socks or turning onto my other side while in lying in bed. In other words, I am lazy (and have a doctor’s note to justify it) and would usually rather plunk down $L for something I want and NOT have to spend a bunch precious time and patience looking around for it. Especially the patience, because I have very little of that to spare. Plus I can’t even find my damn car keys in my own purse. Finding stuff hidden around a sim? Not my idea of a good time.

So with that disclosure, you may be wondering how indeed I did get sucked into the holiday hunt at Plod. It started out innocently. I got a notice from the Boing Frommage group about Elka’s new location at the Plod sim. Now, I own pretty much everything that Boing Frommage has put out, but I was curious to see the new spot so I went for a visit.

I just loved the look of this place. As I get back into content creation, I am in the middle of pondering different design styles in SL, because I am drawn to many different types. But in the end I am the biggest sucker for a good imaginary/storybook or comic book feel. Such as the one captured here:

This is the inside of a store called – uh oh – I hope I remembered it right – Kurotusubaki. Hoo. Those Japanese stores do NOT make things easy on us poor monolinguals. You can buy a few cute things here, like an animal hat with ears, a few poses, an animated rug. NONE of the cool stuff in this photo, mind you. But I’m blogging it for the build, not the merchandise. (Apologies Kurotsubaki, your merchandise is totally cute, but your build in Plod is what really got me.)

Plod has all the elements of an immersive storybook SL experience. And you know what? That stupid holiday hunt gave me the right “mission” to go exploring. Their products are really whimsical feeling, like the dirty bag I won with a lit miniature Xmas tree and a tiny animated squirrel hanging off of it. The builds are also well worth exploring, and some things you can buy and take with you like this treehouse:

Plod Tree house

So if you are into this kind of style, go take a look. And if you want the bag, be prepared to work for it. You will have to find yourself in some fairly weird places, such as the land of bigass squirrels:
Squirrel's nest

I will say one thing. The people behind Plod are waaaaay into squirrels. I don’t know what that says about them, but don’t be alarmed if you find yourself here staring at a hungry looking bushy-tailed rat that’s 12 times the size of your avatar.

As for hints? I won’t give away too much, but I will tell you that you can find two of the elusive snowmen that you must collect (ten in all) in the last two photos. They are small and only count once. You won’t find any in any stores that are not Plod (another hint!)

So while I normally hate holiday hunts (though I appreciate the creators who work so hard to put the stuff together and make the event happen – kudos to all of you, and it is great marketing, as I did manage to spend a decent amount of $L whilst hunting last night), I have to tell you I had fun. It got me talking to strangers again, something I haven’t done in SL in a long time and seriously one of the more entertaining things to do there.

And the bag! It’s like so cute!

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New to me – Heart Garden Center

Myg in snow

See, I’d bought this very very cute (sorry, Kyoot) hat/hair combo and was wearing my Artilleri coat from last winter, totally edited to fit my big ass belly, and really wanted a spot to do winter pics.

Wandering around, I stumbled to the Heart Garden Center. That link takes you directly to the winter area, where they have adorable lit up trees and things, including Christmas trees, all at totally reasonable prices. If you’re looking to do any outdoor winter scenes, they’ve got snow mounds and stuff like that too. I always went straight to Botanic for any tree/outdoorsy related items, and I still love that place, but this place is definitely worth a romp.

playing in the snow

And romp I did. I was thinking this would be a perfect spot to create a holiday greeting of sorts. If you’d like my pinkified take on this scene, just go there and use a midday setting with a sailor’s delight sky in windlight settings.

That is all.

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The ass problem

Hey everybody. As I’ve been bitching and moaning about all week, I am indeed sick again, this time with my old friend influenza. It’s been awhile. I haven’t missed her. At all.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I wanted to ask you all if you’re having this problem with some of your favorite prim skirts. I am, of course, talking about the ass problem.

Some things are not a matter of adjustment. See, I was all excited as I bought this cute red dress from Artilleri for Valentine’s day. Butt what you see is that the texture on my ass is actually a bit darker than the texture on the prim. I thought it was a windlight problem, as I noticed when I use windlight this happens all the time in skirts. Butt even when I adjust the prim skirt for better coverage (in this photo the skirt is rezzed right from the folder, no adjusting), there’s still a hideous difference in the colors. It’s like majorly disappointing. Especially since it seems like all my Artilleri skirts look like this now in windlight. Is it me? Is there some setting I should check out that’s ass friendly in windlight.

