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It’s been a long time since we’ve had any real action around Topgol. When we last left our heroes, it looked as though Topgol was in the safe, capable hands of a few loosely connected but largely agreeable folks. But then the major landholder flaked and sold out to a *cough* asshole I mean land developer. And hence, a ton of crap has been put up in its place.

Romana, Sable, Alex and I hang onto the Northeast corner, our last bastion of urban blight in the sim. But it was inevitable that sooner or later the outside world would encroach on our haven.

Meet my new neighbor.

Our new neighbors

Now I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. In fact he and his partner were quite nice. They are clearly new, and obviously the most industrious of newbs. And they are plenty Dutch. And not English speaking. And oh, so sexeh!

They opened a new sex club, El Muchacho (which means “the boy” in Spanish so um, um…?) complete with rentable sex rooms and dancing poles. They gave us a tour and everything. But the best part was they gave me a free shirt (and yes, it is fully rezzed):

Our new neighbors

I asked, “Why are the Dutch so sexy?”

That’s because the last owner of a sex hotel in Topgol was Dutch too. And I am quite sure if they could have spoken any English, there would have been a fine answer.

Alas, they could not.


Noob reporter hatin’ on Second Life because we get laid

Did any of you read that New World Notes article Forbes Flunks School of Second Life? JW Hamlet Au tore apart a crappy article by Allison Fass over at Forbes, pretty much summed up with this quote:

It turns out that avatars seem more interested in having sex and hatching pranks than spending time warming up to real-world brands. “There is nothing to do in Second Life except, pardon my bluntness, try to get laid,” blogged David Charbuck, Web-marketing vice president for computer maker Lenovo.

You know, it’s always the noobs who don’t know what else to do but walk around with their genitals talking in virtual public.

Ruth2.pngToo bad there’s no picture of Allison Fass’ avatar, but if there were, I’m sure she’d look a hell of a lot like Ruth (and by the way, that’s just a random Ruth shot, not Fass’s avatar…not that I know of anyway…). There were so many inaccuracies in the woman’s report, as NWN well documented, it’s clear the woman knew not of what she bashed.

And it would appear that corporate hacks desperate to make inroads to Second Life are similarly in the dark. Like we all were when we first got here.

There are legitimate criticisms that Charbuck makes in this original article about Second Life as a game or a marketing platform. I similarly agree that as a game or as a marketing vehicle, Second Life falls short in many ways.

But hey, asshats, that’s because Second Life isn’t a game, and it isn’t a marketing vehicle. It’s an environment with its own culture and its own social norms. It’s a virtual location where many creative people hang out and contribute.

I understand that the impatient, the harried, the green will not be able to comprehend what makes us so invested in Second Life. It takes time to understand this place. But you should at least try to understand it before you go on and dismiss it and its user base.

And if you want to understand the culture here, you need to connect with people who know the territory–not other noobs at the Bondage Ranch or wherever the hell these folks do their “research.” The best way to learn about Second Life, and the way most people get hooked on it, is by connecting with veteran residents who can teach you what’s cool about it.

In other words, like anything in life, it’s all about the relationship. But here we don’t relate to some corporate brand. We relate to each other.

So to all curious newcomers (you too, Allison), come on out of the free sex areas for awhile and start talking to some avatars who look like they’ve been here for awhile (if you have any graphics capability at all, it’s obvious who they are). Then try reading the numerous blogs where there are communities of Second Life residents discussing this environment. (Start with Second Life Insider or my blogroll.) This way you can actually learn what the world is really about before you trash it so.

And one last thing. I’m going tell you all, nobody “tries” to get laid in Second Life. We just do it. For god’s sake, virtual sex is one of the easiest things to get in Second Life if you have any social skills at all. So heed my advice. If you are still “trying” as David says above, then try appearance mode awhile before hitting those free sex zones again…

And PS: Given the choice, I’d much rather get laid or hatch pranks than buy Coca Cola products, in real or second life…is this a no brainer to anyone else here?