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Be an elf for Abby

I read Deux Looks today and heard about Abby. She was born with a malignant brain tumor. She’s now 7 months old  and has just completed surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her parents were told she wouldn’t survive one month.

Abby has a fairy godmother in SL – Alyssum Therian. She’s been trying to raise money to help Abby’s parents out during this difficult time. Right now you can go to her store, Love, Aly and buy this cute little elf outfit for only 100L. All of the proceeds go to Abby.


This is not the best photo of this adorable little ensemble, but you can see the whole thing over at Alyssum’s blog.  You are also most welcome to throw extra cash into the tip jar, or hell, forgo the elf outfit and just donate at Love, Aly.

Truth is, there are so many people out there who need help and support this holiday. There are very personal reasons why Abby’s story affected me so, and maybe it does you too. In any case, I hope that we all remember to stop and buy elf costumes or donate time to soup kitchens or buy toys for the kids in hospitals and go walk dogs in shelters and visit elderly folks in assisted living programs.

We’re not always going to be so damned lucky, you know? We need to stick together people. Stick together.


Dead City Life

Here we are, me and Burgess, in our finest un-dead wear, hanging out in Dead City (SLURL).

Twee in Dead City

Dead City is an un-dead themed spot with shops, a club, some residential all situated rather serenely around a graveyard. (That’s me, escaping from Orchid’s coffin, below.)

escaped from the grave

The place was built by my friends Johnny Skosh and Orchid Zenovka. Back when it was Trenton, Alex and I bought an adjoining piece so we’d have a place to escape lag when Topgol was unbearable. Today that land has been transformed into some fine un-dead themed commercial real estate rentals, located on the corner of Envy and Gluttony streets.

for rent in Dead City

Are ya interested? Grab a landmark to our little slice of hell: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/237/220/666/

There’s plenty of great retail to be had in this location already. In fact, my entire wardrobe for this post has been furnished in Dead City. Details below!

Dead City poserr

Boots: Slum Stompers by Catnip http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/158/184/666

Dirty Girl T-shirt, Atari belt, Camo capris all by SNATCH http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/185/226/666 (cool spot with a decent selection of clothes and accessories and even a few shapes)

Mini-influence armband – Virus Co. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/178/186/666 (also to be had was the mini-arsonist’s armband and belt, among other must-have accessories for the social deviant in you.)

Rusty Belt Necklace, Blood Orchid http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/182/218/666 (our very own Sable Slade – crafts wicked jewelery stuffs for yer neck now in two locations!)

Crate Myg’s sitting on is part of a set called Debris 1 – Cloud 9.1 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/156/166/666 (I didn’t set out the whole set as it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for the shoot, but it came with an nasty stained hammock, some two by fours and other stuff. Great for an empty lot hang out. They also have bunkers, a scary looking bathroom and other sets.)

Black Army Brat Hat – Blood Lust http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/186/169/666 (I bought this hat last week and have hardly taken it off since I bought it. Drop by for a lot of other cool accessories as well.)

Ratty Couch, Skull Bracelet – The Works http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/193/206/666 (Benjamin Bigdipper is one of my oldest friends in SL. He’s always been a great builder and now he’s showcasing his work at his store The Works. These photos don’t do the skull cuffs justice, and you can also buy great nasty furniture, belts and other gross accessories at his place.)

Stitch, left leg – Bloody Hell http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deadwood/159/213/666 (you can’t see it, but there’s a yucky, bloody stitch on my leg and there were lots of other gruesome wounds to be had at this spot)


Eat the worm in the apple


It adds protein, that’s why.

Get some fun Halloween freebies from Schadenfreude, (SLURL Fixed!) including a pumpkin that gives out free treats (see wormy apple in picture below…).


And while you’re at it, pick up some finishing touches for that special All Hallowed Eve’s ball, like an arachnoid tiara (which is what I bought.)


What's up !

This Mode Premiere post is not thematic, but more a collection of interesting spots/ideas I have seen during the last weeks. Nevertheless, I will categorize them in some viagra professional comprehensive sections!


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Loft3 is open, and this is definitely one of the best shop for a good prim/quality compromise, with standard prices. They have some very nice sofas, with nice animations and even multiple, menu based, poses (chat, cuddles). One of the best I have seen around!

Scope Cleaver has opened a new, fantastic shop.