Today I was briefly in Dazzle, and I encountered this ass:

I mean that’s a really bad looking ass in skirt. The style of this ensemble is babydoll, meaning the waist of the skirt is supposed to be high as it is. But man, this chick has waaaaayyy too much ass for this dress. Sadly the texture on the ass isn’t rezzed, but trust me when I say even fully rezzed it looked horrible. I am not sure how she went out looking like that, unless she didn’t look at her ass. But who could not look at a wreck like that?

I am seriously no fashion expert. Can anyone help me out here?

I do not want to have to adjust my shape for every skirt, but maybe that’s what it takes. What do you do, you fashion mavens out there? How do you manage to wear these cute little numbers without showing your ass?

This is likely the last post from me until next week, because if we can manage it we’re going out of town to that place that has satellite internet (and isn’t at all SL friendly).

Don’t forget to hit -=CLOCKWORK= tomorrow night for Esteban’s funk set, Sunday night for Xax’s IDM electronica goodness, and then Monday night again for Esteban’s anti-Monday punk and stuff.

And – don’t get sick!


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Valentine’s Day is for lovers?

Editor Myg’s note: Give a hearty helloooo and a w00t! and a what’s up? to the newest M is for Myg staffers, Sable Slade and Rain Laval! These two sexeh sisters will bring you their fave finds in the overwhelmingly over-blogged world of fashion! From the looks of things, their posts will stand out by emphasizing gratuitous sex and violence! Hawt! Welcome aboard, sisters!

It’s Valentine’s Day and I actually have a date!

Happy Sable

He’ll be here in a few minutes….omg….what am I going to wear????

Sable omg

I must have something in here to wear.

Sable worried

I’m ready!


A few hours later…….Stood up again!

Stood up


Cupid Arrives

I don’t think so….not this time!

I don't think so

Sable’s Look :

Bathrobe and Towel – Total Betty – COZY PLUSH pink princess

Skin – Chai skin – Nutmeg – Cole

Hair – Kin – Yohkoh – Black

Dress – WRONG – Amity Dress – Red

Jewelry – Alienbear – DarkSassy Black Pearl Set

Boots – J’s Main Shop Tsukishima – Goth Ribbon Laceup Boots Black

Rain’s Look:

Lingerie – Little Rebel Designs – White Buds Lingerie Set

Hair – ETD – Jared – Blonde

Shoes – Shiny Things – Lollies – Cream

Jewelry – Kesskreations – Valentines Treasure – Hearts And Arrows Necklace, Kesskreations -Valentines Treasure Diamond Stud Earrings

Skin – Adora Shapes And Skins – Petra Skin Med. Rose Dust 8

Lashes – Minnu Model – Thora

Wings – Cat’s Eye Main Shop – Cupid Wings


Free skin again!

Okay, plenty of bad news about skin theft this week. You were all over it, I know. So, how’d you like some good news about a free skin gift instead?

Remember our tour of free skins from January? Well there’s more on tour! This here is the latest freebie from Tuli, and wow. I just love it! She’s releasing her S5 series and gave the skin in several tones with nude make-up to the update group. This here is the pale version.

To get it, join Tuli’s group (search Tuli) and look under notices. And don’t be a dope – go to Tuli’s shop in Le Zoo and do some damned patronizing! Girl’s gotta buy software and stuff if we want her to keep making us pretty things, right?

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He was happy to see me.

Did I tell you I like to make shapes? This is the back of one I made called “Heart of Hearts” which I think I’m gonna give away in the new store I opened with Rain Laval in the Mainline Shopping district, (which is located across from Clockwork (SLURL).)

Here’s the face:

And here’s the front:Chai Vedette, Cinnamon
The shape isn’t set out yet. I’ll give a holler when it is. And by the way, that’s the free Chai Skin I’m wearing, in Cinnamon skin tone. The skin is even better looking in-world.

Hair is from ETD, lingerie is from Nymphetamine.

I’m having an off damn day! Bleeeehhhhck!

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Tour of Free Skins (and how to get them)

big freeskin comp

 I’m not complaining, but can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with all the free skin? God, if only this stuff had been around when I was new!

I have always been a one-skin kind of girl. For the longest time all I wore was a Celestial Studios Vogue skin – still my favorite skin to date, honestly. Then I branched out and bought a Jessica skin by Cake, which I also still love dearly and wear a lot. I was so satisfied with my meager skin collection, I really wasn’t much of a skin shopper. Until now.

See, I started looking for freebies for Myg Morrisey, and holy crap! There was an avalanche before the holidays of really good free skin! So I started trying on a whole ton of different skins and then lo and behold, I had to have more. Score one for the SL designers, particularly Tuli, Chai and Dutch Touch who all got a nice chunkachange from me after I wore their freebies around and had to have more makeups.

Now I’ll tell you, dear M is for Myg fans, how to get my favorites of the free bunch for yourself.

