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Party Crashing 101- Tips from Myg

photo op!

There is a fine art to effective party crashing. If you fuck it up, you’ll probably be seen as any old griefer (discussion beyond that link over at Gwennyth Llewelen’s blog). Orbitted and banned faster than you can rezz your penis-party hat. 

But if you manage pull it off with style and taste, you can become the star the otherwise routine night at the club orbits around. Well, at our club anyway. Not everyone has the same idea of “good time” after all.

Let’s look at some exhibits. Try this one:

awww shake it

Meet Partygirl29082.  This avie knows how to eat a burger, and still leave room for flapjacks. We’re down with that.  She rezzed on the dancefloor sporting some fine baby back, complete with freckles. We’re still talking about freckled asses to this day.

How did we know this was a party crasher and not a griefer? Simple. First of all, she was funny. Partygirl23012371 cracked actual jokes and interacted with the crowd but didn’t attempt to make anyone feel like shit. That’s the mark of a party crasher, not a griefer.

Let’s go onto Partygirl9302o3oi2. Drunk Gramma.

Drunk Gramma

Drunk Gramma crashed a private party last year and I remember her to this day because the minute she dropped in, the guests were just assholes to her. “Shoot it!” was heard from the wannabe poser crowd, not less than 5 times.  But Gramma didn’t do anything – she didn’t even talk! I call this party crash the “social commentary” party crash. Gramma just dropped in looking old and heavy, and got quite the reaction.  This kind of party crasher helps you thin your friends list real fast by letting you know who’s got a sense of humor and who’s just a farking idiot. They’ll show themselves when drunk Gramma arrives.

And finally, mob party crashing. Morrisey style!

flye morriseys

Party crashing in groups, also known as flashmobbing,  is highly recommended, but moreso if you’re all sporting the same last name. If it’s “Morrisey,” and you love the Smiths, all the better. (And if that’s the case, don’t forget to join the -=Morrisey=- group for oh so special Morrisey flashmob notices). 

The effect here is to essentially bring a party to a party, and as long as the beer holds and the tunes crank and everyone tips the DJ, is usally a good deal all around. Unless you don’t like the Smiths. In which case, maybe griefing is for you afterall. Nah, just kidding.

So don’t be shy. Put on a beefy fresh or teeny bald avatar and get out there! And if you know where to get a freckled arse, please IM me inworld.

See ya on the night circuit!


And now a word from Myg Morrisey…(more about free stuff)

Myg Morrisey sports Dutch TouchMyg Morrisey is a fierce freebie hunter, as my goal was to not dump tons and tons of L into creating her. Besides the fact that I already bleed enough L every month for 25 well-decked alts, I was really curious to see what you could do for next to nothing.

I’m impressed, but not sold on the idea, of creating an entirely free av. What I’ve learned is that while, yeah, there’s a ton of quality free stuff available, it’s still hard to look how you want to look. You can definitely look good for free – but you can’t necessarily look like you. And I mean the virtual you – the Second Life you – the YOU you want to be in this crazy place.

Then, if you don’t supply payment information when you sign up, you get no 200L head start in the game so you’ve literally got nothing to start with. As many of you know, a lot of “freebies” actually cost 1L. So if you’ve got nothing, everything has to be really free, and high quality enough to get you some kind of respectable job so you can level up to the world of 1L freebies. Otherwise you’re left with fucking camping and that could get you severely yelled at in some places. Especially in Topgol. But I digress.

I have to say, so far my favorite freebie resource has been the SL Freestyle group. This group is not for the part-timer, believe me. In fact, it was far too busy for me as Mygdala March so I couldn’t join. But when I’m on as Myg Morrisey, I am a stealth, ruthless freebie hunter so those 12,393 group notices and 23,304 IMs a day are really quite helpful.

One of my early nights of freebie hunting I had the good fortune to meet two of the mistresses of SL Freestyle, Creamy Cooljoke (below) and her pal Cheri Pye.

