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The ass problem

Hey everybody. As I’ve been bitching and moaning about all week, I am indeed sick again, this time with my old friend influenza. It’s been awhile. I haven’t missed her. At all.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I wanted to ask you all if you’re having this problem with some of your favorite prim skirts. I am, of course, talking about the ass problem.

Some things are not a matter of adjustment. See, I was all excited as I bought this cute red dress from Artilleri for Valentine’s day. Butt what you see is that the texture on my ass is actually a bit darker than the texture on the prim. I thought it was a windlight problem, as I noticed when I use windlight this happens all the time in skirts. Butt even when I adjust the prim skirt for better coverage (in this photo the skirt is rezzed right from the folder, no adjusting), there’s still a hideous difference in the colors. It’s like majorly disappointing. Especially since it seems like all my Artilleri skirts look like this now in windlight. Is it me? Is there some setting I should check out that’s ass friendly in windlight.

Today I was briefly in Dazzle, and I encountered this ass:

I mean that’s a really bad looking ass in skirt. The style of this ensemble is babydoll, meaning the waist of the skirt is supposed to be high as it is. But man, this chick has waaaaayyy too much ass for this dress. Sadly the texture on the ass isn’t rezzed, but trust me when I say even fully rezzed it looked horrible. I am not sure how she went out looking like that, unless she didn’t look at her ass. But who could not look at a wreck like that?

I am seriously no fashion expert. Can anyone help me out here?

I do not want to have to adjust my shape for every skirt, but maybe that’s what it takes. What do you do, you fashion mavens out there? How do you manage to wear these cute little numbers without showing your ass?

This is likely the last post from me until next week, because if we can manage it we’re going out of town to that place that has satellite internet (and isn’t at all SL friendly).

Don’t forget to hit -=CLOCKWORK= tomorrow night for Esteban’s funk set, Sunday night for Xax’s IDM electronica goodness, and then Monday night again for Esteban’s anti-Monday punk and stuff.

And – don’t get sick!


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