The first skin here is a Re skin by the soon-to-be-SL-sainted Eloh Eliot. This woman went and released an entire line of skins, (Another Skin) (including a black skin) and it looks like a male skin will be released for free too. But get this – they were released with full perms and access to the photoshop files! Basically, she made a fully open source skin, and as far as I know, that’s a fashion first. Get the skin below by teleporting to Another Shop in Lippert: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lippert/75/183/179


Re, Freckles, Wrath

Next up is a Chai skin. I am still salivating, and smartness, I’m not a huge bright red lips fan so I couldn’t stop myself from buying more Chai. This is my fave fave of teh freebies. You get this one by going to Le Zoo and picking up the latest issue of Second Style. This skin is Ginger, Vedette Freckle (you know I love freckles, right?) The eyes kill me on this skin. I just loves them.


Get thee to CHAI Skins -treat yourself! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Freelon/127/85/30 (single skins $1200L, threepack for 3000.)

Next up is a Tuli. Below I’m wearing the Tuli S4F Cream with Brown Brows (and of course, with freckles!) Join the Tuli group before 1/22/08 to get the free holiday gift, which includes the entire skin tone range with this make-up.


 Tuli makes great freckles, for all you freckle fans. Hers are my favorite, so much so I ended up buying a fat pack. Grab the freebie, and check out Tuli’s shop at Le Zoo: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Le%20Zoo/130/143/22

How psyched was I when one of my favorite designers of clothes got into the skin game? Well, totally of course! The next skin here is by Dutch Touch. If you join the group before 1/13/08, you can check the group notices to get it.

dutch touch

 I had to have more of this skin line, and you probably will too – so here’s the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Willow%20Beach/31/224/33

Last on the list is the Minnu Model Skin (MMSkins). Below is MMSPale 2008. To get it, join the MM Skins group before 1/22/08 and check the notices tab.


My god did they include a sweet guy skin!  You can see Burgess wearing it here. (But please be warned, that photo was seriously touched up so the color is not accurate at all…)  Stop by MMSkins to see their other stuff too.

So, I do not know the reason so many designers are releasing free high quality skin, but I do want to say I’m all for it.  Help them keep doing it buy sending some of your support (aka your Lindens) their way!


Beauty is not skin deep

Some say the learning curve may just be too steep for Second Life to become a truly widespread platform like some of those other virtual worlds. It takes newcomers too long to learn how to move, where to go for fun, how to get laid. In a time when people fantasize about violent acts when waiting for red lights on the highway (well, at least I do) is it little wonder that we lose a lot of potential avies before the hook firmly sets?

There is one thing, however, that Linden Lab could do that would help newcomers retain interest in our world here. They could stop making us look like this upon arrival:

Newbile 1-07_002.png

I mean, Jesus. Who in god’s name thought that brown diarrhea hair with fangs would be an acceptable representation of human hair?

The truth is, a lot of people get sold on the Second Life experience purely for social reasons at first. In this case our avatars become this opportunity to express our aesthetics, our style, and the things we like, through graphics.

In 2008, is there really any god damned reason that Linden can’t provide better looking basic avatars for folks?

Maybe there are a lot of folks who don’t enjoy dressing their pixel doll nearly as much as I do. But take one look at the fashion industry in Second Life – the biggest industry there is in the platform – and then tell me that people don’t enjoy making their electronic representation of themselves look hawt.

So you’d think that if the fine folk over at teh Linden Lab wanted to make things easier on newcomers, they might let us start out looking a little more like this:

Myg Morrisey!

That’s Myg Morrisey, aka me, wearing all free stuff.

I now hereby make a plea to Linden Lab to solicit (and PAY) some of SL’s top designers to create skin and hair for the basic birth avatars so that new comers may be a little more excited about the possibility of logging in repeatedly.

But, until Linden can figure out that they should give the basic avatars skin that doesn’t make you retch and hair that isn’t less attractive than a rorshach blot, we here at M is for Myg want to help the new folk out.

So if you’re new and broke, you can pick these things up for free (or maybe 1L I think for the hair)

I’m wearing one of the great free skins from another shop (Le, brow1, freckles, wrath). Head over to

Another Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lippert/75/183/179 for yours (Sorry guys, I’m not sure if there’s a male skin there or not…)

I am sporting a free hair from Candy House: Uemechi, Uemechi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/uemachi/62/175/30

and free eyes from MM Skins. MM Skins is also giving away kick ass skin for males and females if you join the group. Search MM SKIN and join. Then look under the notices tab for notices with boxes next to them on 12/19 and 12/23. Unpack and enjoy.

Oh there’s loads more free stuff where this came from. More on that next time!


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