You can go there only to check the architecture of the shop, which is marvelous. Check their new desk: if you like futurist design, this is a must have !

Scope Cleaver Desk

Still a lot of empty space but the owner told me it will be filled in the following weeks: this is definitely a place to check from time to time to loose all your money on stylish, well designed, modern furniture!

And Maximum Minimum is just across, on the next zone (another top of the art shop for furniture), and now you know you will leave that area without a dime in your pocket !

Shoes and Boots

I have a crunch for the new C-Tech boots…. My girl even nearly went rebellious to get them and I had to roughly punish her and remember her to what place she belongs! Very well done, with a nice option to switch from heels to platform boots.

Lisa wearing her black C-Tech boots

About boots, check that small shop : This French designer is doing some very nice over-knee boots ! Well designed, great details, super look: you will rock everything !


*whispers* Ok, don’t listen the following if you don’t want to spend all your Lindens in the next 2 hours…. If you look for what I will call “smart casual” look, this is the place to go ! If you check Night & Days often, the name should give you an hint: Luminosity

One of the very best, stylish, smart shop for that kind of clothes: everything is nice, everything is well designed, everything is so “chic” ! you cant make a mistake !

See by yourself !

Lisa, wearing Ravena


Ha well, experienced shopping girls and guys knows this already but…. Check Deviant Kitties … If you wanna some original haircuts, something different from the classic & curls from GURL6 you see everywhere, DK is for you


If you are a kitty, you know Temenos Island ! But what is not so well known is that this very large shop has some new sections, and one of them is about streetware. They have a great set of belt, armband, gauntlet and collar, and some nice shirt/pants.
What still here? Don’t wait! Go on out and shop!


Mode Premiere: Move your butt!

Sometimes you meet a girl/boy and you find her/him totally cool and you can’t specifically say why.

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Clothes are okay, but not that great, accessories are nothing to shout about…but still the general feeling is good.

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Most people forget about this but a good look is not only about what you are showing (clothes, haircut) but how you behave, and the first step is to have poses that fit your look.

Lisa in pose

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Two kinds of poses: the animated ones, and the bad ones, period. We are speaking about virtual avatar here, and you need to work on everything that can help you make your avatar come alive. Try a static pose in RL; that won’t fit.


(Keep reading to learn what you need to know about AO – animation overriders – and keep your butt moving.)

Read more


How to be new – get your cute on.


If you’re new to Second Life and you’re at all like me (and some of you are) you’ve got way too little patience to go through all that bull on Orientation Island. You’re itchin’ to see what the hell is out there. There’s only one problem.

You look like shit.

To make matters worse, you really don’t even know how truly shitty you look because odds are, you’re in some place with a bunch of other noobs who look as bad or even worse than you do. But we all know how crappy you look, and you might want to look good, but you just don’t know where to start.

I call this a cute crisis.

But don’t panic! For as little as 5L and 30 minutes of your time, I’ll help you go from this:


To this:


I classify the above as a “cute enough” look that will gain you entry even to the most exclusive, sarcastic, hippest, catty, or snooty chats in SL. For the skinny on hot freebies, read on! Read more


Blood Orchid

Do you remember that unbelievably original looking razor necklace Sable made for me for my birthday? NO?! Well, here’s a picture of it again:


Well, ha, it’s your damned lucky day because Sable is now selling this hot item, along with a bunch of other kick ass jewelry at her new store in Little Philly, called Blood Orchid (SLURL). I’ve got more to show you from there, so keep going. Read more


Lisa Takao's Mode Premiere: Dirty street, no future and gang war

You live in the street? Every day is a struggle to stay alive… you can viagra cheap die for a territory war and your family is a gang.

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You need to impress everyone with your look, and a gun is your best friend?

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This post is for you!

This post is the second one on a complete look, the streetpunk style. Again, I will give some tips about everything you need — clothes, shoes, jewelery, hairs, and accessories.

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You need something dark, dirty, ripped….old, worn but still stylish!

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I have several shops to advise:


Gritty Kitty: one of the best, period.


Everything is good there, from the clothes to the accessories, hairs included. Don’t forget to check the jackets, and they have real cool shirt as well…and the hair! Some of the best “dirty, disheveled ” hair you can find! And shoes…and…ok, this is a damn good shop. There’s far more for your cyber-thug look if you keep reading… Read more


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