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Mode Premiere: Move your butt!

Sometimes you meet a girl/boy and you find her/him totally cool and you can’t specifically say why.

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Clothes are okay, but not that great, accessories are nothing to shout about…but still the general feeling is good.

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Most people forget about this but a good look is not only about what you are showing (clothes, haircut) but how you behave, and the first step is to have poses that fit your look.

Lisa in pose

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Two kinds of poses: the animated ones, and the bad ones, period. We are speaking about virtual avatar here, and you need to work on everything that can help you make your avatar come alive. Try a static pose in RL; that won’t fit.


(Keep reading to learn what you need to know about AO – animation overriders – and keep your butt moving.)

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Lisa Takao's Mode Premiere: Dirty street, no future and gang war

You live in the street? Every day is a struggle to stay alive… you can viagra cheap die for a territory war and your family is a gang.

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You need to impress everyone with your look, and a gun is your best friend?

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This post is for you!

This post is the second one on a complete look, the streetpunk style. Again, I will give some tips about everything you need — clothes, shoes, jewelery, hairs, and accessories.

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You need something dark, dirty, ripped….old, worn but still stylish!

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I have several shops to advise:


Gritty Kitty: one of the best, period.


Everything is good there, from the clothes to the accessories, hairs included. Don’t forget to check the jackets, and they have real cool shirt as well…and the hair! Some of the best “dirty, disheveled ” hair you can find! And shoes…and…ok, this is a damn good shop. There’s far more for your cyber-thug look if you keep reading… Read more


Lisa Takao's Mode Premiere – Business, Business, Business

“Wall Street” is your favorite movie?
You have a huge poster of “The Firm” in your bedroom?
You can spend 6 hours looking at the NASDAQ quotations without blinking?

You can’t say a sentence without “ROI” or “LBO” online cialis inside?

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You awake paper writing service screaming in the night because you had a dream about a financial audit?

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This post is for you!

Today I am gonna describe two kinds of look: the standard business one and a subcategory, the mob (mafia) one. This is the first post about a complete look, and I will give some tips about everything you need–clothes, shoes, jewelery, hairs, accessories…the works!


To take advantage of my best advice to create your perfect look for business, read more. Read more