Creamy Cooljoke

They were gracious and kind. I rezzed in front of her in some god forsaken shop and said something like, “HALP ME! I’M A FUGLY NOOB!” (and I was, see pic below.) They held my hand and directed me to the Dutch Touch skin (I blawgged it here a few days ago) and some other helpful items. Lovely gals.

noob morrisey

If you’re going to do the totally free thing, you’ve got to realize there are limitations as to what you can get, and you are going to be wearing the same stuff as many of the other savvy freebie hunters. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you and I’m sure not saying it should. But if it does, freebie hunting may not be the way for you.

Even so, I have to say there is a total thrill to scoring cute things for free. To save time and teleporting to 12,392 stores a day, you can simply read the SL Freestyle blog. Those ladies really pour a ton of effort into displaying the take day after day (but OMFG beware the autoplay! ;-P).

After an evening of freebie surfing through the SL Freestyle group’s notices and IMs, I did manage to pull of a look I could live with. As I said before, it wasn’t exactly the look I’d choose if I was paying and had other options. It wasn’t a bad look at all – I liked it.


Ok, I have to be honest and say I can’t remember where I got all that stuff from, though I am standing at Le Zoo in front of the gift store. The skin is the Dutch Touch freebie, which you really need to hurry up and get. The hair is from Candy House: Uemechi, Uemechi and doh I can’t remember the rest. But that’s not the point.

The point is to visit the SL Freestyle blog and see what the ladies have to show you. Then see what you make of it. And hey – post a link here back to your free avatar photo! Let’s compare notes, shall we?

And PS – there are other freebie groups and blogs that are good too, I am aware. But they’ll probably be in a different post.

Happy hunting. And let me know if you find any decent free boots, will ya? ty!


Christmas Eve at Clockwork!



Are you ready?



Yo yo yo! Ho ho ho!

We don’t mean to brag;
We don’t mean to boast,
But Christmas Eve’s
Gonna rock the most.

Let’s party, let’s party, let’s party.

Hey now. Get your fine foxy self down to Clockwork (SLurl Topgol 230, 138, 55) this Monday for the hippinest, happenest Christmas Eve music extravaganza and motherfuckin’ party funkdown this side of the Crab Nebula!

From 6-8 pm SL time, dj keTchUp takes you on a trip into the exploding super-nova blindness of your own musical consciousness with n(e)xT. (That means he plays new music, you n00bs.)

and then from from 8-9 pm or so, dj Esteban will hit you so hard with the funk connection, your whole family will get a groove on.

Plus: Morriseys, no doubt.



We are the pretty, petty thieves, and you’re standing on our street.


Okay, this started a couple of weeks ago when this charming man, Wrath, the biggest Morrissey/Smiths freak that ever was, noticed that “Morrisey” was an available SL last name. Someone pointed out that it would be funny if we had a Smiths/Morrissey night at Clockwork and all came with alts with the last name “Morrisey.” Well, hang the dj, that’s a brilliant idea. (And yes, we understand it’s not exactly the spelling of Moz’ last name. Leave the second S off for sorrow. Or something.) We laughed about it and agreed we should. But, as we have brilliant ideas all the time (ha!), we didn’t immediately pursue it.

But last night we started talking about it again and began thinking of first names to go with “Morrisey.” Myg disappeared and then, faster than a hairdresser on fire, this ugly n00b “Myg Morrisey” tp’d into the club. It was on. Soon there was “More,” “KillUncle,” “JellyBean,” “HawksRock,” “Jillian,” and “Suedehead” Morrisey. By the end of the night we had “Sable,” “Nene,” “Piccadilly,” and “Zo.” It won’t stop there.


Morriseys are against rules. They are anarchic, friendly, and weird.

Morriseys generally travel in packs. Though there are no rules, Morriseys feel more comfortable in the company of other Morriseys. A lone Morrisey is a vulnerable target, and we don’t want to feel more vulnerable than we already do. Also, traveling in packs is a moveable feast, a transient Morrisey mob. While out traveling in packs, Morriseys will be noticed. Don’t panic. Stick together. Ask the people if they like The Smiths or Morrissey. When they say “yes” jubilance ensues. Encourage them to change their last name to Morrisey immediately.

What will come of this? I wouldn’t say, no. But you can bet there will be events, probably parties, sets, and Morrisey Mobs. Eventually, we will outnumber the Lindens. Get your Morrisey now. How soon is now? Today. Join the group -=Morrisey=-. Await instructions.

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